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    Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    American Cultural Ignorance, DUI

    American Cultural Ignorance, DUI
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Dec 31, 2008

    American Cultural Ignorance, DUI.
    As we approach New years Eve and the traditional drinking
    I want to comment on American Cultural Ignorance, DUI.

    Not that DUI is ok or right, drinking driving is always a no no.

    But the cultural double-dealing, double-tongued, duplicitous, Janus-faced, double-faced, ambidextrous, deceitful, dishonest approach towards drinking
    is just cultural foolishness and ignorance.

    We have "sex ed", "drivers ed" even training befpre you can get
    a hunting gun.

    But when it comes to drinking we just tell the kids don't
    untill they turn 18 or 21 depending on where they live
    and just turn them loose with alcohol.

    Alcohol effects thinking and judgment, and while under
    its influence we ask them to make clear minded decisions.

    NO DRINKING EDUCATON, just trial and error on their own
    real time.
    And if they don't make a clear minded decision while under the
    influence we jail them.

    Is Drinking less important then drivers ed or sex ed or hunting?

    Do we teach them how to get a buzz, without getting drunk? NO.

    Do we teach them to only drink one alcohol drink per hr and
    a soft drink every other hour, so they can get a buzz without
    ever getting drunk. NO.

    We tell them to go drink ( under the influence ) and then ask them to
    make clear minded decisions. Does that make sense?

    Alter your mind, now make decisions ......

    Cultural ignorance, arrogance.

    Have a safe New Years eve.



    More Cultural ignorance:
    Americans seem to think that passing a law
    against some thing stops crime.

    Law makers love this kind of foolishness
    cause it looks like they are dong something.

    The gun play in Schools is a good example.
    Some kids brought guns to school and
    killed students and teachers.

    So some idiots pass laws making
    school zones ; gun free zones.
    Like passing the gun free zone
    some how protects kids.
    Ther is aready laws aganist
    murder, Making schools
    Gun free zones just makes
    the mentally unbalanced murders happy.
    They now know that there will be NO GUNS
    when they go into a school to kill kids.

    Let the gunman know he is safe in the school
    as no one else will have guns, at least the gunman
    will have peace of mind.

    What would give the gun man pause to consider?
    If they knew every school had 3 people with guns.
    Police trained, secret teachers that pack heat.

    Geeze lets not shoot up that school cause
    at least 3 people in there also have guns to
    defend the kids.

    One last item.
    Gun control laws.
    If gun control laws worked then they
    would have bomb control laws.

    Fantasy that if a law is passed against something
    then people are protected from it.

    Laws just punish criminals, it doesn't stop them.



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