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    Wednesday, January 07, 2009

    The Internet screw turns

    The Internet screw turns
    By Gerald : Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Jan 7, 2009

    Two of our recon teams found a new paradigm shift.

    Terrorist sites are being knocked down within days of starting.
    They have resorted to multiple mirrors in order to try and keep them up.

    Big "Z's new vid, actually just a still pic with audio
    indicates a lack of qualified techs.

    He didn't have the capability to video himself.
    Only to make a audio tape.

    WE have been tracking the distribution of his
    on forums and sites.

    The forum owners have been taking down the links
    with in 30 min. because they fear their forum maybe taken down
    for displaying terrorist info.

    Seems the campaign to shut down terrorist sites
    is a victory, with many benefits.

    The Jahiddie forums are now self censoring al Qaeda.

    This is a major paradigm shift.
    They have switched to "secret" sites which
    are semi-public, the secret part is a joke.

    They have been forced to smaller servers,
    with limited band width.

    They are blaming technical malfunction caused
    by Allah.

    May the drones spot their pointed
    little heads.


    Islam is turning against al Qaeda the Muslim killers.



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