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    Thursday, January 08, 2009

    Is Hamid Gul a Taliban Executive?

    Former ISI chief Hamid Gul.

    Is Hamid Gul a Taliban Executive?

    Classified, secret intel says yes.
    While we know about the Intel, we
    suspect some of it is unconfirmed.

    The handlers are identified as Zarar, Kafa, Wassi, Jundal, Bururg, and “Major General.”

    A senior US military intelligence official familiar with the dossier said that the "Major General" is indeed Hamid Gul, the retired former chief of the ISI. "It's Gul," the official told The Long War Journal. "This is why the US is trying to get him on the UN list of terrorists." In December 2008 the US attempted to get Hamid Gul and other former military and intelligence officials added to the UN list of designated terrorists but has so far been rebuffed.

    We nave seen NO evidence so far of Hamid Gul involvement.
    It would help their case if evidence was made public.

    Paradigm Intel continues to point
    to Paki ISI involvement in India
    infantry attack.

    The Taliban have been the biggest
    beneficiaries of the attack.

    The attackers sent emails
    from IP

    Handlers remoted viewed the attack
    via Indian TV, and were able to guide
    attackers in real time, even warning
    the terrorist in the Jewish House about
    helicopters the handlers saw on TV
    outside the Jewish House they

    Some instructions were only given
    once the attacks had started.

    The Indian Police responded
    immediately with road blocks
    and diverting police to locations.
    But were ill equipted to take on
    the attackers.

    The most effective security feature
    of the Indian Hotels were the
    doors to the rooms.
    It seems the terrorist felt
    it would take to long to breach
    the doors and relied on just
    knocking on the doors to gain

    Opsec was tight once members
    for the Infantry attack were chosen
    they were not allowed outside contacts.
    Or allowed to meet with anyone.

    We are assuming a certian level of technical
    knowledge at ISI.
    And the ease of tracking huge amount of
    evidence back to Pakistan is a feature
    of the method and puropse of the atack.

    The attack, Paradigm Intel says,
    was designed to take the heat off the
    Taliban and al Qaeda.

    While it doesn't deter forces already in the field
    it did divert Intel services and man power
    away from the Taliban to deal with the attack in India.
    And has pulled Paki forces out of the tribal Taliban areas
    to the border with India.

    Thereby reducing alot of pressure that was on the Taiban.
    This points to a very high source that knew how the Paki
    Government would react, or could influence that reaction.

    Situation still developing.





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