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    Sunday, June 03, 2007


    Mathaba.Net holds themselves out as a national news source???
    Africian news agency?

    We don't usually confirm or deny or respond to submissions due to shortage of resources. This is however to let you know a few reasons we've decided not to publish this article, even though we do publish controversial opinion pieces from time to time. One is that we do not accept that Al-Qaidah is anything these days beyond an Anglo-American (Zionist) media fiction. The real hands behind these terrorists in unclear. Another is that this article states that Muslims created Al-Qaidah,( not true ) we hold that US (Zionist) intelligence created it. There are other points to do with religion and so forth, especially we are mindful that Muslims although constituting a huge number of members of a single faith proportionately their involvement in terrorism is miniscule compared to others - this has even been evidenced by statistics released officially by police in Europe which we published. Therefore articles which keep putting Islam and terrorism into one piece, is reinforcing a fiction.

    Best wishes,

    >The Mathaba.Net Team

    They say "
    At Mathaba we provide an example that people can be united in their goals while maintaining healthy differences of culture, nationality and opinion." ( UNLESS YOU DISAGREE WITH THEM ON AL QAEDA, THEY SEEM TO HAVE THE ONLY CORRECT OPINION )
    "Through Mathaba's contributors and resources, we hope to encourage quality and thought provoking works.":( BUT NOT ABOUT AL QAEDA )
    "Mathaba is dedicated to bringing news and information to the public" ( BUT NOT ABOUT AL QAEDA )
    "Mathaba is a news agency and an online news network. Articles are contributed by authors, correspondents and analysts. Mathaba News is recognized by major web publications in the news industry." ( THAT RECOGNITION SHOULD BE RECONSIDERED )

    Except when it comes to al qaeda,
    And they charge for their censored view of the news, Silver and Gold versions.

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