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    Saturday, June 09, 2007

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    Friday, June 08, 2007

    Invited to speak at 16th Congress of IUAES

    The invite came from the secretary of the 16th Congress of IUAES (The International Union of
    Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences),which will be held in the City
    of Kunming, China, from July 15-23, 2008 invited me to speak on our work
    using "Social Change Engines". I will be developing a academic Panels/Session
    covering the use and application of SCE.

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    Seems taking out dadulla has had a major impact on afghan operations, so much so they have resorted to faking the videos, USA troops don't prefer faked attacks, they can't kill any taliban or al qaeda in fake attacks.

    But attacking abandoned posts at night is safe.

    Islamist Websites Monitor No. 108

    Video Shows Alleged Attack on Afghan Military Post in Dabgay

    A 10-minute video titled "Attack on an Apostate Base in Dabgay," released June 2, 2007 by Al-Qaeda's production company Al-Sahab, shows a mortar and gunfire attack on a base of the Afghan military in Khost province, allegedly carried out on May 24, 2007.

    The film, which is subtitled in English, begins with reconnaissance footage of the base, and then shows the mujahideen marching towards it and attacking it by night.

    Several features of the film raise doubts as to the authenticity of the attack. For example, there are no signs of answering fire, and no calls of "Allah Akbar" as typically accompany the launching of mortars in other jihad videos. A previous Al-Sahab video of an attack on a military compound in Afghanistan, posted on February 2007, was likewise of doubtful authenticity. [1]

    The video can be viewed at:

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    Protected Terrorists, allies, contract intel force???

    Protected Terrorists, allies, contract intel force???
    Well which is it?
    The French still hold passports and computers for the group in France.
    More background:
    There is a secret force operating in Iran with a very interesting history.

    , shockwave-flash@!flashvars#autostart=false&token=81a_1180950480" href="" id="">
    Zemanta Pixie

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    Islamist Internet Forums assist in the terrorist attacks:

    An analysis of the postings on Islamist forums reveals that Islamists monitor the Western media for information that has immediate operational implications for the jihad fighters on the battlefield, namely, information that can increase their effectiveness or can help them to identify potential targets and threats. The following are examples of postings alerting the mujahideen to Western news reports of this sort.

    Battle Field OSINT:
    A message titled "Attention Anyone Who Carries a Sniper Rifle," posted November 3, 2006 on the forum, called attention to a Spiegel TV show which discussed, among other things, a new acoustic device of American manufacture intended for use against snipers in Iraq.(2) The message explained that the device "includes several microphones that allow the soldiers in the Hummer to determine the location from which a shot was fired... [and thus to pinpoint] the mujahid's position." In response to the message, a forum participant advised the mujahideen to "use silencers, or to take advantage of some background noise [by] firing the shot when the noise occurs and thus camouflaging its sound."(3)

    On April 4, 2007 a member of the Islamist forum described an Internet TV broadcast in which U.S. soldiers recounted their experiences in Iraq. One of the soldiers, said the message, "told of an [incident] in which a tank convoy discovered an ambush [laid by mujahideen]... American tanks carry a set of rockets which can be controlled from inside the tank using miniature cameras [mounted on] the rockets themselves. These cameras provide the soldiers inside the tank with a view of the outside... The soldier [on the program] said that, [during a patrol in Iraq], he had spied two people hiding behind low barrier and attempting to fire a rocket, but that he had managed to fire... first. His report was accompanied by... sketches indicating the [exact] angle from which he saw the two mujahideen who were lying in wait for him." The message went on to provide analysis and advice: "The barrier behind which the two [mujahideen] hid seemed to be slightly less than one meter tall, which would have been sufficient to hide a person from [an observer] at eye level. However, since the cameras... [mounted] on the tank are higher than that, they enabled [the soldiers] to see the two people... [Hence, mujahideen] should make sure that their cover... is sufficiently tall to conceal them from those cameras... [When they select a location for an ambush], one of them [should] stand on a truck or on the roof of a car in order to verify that the cover is tall enough..."(4)

    The mujahideen give high priority to reports on collaboration between U.S. counter-terrorism agencies and Arab governments. For example, a May 11, 2007 posting on reported, citing a Washington Examiner article, that a group of U.S. Marines and intelligence experts had been dispatched to Algeria to help the local authorities fight terrorism. The message also stressed that the Pentagon has decided to allocate more funds in 2008 for the training special forces that will be sent to help fight terrorism in North Africa, West Africa and the Sahara regions.(7)

    Assessing the Immediate Impact of an Ultimatum: The Case of the GIMF's Ultimatum to Germany and Austria

    PSY OPS:

    On March 11, 2007 the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) issued an ultimatum to Germany and Austria to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan, threatening that failure to do so will expose them to attacks by the mujahideen.(8) After the publication of this ultimatum, Islamists monitored the German and Austrian media for indications of its impact. A message posted on the Islamist forum on March 12, 2007, one day after the issuing of the ultimatum, presented the following statements by the spokesman of the German Chancellor, cited from the German website "The German government takes such threats seriously... [Chancellor] Angela Merkel has established a hotline to the German security agencies to discuss possible attacks..." The posting also cited the Austrian Interior Minister, who said, according to the online newspaper, that "Austria will not bow down in the face of these terrorist groups which threaten to attack [it]..."(9)

    A few days later, Islamists discerned signs that German public opinion may be caving to the ultimatum. On March 22, a posting titled "Following the GIMF message... Most Germans Demand the Withdrawal of Their Troops from Afghanistan" appeared on .(10) The message presented the results of a March 17, 2007 poll conducted by, which found that 57% of the German people favor the withdrawal of German troops from Afghanistan.(11)

    Gauging the Effect of the Iraq War on U.S. Officials and the American Public


    Aside from assessing the impact of isolated events like the GIMF ultimatum, Islamists have been following Western media to see how the daily clashes with the mujahideen in Iraq and elsewhere affect U.S. politics and public opinion. Below are two examples:

    On March 11, 2007, the forum posted a message titled "Poll: Americans Confirm Their Troops' Defeat in Iraq."(12) The message cited a Zogby poll in which over 50% of participants said that U.S. troops had failed in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The message stated that "the poll was conducted in the shadow of the continuing collapse of the American occupier's army, [which is yielding to] the surge of the Islamic resistance operations in these two countries."

    A March 28, 2007 posting on the forum emphasized that the U.S. House of Representatives had refused to approve the war funding bill without a timetable for U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq.(13) The message ended with the following call to the mujahideen: "Make [your] attacks on them more intensive in the months before their withdrawal... They have not [yet] received [a big enough] part of the punishment they deserve for the crime they committed against the umma's rights... Let history record that an army entered [Iraq] but did not [manage to] leave."

    In contrast, an April 27, 2007 posting cited the a report from the U.S. military daily Stars and Stripes (, that U.S. troops currently training in Morocco are expected to be sent to Iraq in 2008. The posting stated, "This is indisputable proof that American occupying forces are determined to stay in Iraq for a long time, despite the rising... opposition [in the U.S.] to their lingering [in that country], and [despite] the demand to set a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq." (14)

    Gauging the Effect of the War on U.S. and British Troops


    Any report reflecting the direct impact of the war in Iraq on the Coalition troops is immediately posted and receives much attention on Islamist forums. A prominent example is a report, attributed to CNN, posted on The report cited a medical study which found a persistent rise in the number of U.S. soldiers who commit suicide upon their return from Iraq. The posting also stressed the fact that, according to the study, more than 1,300 British soldiers who returned from Iraq between January 2003 and September 2005 suffered from depression and other psychological problems.(15)

    Efforts to Shape Public Opinion in the West: Alerting Islamists to Western Public Opinion Polls and Urging Them to Participate in Them

    Islamists also keep an eye on Western media with the aim of finding ways to directly affect and shape Western public opinion. A case in point is a February 4, 2006 posting which alerted forum members to an online poll, conducted by MSNBC, on the question "Are Muslims justified in staging worldwide protests over cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad?"(16) The posting called on Islamists to take the poll and vote yes, in order "to assist our brothers in Europe... by increasing their influence."(17) A message posted November 23, 2003 urged forum members to participate in another online poll by MSNBC, and to vote no on the question: "Would you support a legal ban on burqas and other face-covering clothing?"(18)

    Citing Information Depicting Western Society as Corrupt

    Islamists view their military conflict with the West and its Arab allies as a part of a much broader, eternal, struggle between "good" and "evil," or between "truth" and "falsehood" – a conflict that, they believe, will culminate in the Apocalypse. To reinforce the image of the West as "evil," Islamists comb the Western media for information reflecting its "immoral" and "wicked" nature.

    Other world powers are not countering these efforts.
    And they seem to be winning the INFO/PROPAGANDA EFFORT.


    SOURCE memri:

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    Islamophobia, healthy? 5 years NOW...

    Islamophobia, healthy? by Gerald

    ""There's become this culture of Islamophobia in American society," said Arsalan Iftikhar, national legal director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations."

    How could that happen?
    Lets see, al qaida has sprung from the loins of Islam,
    al Qaida uses Islam to recruit suicide bombers,
    they kill women, children, bomb even Muslin Mosques, and behead innocents.

    Islamic religious leaders support al qaida, and issue fatwas for them.
    and have even justified Nuking an American city.

    Now why would Americans fear Islam?

    For the same reason the Catholic church was feared during the Inquisition.

    When will Islam clean up this al qaida mess?

    Americans fear Islam for the same reasons Islam fears al qaida.

    When the Sunnis and Shias start taking out the al qaida cancer,
    taking responsibility for the religious civil war that threatens to break out world wide.
    when Islam stops the teachings of suicide bombing to their children in Madrases.

    Stop using a Micky Mouse to teach hate and killing then,
    maybe the Islamophobia will end.

    To be clear traditional Islam is a religion of peace,
    And I am aganist any acts of violence aganist any religion.
    Don't even bother telling me the terrorism war is against Islam, that is false,
    it is a war against al qaida.
    Islam has been hijacked just as the Catholic religion was hijacked by
    the Inquisition, that was the Catholics responsibility and they FIXED it.

    This al Qaide is a co-dependent relationship between them and Islam.

    And it is Islams responsibility to clean up this al qaida mess.

    They need to take responsibility and end this, starting with Bin Laden.
    This will be a period of Islams shame in history, just as the inquisition is for the Catholics.


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    Dead man walking

    Paradigm Intel:

    He doth protest too much...

    Binny hasn't been heard from for about 2 years?
    The Dadullah's brother is now giving Binny instructions?
    "I tell him to keep hidden"??
    And He got letter from Binny, no he got a letter reported to be from Binny.
    Indicators point to Laden as dead.
    Nothing indicates he is alive.

    This new guy won't be around long enough to even learn his name.
    He has a big red X on his back.

    He beheaded a Doctor, civilian, Allah will send him to hell.

    Even Dadullah's own troops loyalty was from fear of the sociapath.
    Dadullah boasting that he would fight anyone, anywhere.

    "Come and get me," he snarled in remarks addressed at President Hamed Karzai.

    On May 13, Afghan National Army forces and their US Special Forces mentors did just that.

    Mullah Dadullah, the much-feared commander of Taleban forces in the south of the country, appeared once again on Afghan television screens, this time laid out on a pink sheet.

    Dadullah was dead, killed in a firefight in the Garmseer district in Helmand province.

    "This attack will break the Taleban's back," Kandahar governor Assadullah Khaled told the assembled press. "Here is the body of a wild man who used to behead and hang innocent people."

    Since the insurgents began to make serious inroads in Helmand this spring, individual acts of violence attributed to them have been on the rise. A series of public hangings in Musa Qala and Sangin in February terrorised the local population. Residents told of bodies left hanging for days, as a lesson to others not to work with the government or foreign forces.

    It was Dadullah, say Taleban sources, who ordered the beheading of Ajmal Naqshbandi, the Afghan translator captured along with Italian journalist Daniele Mastrogiacomo in Helmand province in March. Ajmal spent five long weeks in captivity before his body was dumped in Helmand, the severed head reattached to his corpse.

    Earlier this year, Dadullah had promised a fierce spring offensive, boasting that he had 600 suicide bombers and 10,000 Taleban fighters ready to sweep into the south.

    As the poppy harvest, which traditionally brings a lull in the fighting, came to an end, Dadullah seemed about to make good on his promises.

    But a resident of the local capital Lashkar Gah, who would not give his name, said Dadullah was a vindictive commander who was at the root of all of Helmand's security problems.

    "I am very happy Dadullah is dead," he told IWPR. "He was a cruel person. I hope that things will now improve, because no other Taleb commander can do the things Dadullah could. Maybe now things will finally get better."

    Helmand's Drug Bazaars: everyone wins

    Everyone's a Winner at Helmand's Drug Bazaars
    The arrangements are quite open and operate semi-officially, according to Hajji Aligul, 55, a tribal leader in Nadali.

    By IWPR trainees in Helmand (ARR No. 255, 1-June-07)
    A distinctive odour ( sweet purfume, flower smell ) hangs over the local bazaar in Chan Jir, a small village in Nadali district, just 15 kilometres from the Helmand's provincial capital Lashkar Gah. Most of the two dozen or so shops in the market specialise in just one commodity – opium.

    Sayed Gul, a tall young man of 25, stands outside his shop, his hands covered in sticky brown paste. A merchant with a bulky bag under his cotton patu, or scarf, passes by, and Sayed Gul springs into action. Running so fast that his sandals kick up the dust behind him, he catches up to the stranger and takes his arm.

    "Where are you going, man?" he says, leading him into the shop

    Once out of the burning sunshine, serious negotiations begin. Sayed Gul calls for his young son to bring the Hajji Sahib, or respected guest, some tea. He is eager to offer him some of his poppy paste – the man is a small-time trafficker buying up opium in Chan Jir to sell on to larger dealers in Pakistan.

    "I attended a shura [council] where we negotiated with the government," he told IWPR. "We agreed that we would give 220 grams of poppy paste per jerib. The police commander told us, of course, that if we did not reach agreement, they would take the paste by force."

    The poppy harvest is in and everyone from the Taleban to local government officials is cooperating to get the opium crop to market.

    But cooperation has been so close that farmers say the Taleban scaled down their "spring offensive" this year so as not to interfere with bringing in the crop.

    "It is not beneficial to have fighting during the harvest," said Shah Mahmud. "The Taleban and the government both receive money from poppy – they lose out if the crop is destroyed by bombing or fighting."

    In several places, villagers have requested that the Taleban leave the area until after the harvest.

    "We told the Taleban, 'This year the government was very good to us and did not destroy our poppy," said one tribal leader who did not want to give his name. "We said, 'Stop your fighting during harvest time, otherwise we will turn against you, take up arms against you and kick you out of the area.'"

    Article Sources: IWPR

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    Thursday, June 07, 2007

    Who is loosing the WAR?

    lets look:
    Al qaida dead:
    al Qaida captured:
    USA dead:


    ok USA is winning

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    Ops round up

    The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
    al qaeda;s YELLOW flag

    al-Qaeda commander told to SHUT UP..

    An al-Qaeda commander in Afghanistan has been ordered to break off contacts with colleagues after being linked to a string of arrests in Saudi Arabia.

    Militant Islamic forums have been carrying a message appealing to Abu Nasser al-Qahtani to cease making direct contact with people in Saudi Arabia and blaming him for the arrest of 23 people there.

    The message says: "The brothers are asking you not to contact anyone in person, but do it through others instead, the leader does not make calls in person. With every call a brother is detained and God help us."

    Al-Qahtani was one of 16 al-Qaeda suspects who escaped from US detention at Bagram Airbase in July last year.

    He is now leading attacks against US troops in the Khost area and has featured in two recent official al-Qaeda videos.

    Neil Doyle

    Letter form Osamma???
    Doubt it, how would he know?

    The brother and successor of slain Taliban commander Mullah Dadullah said in a television interview that he received a letter from al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden expressing condolences for his brother's death.

    Dadullah Mansoor told Arab satellite channel Al-Jazeera that bin Laden sent him a letter after his brother, Mullah
    Dadullah, the former top Taliban field commander, was killed in southern Afghanistan last month.

    «He is alive, active and well,» Mansoor said of bin Laden. «He preferred to stay away, and we preferred that, because he should stay in hiding and give instructions.

    Syria backing Fath Al-Islam militants: to avoid investigation.

    The Lebanese government and the March 14 forces are accusing Syria of training and arming the Fath Al-Islam militants, and of bringing them into Lebanon. They are claiming that Syria ordered the organization to launch a large-scale attack on the Lebanese army at this point in time so as to prevent the U.N. Security Council from approving the establishment of an international tribunal for the Al-Hariri assassination.

    Furthermore, the March 14 Forces link Fath Al-Islam's attack on the Lebanese army to the threats made recently by Syrian President Bashar Assad, which were reported by numerous media outlets. According to the reports, Assad threatened, in a conversation with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, to set fire to the region "from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean"; another time, he threatened that civil war would break out in Lebanon if the tribunal was approved.

    $10,000,000 reward paid, for info on al qaeda group,

    JOLO, Philippines (AFP) - The US government Thursday handed over part of a reward of 10 million dollars to four men whose information led to the deaths of the two top leaders of the al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf group;_ylt=A0SOwmLACmhGAUgAQQRvaA8F

    Iran shipping C4 to Taliban:

    NATO officials say they have caught Iran red-handed, shipping heavy arms, C4 explosives and advanced roadside bombs to the Taliban for use against NATO forces, in what the officials say is a dramatic escalation of Iran's proxy war against the United States and Great Britain.

    Woman reporter shot 7 times/killed, 10 mo. baby next to her.

    KABUL, Afghanistan, June 6 — An Afghan journalist was shot dead by unknown gunmen in her home north of Kabul on Tuesday night as she slept beside her 10-month-old baby, Afghan officials said Wednesday.

    The journalist, Zakia Zaki, 38, was the director of a private local radio station in Jabal-us-Siraj, an hour’s drive north of the capital, Kabul. She was shot seven times, said Abdul Jabar Taqwa, the governor of Parwan Province. The baby survived.

    Ms. Zaki, the mother of six children, had been receiving threats for the last few months demanding that she take the station off the air, Mr. Taqwa said. The nature of the threats was unclear, but she had been involved in women’s rights advocacy and political activity.


    Israel wants nuclear deadline for Iran

    Israel will propose to the United States an end-of-year deadline for Iran to show it is backing down from its nuclear ambitions.

    Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz, who heads the Israeli team in the U.S.-Israel strategic dialogue, said he would propose the deadline Thursday, when the dialogue participants meet for the second time this year.

    "Sanctions must be strong enough to bring about change in the Iranians by the end of 2007," Mofaz told a group of Hebrew-speaking reporters after meeting Wednesday with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

    Mofaz also said that it was his understanding that the United States was prepared to lead a separate bid to increase sanctions against Iran if the U.N. Security Council does not authorize new sanctions.


    Al-Qaeda spark for an Iran-US fire
    By Gareth Porter

    WASHINGTON - After revelations of a US administration policy to hold Iran responsible for any al-Qaeda attack on the United States that could be portrayed as planned on Iranian soil, former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski warned last week that Washington might use such an incident as a pretext to bomb Iran.

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    Wednesday, June 06, 2007

    Iran seizes three MORE HOSTAGES

    Iran seizes three Finns

    5.6.2007 at 23:59

    Iran has seized Three Finns in the Persian Gulf, Finnish commercial broadcaster MTV3 reported late on Tuesday.

    The Finnish foreign ministry confirmed the report to the Finnish News Agency (STT).

    According to MTV3, the Finns had been fishing on 2 June near Abu Musa, an island claimed by both Iran and the United Arab Emirates.


    OK thats 3 American/Iranian and 3 Finns.

    Iran thinks USA won't attack if they have enough hostages?


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    Monday, June 04, 2007

    USA POWs vid

    There are all kinds of things wrong with this in so many levels.
    vid here:

    They throw the POW vid in with some other vids?
    There is no pic of POWS just ID's.
    They say they are dead, but no body pics.

    They say they buried two but had put third into river?

    The vid camera had no night time enhancement, if this was planned it would have had good night time vid.

    The photo of the attack site shows brush right up to the road, attack was at 4:44 am.
    This could indicate they took hours to crawl up to the site for the ambush.
    The black burnt parts of the road, encompassed the WHOLE humvee, both of them, even under the humvees, and areas surrounding the Humvees.

    The troops knew what being taken alive meant from the year before.
    It is highly improbable they would surrender given what happened the year before.
    More likely they all fought as long as they could, and may have died in the hands of al Qaeda from wounds received.

    al Qaeda maybe limiting the photos for fear of a backlash against AQ from the American public, ie they quit public be headings,
    Because of American reactions???

    Why wait all this time then release only the IDs?
    They say more film coming today?

    So far there is nothing in the full video
    that could not be faked, nothing conclusive.

    Was not posted in normal manner, and almost incidental to this vid.
    Also they may have just removed dead bodies as all were killed during attack.
    There has never been any proof they survived the attack.

    This just smells, to many inconsistencies, aberrations and strangeness.
    More breaking......

    Brush right to edge of road....

    Pavement burnt all around humvees...


    "They (the Islamic State of Iraq) ... announced the news of their killing to cause bitter results upon Allah's enemies, with these three soldiers, from being live prisoners to dead bodies," said a speaker on the video.

    "Fearing the occupying army will continue its searches, harming our Muslim brothers ... (the Islamic State in Iraq) decided to settle the matter and announced the news of their killing to cause bitterness to God's enemies."

    A voice on the video said that it would not deliver the bodies of the two soldiers, saying "their end will be underneath the ground, Allah willing"

    FULL VIDEO: Update: Video Link (Laura Mansfield web site)


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    Sunday, June 03, 2007


    Mathaba.Net holds themselves out as a national news source???
    Africian news agency?

    We don't usually confirm or deny or respond to submissions due to shortage of resources. This is however to let you know a few reasons we've decided not to publish this article, even though we do publish controversial opinion pieces from time to time. One is that we do not accept that Al-Qaidah is anything these days beyond an Anglo-American (Zionist) media fiction. The real hands behind these terrorists in unclear. Another is that this article states that Muslims created Al-Qaidah,( not true ) we hold that US (Zionist) intelligence created it. There are other points to do with religion and so forth, especially we are mindful that Muslims although constituting a huge number of members of a single faith proportionately their involvement in terrorism is miniscule compared to others - this has even been evidenced by statistics released officially by police in Europe which we published. Therefore articles which keep putting Islam and terrorism into one piece, is reinforcing a fiction.

    Best wishes,

    >The Mathaba.Net Team

    They say "
    At Mathaba we provide an example that people can be united in their goals while maintaining healthy differences of culture, nationality and opinion." ( UNLESS YOU DISAGREE WITH THEM ON AL QAEDA, THEY SEEM TO HAVE THE ONLY CORRECT OPINION )
    "Through Mathaba's contributors and resources, we hope to encourage quality and thought provoking works.":( BUT NOT ABOUT AL QAEDA )
    "Mathaba is dedicated to bringing news and information to the public" ( BUT NOT ABOUT AL QAEDA )
    "Mathaba is a news agency and an online news network. Articles are contributed by authors, correspondents and analysts. Mathaba News is recognized by major web publications in the news industry." ( THAT RECOGNITION SHOULD BE RECONSIDERED )

    Except when it comes to al qaeda,
    And they charge for their censored view of the news, Silver and Gold versions.

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