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    Friday, June 08, 2007

    Islamophobia, healthy? 5 years NOW...

    Islamophobia, healthy? by Gerald

    ""There's become this culture of Islamophobia in American society," said Arsalan Iftikhar, national legal director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations."

    How could that happen?
    Lets see, al qaida has sprung from the loins of Islam,
    al Qaida uses Islam to recruit suicide bombers,
    they kill women, children, bomb even Muslin Mosques, and behead innocents.

    Islamic religious leaders support al qaida, and issue fatwas for them.
    and have even justified Nuking an American city.

    Now why would Americans fear Islam?

    For the same reason the Catholic church was feared during the Inquisition.

    When will Islam clean up this al qaida mess?

    Americans fear Islam for the same reasons Islam fears al qaida.

    When the Sunnis and Shias start taking out the al qaida cancer,
    taking responsibility for the religious civil war that threatens to break out world wide.
    when Islam stops the teachings of suicide bombing to their children in Madrases.

    Stop using a Micky Mouse to teach hate and killing then,
    maybe the Islamophobia will end.

    To be clear traditional Islam is a religion of peace,
    And I am aganist any acts of violence aganist any religion.
    Don't even bother telling me the terrorism war is against Islam, that is false,
    it is a war against al qaida.
    Islam has been hijacked just as the Catholic religion was hijacked by
    the Inquisition, that was the Catholics responsibility and they FIXED it.

    This al Qaide is a co-dependent relationship between them and Islam.

    And it is Islams responsibility to clean up this al qaida mess.

    They need to take responsibility and end this, starting with Bin Laden.
    This will be a period of Islams shame in history, just as the inquisition is for the Catholics.


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