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    Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    Infovlad gone?

    Infovlad gone?
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Dec 31 2008

    Infovlad's Clearinghouse , Wana be Jahiddie hang out.
    Bill spent many great hours testing hypothesii there.

    From the very basic, how much "flame" does it take to drive
    member off forum, to can one person effect jahiddie morale.

    The answer is yes, they HATED Bill, he had his own "I
    hate Bill" section.

    The moderators used to complain to Bill in private messages
    to stop being so mean to the Jahiddies.

    He was threatened 3 times with banning.
    "For arrousing those guys"
    NO swearing or name calling, just news stories and
    opinions backed with facts.

    They just hatted it when Bill talked about al Qaeda
    killing women and children, it was rather hard
    to argue when everyone knew they were bombing
    market places and Mosques.

    It just drove them nutz when Bill posted quotes from the
    Quarran, with cites. So they could look them up for themselves.

    Bill is Muslim, and he downed many in the flames of debate.
    They even brought in an expert in debates, another Muslim.
    But Bill is a street fighter, he wouldn't agree the any debating
    rules. He would spend hours tearing into them.

    Some of the Muslims supported Bill in private, and a
    few even spoke up for him.


    This is Bill I just saw what Gerald was typing
    and can add some first person to the post.

    I eventually became one of the head members,
    rank was determined by number of posts.

    My first visit to the Infovlad forum I saw some
    stories from news agencys that were reporting
    stories of English troops acting like terrorists.

    And the next day more details from new sources.
    It depressed me that the English were doing murders.

    It turns out the jahiddies had fake news sites posting fake stories.

    I helped establish some news source standards, by chewing up and
    spitting out anyone that quoted the fake news sites.

    I had sections ( huge posts ) that only had Taliban disasters
    and deaths and same for al Qaeda they whined alot about that.

    The forum moderator nor owner ever filed a complaint about
    any bad language or threats, or my dis -repecting any religion.

    I did get continual complaints about making the wana be insurgents
    angry. And driving members from the forum.

    There were a few members we were able to triangulate sometimes.
    Umar RABBIE turned into a big Wana be terrorist in Brittan.
    ( He said he had met Biny, ! )

    Most only memorized the Qurran, few had ever studied Allah's Book.

    My critical thing skills are Good, sometimes and Gerald helped
    with an anthropological view in our discourses with jahiddies.

    Many of their arguments wouldn't stand the light of day.
    Their facts about some history are different from the West.
    And very few could argue using the Qurran.
    I got Banned foever for a post about
    the US Army using Black Magic which had a link
    for more info that lead to an "evil" eye for al Qaeda
    and the Taliban.

    Many of the tribal factions believe in Black Magic.

    I was banned because some of the Readership
    knew the "Evil eye " was Real.

    I miss chewing up them lil Jahidders.
    Great research material.
    Spent almost two years on that forum.




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