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    Sunday, January 04, 2009

    Defense Contractors See $$$ in Cyber Security

    Defense Contractors See $$$ in Cyber Security

    By By Kim Zetter At Threat Level.

    Lockheed Martin and Boeing have decided the next cash cow is cyber defense.

    According to Bloomberg, both companies, "eager to capture a share of a market that may reach $11 billion in 2013," have formed new business units to attract money that the U.S. government will be spending to secure U.S. government computers and, no doubt, to break the security of enemy computer systems.

    The companies awoke to the money-making opportunity after President Bush signed a National Security Directive in January, which is commonly known as the Comprehensive National Cyber Security Initiative and is estimated will cost $30 billion or more to implement.

    The initiative, which includes the creation of a National Cyber Security Center to be run by the Department of Homeland Security, has been criticized for its secrecy and the role that intelligence agencies may play in the plan. Critics fear the plan is a cover to give U.S. intelligence agencies the unfettered ability to monitor all traffic that passes through the internet.

    Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) also got in the game, as has Raytheon -- though a Raytheon spokesman wanted Bloomberg to understand that it had been thinking about cashing in on cyber security longer than Boeing and Lockheed Martin were thinking about it. The company acquired its computer security expertise the old-fashioned way -- by buying it. Raytheon purchased three computer network security firms (Oakley Networks, SI Government Solutions and Telemus Solutions Inc) in the last 18 months and says it plans to add 300 more security engineers to its stable in 2009.

    Lockheed hasn't always been so focused on cyber security or had much of a track record in keeping its own systems secure.

    Readers may recall that the defense contractor was the victim of a major cyber intrusion in 2003 dubbed Titan Rain. Both Lockheed and the Sandia National Laboratory that Lockheed managed were hit in the attack, resulting in thieves making off with Lockheed schematics and other proprietary and sensitive documents.



    This ties in with a conversation I had with a Government Anthropologist recently.
    Back to that in a min.

    The skills that are needed in the Cyber Theater of War
    are not more engineers, or PC security experts.

    The "abilities" need to be developed.

    A kind of cross between a case/core officer and an hacker.
    While current investigations rely mostly on 20th century methods,
    planting bugs in buildings, physical surveillance, and teams of agents
    workig a case, has no doubt proved very successful, they are limiting.

    Internet Surveillance can be a tremendous force multiplier.
    The ability to a dozen cases with the same number of personal.

    To be clear some times there is nothing better than eyeballs on
    physical surveillance, and tailing some one on foot.

    However tailing some one on the Internet is a huge force

    The ability to track where someone goes on the Internet
    whom they talk to, what they are looking at allows one
    agent to track maybe 20 people at a time.

    The ability to develop and test hypothesis, to gather
    paradigm Intel, and evidence requires abilities that are in short

    OSINT and Gray Intel are not something engineers
    can do. Not even hackers can do it well, they can add some depth
    and stronger flavors, but it is a completely NEW skill set.
    Paradigm Intel can see into a completely closed cell.

    Back to the discussion with other anthropologists;
    I have gotten great feed back from about the Intel
    on our site but they have been unable to see how
    our work is anthropology.

    Because of OPSEC I can not talk plainly here.
    But if I was studying a group in Africa
    I would be writing about their culture
    and how they see the world and relate to it
    maybe about the tools they use and how they use them.

    For 7 years I studied the culture of the Internet
    That includes the people that use it and the Internet culture
    and the hardware.

    The study of how humans interface with the WWW.
    After 911, my research took on a special focus.

    Security Anthropology, After reading about
    the Jahiddie wanta be Younis Tsouli,
    aka Irhaby007, I realized we were in a position to surveil these
    people and had a special knowledge about
    their WWW cultures and how they interact
    with the hardware.

    An in depth knowledge about what security
    myths they believe, that could be take advantage of
    in a cyber war footing.

    While most of our research isn't on display,
    the results of applied Anthropology using
    the data is evident.

    Since then we have developed the skills
    for www surveillance, tracking and tracing
    world wide.

    Expanded our ability's to peer into closed cells.
    Developed automated individually baited traps,
    And methods for testing for a terrorist disposition.

    Our Bot Surveillance Units provide a rich
    flood of raw Intel for our G2 section.
    And basis for testing Paradigm Intel.

    Our research is providing a path for
    5 th generation warfare on the WWW.

    The future will provide a seamless
    interface for pumping out actionable
    Intel out to Military forces in the field
    in real time and Investigative Intel to
    Intelligence agencys for covert operations.

    The ability to dominate Cyber space on
    demand, just like the Air Force dominates
    air space on demand is the Goal.

    Air cover provides overwatch for our Troops.
    Cyber cover can povide overwatch for our
    Troops in the same way, just a different

    Currently Cyber operations are in its
    infancy, and there is a huge influx
    of funds for its development.

    The big money is going to those
    that can provide the abilities for
    cyber domination on demand,
    produce actionable intel and
    Investigative Intel, evidence and peer
    into closed cells and
    bring blunt force trauma
    to the enemy on the WWW
    via the Military.

    We have displayed many of
    these abilities in public
    and many more in private.

    The Internet needs to be understood
    as a powerful venue to attack the enemy's
    soft under belly,
    not as something to be feared.

    The new underlying paradigm
    is "Info War".

    USA Military and Government have been behind
    the curve in Info Warfare curve.

    The Civilian sector has been leading the way.

    Israel has started one of the best ops we have seen
    in the current bid to stop Hamas missiles.

    In the Lebanon war Israel did billions of dollars
    of damages, and had few fatalities.
    But were viewed as the losers.

    The Internet paradigm allows for one
    to win the physical war and be viewed
    as the looser through an effective Info WAR.
    There by encouraging the Enemy.

    The Government is throwing money at the
    problem but so far not in the right direction.

    Engineers are needed but won't provide
    the solutions or victories.

    Anthropologist might.


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    Needed Cyber initiatives.
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist




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