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    Monday, June 04, 2007

    USA POWs vid

    There are all kinds of things wrong with this in so many levels.
    vid here:

    They throw the POW vid in with some other vids?
    There is no pic of POWS just ID's.
    They say they are dead, but no body pics.

    They say they buried two but had put third into river?

    The vid camera had no night time enhancement, if this was planned it would have had good night time vid.

    The photo of the attack site shows brush right up to the road, attack was at 4:44 am.
    This could indicate they took hours to crawl up to the site for the ambush.
    The black burnt parts of the road, encompassed the WHOLE humvee, both of them, even under the humvees, and areas surrounding the Humvees.

    The troops knew what being taken alive meant from the year before.
    It is highly improbable they would surrender given what happened the year before.
    More likely they all fought as long as they could, and may have died in the hands of al Qaeda from wounds received.

    al Qaeda maybe limiting the photos for fear of a backlash against AQ from the American public, ie they quit public be headings,
    Because of American reactions???

    Why wait all this time then release only the IDs?
    They say more film coming today?

    So far there is nothing in the full video
    that could not be faked, nothing conclusive.

    Was not posted in normal manner, and almost incidental to this vid.
    Also they may have just removed dead bodies as all were killed during attack.
    There has never been any proof they survived the attack.

    This just smells, to many inconsistencies, aberrations and strangeness.
    More breaking......

    Brush right to edge of road....

    Pavement burnt all around humvees...


    "They (the Islamic State of Iraq) ... announced the news of their killing to cause bitter results upon Allah's enemies, with these three soldiers, from being live prisoners to dead bodies," said a speaker on the video.

    "Fearing the occupying army will continue its searches, harming our Muslim brothers ... (the Islamic State in Iraq) decided to settle the matter and announced the news of their killing to cause bitterness to God's enemies."

    A voice on the video said that it would not deliver the bodies of the two soldiers, saying "their end will be underneath the ground, Allah willing"

    FULL VIDEO: Update: Video Link (Laura Mansfield web site)


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