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    Saturday, December 08, 2007

    bAD tRIP of "Umar Rabie"

    Insurgents Id him as Umar Rabie.
    "Expedition of Umar Rabie"

    Doing his last will.

    Where he was Killed.

    Beard fuller.

    Start of beard.

    They let him Carry a weapon but it wouldn't fire.

    Suicide bomber looks at someone else's load

    Damage to right side of brain.
    Killed by Air strike. ( our translation may not be correct )

    "bad trip of Umar Rabie"

    ISI video to be released.
    Members in the group said they cut the film to try and make it look like he died in a suicide bombing, and that he lived for about 2 hrs. It was his wish they make a propaganda video.
    They talk alot.
    Insha Allah.

    One of our associates posts on Infovlad,

    His name is Bill a he and we got to know a "Umar Rabie" on Infovlad, UR was always a hard core, and there was no expectation of influencing him.

    He had announced his plans to go to Iran and fight against America.
    This video falls with in that time line.
    If the is the same or not isn't important as the process is the same for most volunteers.
    If you join Infovlad you can search for his posts, and read his progress towards becoming
    a suicide bomber.
    While Bill disagreed with UR and what he had to say there grew a begrudging respect as you can see in the posts.
    We are sorry to see UR die.
    What we have here in effect is a college student whom volunteered to go to Iraq and fight based on his exposure to the Terrorists "Info war".
    A college student goes to Iraq picks up an AK-47 and starts attacking trained experienced combat force; USA and dies.
    USA want to go home, they do not want to kill these kids, when the killing stops USA can go home.
    On Infovlad one can see a distinguished look at the inner workings and thinking of a recruited suicide bomber. Umar Rabie. ( edited 01.17.08 )

    Video in transit


    the suicide attacker was named by his original name Abu Jafaar, his jihadi name was umar rabie.

    Save a college kid REWARD: report terrorist in Secret .

    The Russians have a big interest in this story? any Ideas?

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