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    Friday, June 01, 2007


    NEWSVINE please treat this as an ARTICLE, if possible.

    "Oh my oh my. There doesn't seem to be a page here anymore.

    Sorry about that!"

    HA HA HA LOL. That is the message I got when I tried to post an article on NEWSVINE...

    OK either newsvine or my PC has been hacked.


    "Many makers of extensions or add-ons for Firefox are introducing ways for bad guys to hijack the Web browser, new research suggests. A great many add-ons are updated over insecure (non https://) connections, providing an avenue for attackers to replace the extension with an evil update. Google's add-ons are particularly vulnerable, because they update automatically without notifying the user. From the story: '[I]f an attacker were to hijack a public Wi-Fi hot spot at a coffeehouse or bookstore — a fairly trivial attack given the myriad free, point-and-click hacking tools available today — he could also intercept this update process and replace a Firefox add-on with a malicious one.'"

    thanks Google.

    Guess it could be a Newsvine programing glitch, Not very likely though.

    More likely some Jihadist wana bee used a kiddy script to penetrate my PC based on article above.

    FF just did an automatic update, right before I got the crypt message.

    I am so PLEASED MY WRITING has caused enough problems for them I was attacked, ha ha lol, LOVE IT.

    It could be related to the work we have been doing pentrating the "silver ddos" group.

    If they are messing with me then they aren't doing other Jahidist work, and I am more than able to deal with them.


    عندما اجد your pc سأقوم بقطع رؤوسهم وسعادتكم اسنان. لا يمكنك الاختباء وراء الاسلام ، بل انها صيد لرأسك.


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    Blogger gerald said...

    My browser was hijacked for about 30 min.

    12:13 AM  

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