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    Saturday, January 10, 2009

    US Government bot net:

    US Government bot net:
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Dec 10, 2009

    A group of Israeli students and would-be cyberwarriors have developed a program that makes it easy for just about anyone to start pounding on pro-Hamas websites. But using this "Patriot" software, to join in the online fight, means handing over control of your computer to the Israeli hacker group.

    ( The site has been shut down, I'd love to have this capability though, 20 million bots: G )

    "While you're running their program, they can do whatever they want with your computer," Mike La Pilla, manager of malicious code operations at Verisign iDefense, the electronic security firm.

    The online collective "Help Israel Win" formed in late December, as the current conflict in Gaza erupted. "We couldn't join the real combat, so we decided to fight Hamas in the cyber arena," "Liri," one the group's organizers, told Danger Room.

    So they created a simple program, supposedly designed to overload Hamas-friendly sites and In recent years, such online struggles have become key components in the information warfare that accompanies traditional bomb-and-bullets conflicts. Each side tries torecruit more and more people -- and more and more computers -- to help in the network assaults. Help Israel Win says that more than 8,000 people have already downloaded and installed its Patriot software. It's a small part of a larger, increasingly sophisticated propaganda fight between supporters of Israel and Hamas that's being waged over the airwaves and online.



    This is something the Us Government should consider doing, incase of a National Emergency they would then have millions of bots on demand. Those that have signed up and those that would sign up in the case of a National emergency.

    There should be a government site set up for US citizens to 

    join a Government Emergency Bot net, 50 million PC's, at the ready.

    China has already this in operation in place on a smaller scale.


      Tactical Internet Systems analyst



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