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    Saturday, May 14, 2011

    Irans Qods killing regime resistance in Iraq

    From our sources with in the Iranian Resistance.
    We have found them to be reliable in the Past. G

    Much of this Intel came in just before and during 
    OBL's death news crush.
    So I held it back, so it might not be drown out
    in the other news.

    I am releasing it now, as operations have slowed some.
    We view this as an American commitment to the people,
    Iranians, anti-regime civilians.

    Irans Qods forces is controlling Iraqi troops,
    killing Iranian regime resistance IN IRAQ,
    using Iraqi Officers.

    Encrypted communication :

    About the campaign, thanks you. 
    Taking the PMOI out of the place is a complex issue. 
    But if you have the contacts to ask or urge for UN protection 
    unit for the Camp, it would save a Genocide!

    About twitter, unfortunately a dozen of my contacts have 
    been arrested or on the run in Iran . And the ones left are 
    those who are extermely passive sue to the cowardice 
    behaviour of Moussavi and the so called greens who 
    manged to throw the young aspirations into the dustbin!
    by sliding under the Mullahs's tent and denouncing any 
    "real difference" with the Velayat Faghih.
    So that leaves all of those who are real "greens" with the 
    only courageous opposition movement (PMOI) which has 
    been kicked, slaughtered and daggered but has not given in ! .
    I am sorry but at the moment those you find on twitter 
    are the sissies who have less to fear because they are 
    not actually in danger! since they hardly do anything!
    not all of them ofcourse. My real contacts are now on the 
    streets just trying to stay cool till they get a chance to so something
    Tk care"
    Name with held:

    If you could only , take the main henchman to the International Criminal Court >> Al Maliki, it would be a great service to the civilized society in Iraq , the Iraqi people and ashraf residents who are waiting for an0other massacre! since the army is still there and has encircled the camp with big walls of earth!! bounding them to a smaller piece of land and making the whole city as a big prison camp!


    56 2011-04-30_204645.jpg

    The one killing the Ashrafis is the commander of the Iraqi 5th Division,
    Major Jasem Mohamad Alivi Altamimi, has received a $ prize and 
    commendation from the Iranian Qods terrorist force. 
    Major Jasem Mohamad Alivi Altamimi is personally responsible in 
    killing 8 P.M.O.I members in Ashraf. He is clearly depicted in 
    various scenes in the massacre videos of April 8th shooting at 
    defenseless residents.

    Jasem Altamimi has had a long history with the Qods forces. In Sep 2007 he was the commander of one of the companies in the first battalion of 5th division in Iraq Karkoosh Garrison in charge of importing weapons into Iraq for the Qods forces, terrorist operations. He was also involved in abductions and murders of many of the youth in the area.

    Secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran


    Why the Middle East DISTRUSTS America??? Exactly 
    WHY=  doesn't keep their word,

    Terrorism Charges Dropped Against Iranian Group PMOI 
    after 8 yrs About damn time G- 

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Un-ban PMOI



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Friday, May 13, 2011

    Stuxnet 3.5, were all screwed

    An Intelligence associate subtly alluded to
    a new attack vector, few months back.

    Something we had suspected for about 4 yrs.
    It was something I did not want to look at.
    But the idea continued to nag at me in the
    back of my mind.
    Like a bill coming due you knew you wouldn't
    have the money for.
    Or like the results of a cancer lab test being
    mailed to you, I just didn't want to talk about it.

    I think he thought me a little dense, as I never
    said anything about it to him. Didn't probe
    or ask any questions, I knew the answers.
    I knew.
    I just kept reading and rereading the research
    papers over and over, hoping to find a different
    paradigm. I couldn't.

    It was just confirmation of something I didn't
    want to know.

    And an end to all privacy or security on the WWW.
    Like a lover you know is cheating, but isn't confirmed
    yet, a delay of the end.

    But now I've seen proof of concept.
    I can no longer pretend I don't know.

    Opsec and sitrep preclude me from
    discussing the "it". for now.

    WWW security has lost the battle.
    On the other hand Iran can hold NO secrets.
    All is known.

    I'm not sure this is actually stuxnet 3.0 or
    3.5, that will come out eventually.

    We are all NAKED.
    Some of the fun on the WWW just died.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.
    ad magnum

    Internet AnthroTT: : 'apocalypse'; Cost of doing biz, this Cyber guy scares me He's Nutz  @  


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Bin Laden = break down of the franchise.

    Bin Laden = break down of the franchise.

    If McDonalds university went down,
    soon McDonalds Franchisees would 
    start offering items from their local areas,
    Items they could buy locally cheaper,
    changing the menu, and soon they would
    be McDonalds in name only.

    We expect the same will happen with al Qaeda.
    The leader is gone. OBL

    Look for more localized area attacks, 
    more brutal acts, more beheadings and

    There may even be some competition
    between the franchises, for brutality.
    Which will further distance them from
    the Islamic main stream.

    Main stream Islam has seen the power.
    And its not terrorism, 
    Bin Laden tried that for 10 yrs and killed
    more Muslims than Americans, and brought
    about ZERO changes. And was giving Islam
    a bad name.

    The new movement has been demonstrated
    by Egyptian people, demonstrations.
    And they removed a powerful dictator.

    Other Islamic countries are trying the same.
    Libya, Syria and many others.

    Terrorism is a dying paradigm, unsuccessful
    and an epic Fail.

    Islam or fractions of it are not afraid to use
    terrorism to effect change, but they tried for
    10 plus years, with the worlds leading terrorist
    OBL. and the Paradigm is a fail.
    It just doesn't work.

    US will play out its time in Afpak, 
    but even there the Islamic demonstration
    seed has been planted.

    The people themselves will bring about the
    change, just as in Egypt and Libya etc.
    US has had too little faith in the Ummah, the
    people of Islam.

    After the majority of Americans leave Afghan,
    and cut off most funds and bring sanctions against
    the ISI, the people of Pakistan have seen the 
    way, feel it in their bones and will make some changes.

    They see daily the unjustness of ISI, and feel
    their whip on their backs.
    ISI making #Pakistan sick, Bhutto Sons,
    Daughter,Taliban OBL,ISI shames the country.
    And the ummah knows who is to blame.

    After the 40 day mourning period aq will
    attack, smaller attacks, and the venue is known.

    But the al qaeda cult is on the down slope,
    and they just haven't admitted it yet.
    A failed paradigm and failed leadership.
    And massive loss of popular support.
    Lead by loser Americans, 
    Fat boy and skinny google eyes.

    They will burn themselves up against the
    US Mil grist mill.
    Pakistans ISI is leading Pakistan into an economic
    catastrophe leading to the fall of Pakistan.
    And it won't be pretty or bloodless but
    it seems its the only way for the Paki people
    to rise up and take back their Government.
    US, Russia, China and India are standing
    by to help Paki make sure nuke weapons don't fall
    into the hands of the Terrorists.

    What is ISI going to do?
    Support terrorist give them a sanctuary?
    Support attacks, Mumbai?
    Rile the Paki people up against US?
    OR send Taliban into Afghan to attack
    that Government?
    I'm not sure what the difference between
    a Paki ally or enemy is?

    Paki can cut US supply routes to Afghan
    US will be drawing down troops, new Russian
    buddies for new supply routes, lot of quiet behind
    the scenes deals already made.
    And US air lift can supply 30,000 US troops
    ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, including

    Pakistan is running out of cards. 
    Pakistan is screwing up big time.
    ISI making  sick, Bhutto Sons,
    Daughter,Taliban OBL,ISI shames the 
    country, Collusion with Terrorist,sanctuaries.

    The US just has to get the timing right,
    its not US place or responsibility to fix
    Afghan or Pakistan, US spent Billions
    and thousands of American lives trying.
    US doesn't have the  or  
    capabilities to do nation building,

    It is Paki and Afghans problem, US
    cannot fix it only the Paki and Afghan
    people can, its their responsibility.

    US can stand by with NATO to defend
    their people if requested just like in
    Libya, but its their fight, its their country.
    Its their decisions.

    US tried its best and hardest to do 
    Nation building and bring true democracy,
    and failed, THAT IS THE DUTY AND 

    ISI will bring about its own demise.

    War Anthropologist

    Paki's view:
    India is not enemy No. 1 anymore US is, 
    enlightening article,Good insight, G 

    Taliban success in driving Paki hate wedge between 
     and US, Paki playing right into Taliban Al 
    qaeda hands, like puppets, G

    “We used see Pakistan as a flawed ally and the Afghan 
    Taliban as their enemy. Now we see the truth as the reverse”.

     hawks,self-delusion and outright paranoid.
    ready to self destruct, G 


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Thursday, May 12, 2011

    Security one way paradigm?

    While the criminals take full advantage of the
    Internet Paradigm, the security faction doesn't.

    The cyber criminals hide behind a confusing web
    of cyber laws and confusing jurisdictions.

    One research team even got inside the C2 of a
    bot farm and didn't feel it had the authority to
    take it down, ball-less. Kinda like watching
    someones house burn cause you don't have
    the authority of fire fighters.

    The cyber criminals rely on the anonymous
    function of the WWW to perpetuate their crimes.
    And while many times they can't be identified,
    they can be penetrated.

    And there in lies the rub.
    The fear of violating some jurisdiction or
    unknown country's laws prohibits many from
    taking action against the cyber criminals.

    "They" watch the crime, track it even dissect the
    technicals, study its operations, but don't 'interfear.'

    The right to self defense seems to have been lost
    on the WWW in a morass of legal technicalities.

    The state of the WWW is very similar to the
    wild west of the 1700's.
    But without the guts or intestinal fortitude of
    those times.
    Even the security vendors are attacked with
    There is precedent: for forming groups and
    going after these criminals using some of the
    same methods they use, the anonymity of
    the web would allow counter strikes.

    Part of the error of the current WWW security
    paradigm is the lack of offensive counter measures.
    There is very little deterrence, for cyber criminals.
    Only the fear of isolated criminal prosecution,
    on a limited basis.
    Their Risk/Reward ratio balanced in the extreme
    to reward. They pound against fire walls laughing at
    IT administrators.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: I'm on your PC,know your IP

    PRIVATEERS letters of Marque, or just plain civilian
    counter strike teams are an option.

    At the current rate of advance, trust in the internet is slated
    for an epic fail, and crippling of parts of the worlds economies.
    The problem has gotten so beyond control
    there is not currently a force in the world
    capable of bringing the number of investigations
    and prosecutions to even make a dent.

    While the FBI is capable they are overwhelmed.
    The complaint center for cyber crime is not a
    response force but a statical warehouse.

    ID theft is rampant, credit agencys have become
    co-dependent with the cyber criminals. Collecting
    the crime data, but not reporting it to the victims
    via automatic free emails unless paid. WHORES.

    Stuxnet has proven the concept, ability to penetrate
    and collect data, provide a base from which to strike
    out against the cyber criminals.

    Security vendors are in a unique position with unique
    knowledge to bust up these crime families.
    And could charge a premium based on news releases
    about their work taking out cyber criminals.
    I would pay a premium for a company fighting offensively
    on the WWW against cyber criminals, vs a company
    offering only passive security systems.

    The concept of a surgical cyber attack has been
    demonstrated, Server can be taken down, bot farms
    erased, C2 commandeered.

    And many more out side the box attacks
    against cyber criminals are in the offing.

    Mean while the public takes their personal
    economies in their hands every time they
    log on to the WWW.

    US credit cards are selling for $2 each.
    And ID theft every 8 seconds.

    I want to be clear I am NOT targeting

    But they do a remarkable job tracking events.

    'Steal everything' era of hacking

    The Internet paradigm can
    be used against the cyber criminals.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.


    Internet AnthroTT: : 'apocalypse'; Cost of doing biz, this Cyber guy scares me He's Nutz  @  


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Obama VS Osama,DONE: NEW GAME

    US paradigm in Afpak, no end game.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank:RAID: OBL hid son, escaped later.

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    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Osama's son: "he is a mass murder"
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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    OBL hid son, escaped later.

    Paradigm Intel.

    older photo of son, now 22

    Paradigm indicates OBL son was
    hidden by OBL during the 30 or 40
    min firefight before US troops got
    to OBL and killed him.

    Missing 30 min:

    The 3rd floor was illegal and built
    after Bin Laden moved in?
    Its not on the blue prints.

    OBL didn't get a weapon to defend
    himself, but spent 30 min. doing what
    while US troops worked their way up
    to OBL.

    Might OBL also have given son key
    Intel, mem sticks, CDs.

    After raid, US forces left, how did
    kid escape, kid: hes is 22 yrs old.

    OBL wife said the son was missing,
    an indication he wasn't visiting friends.
    She expected him to be there.

    US surveillance said NO ONE escaped
    during the raid.

    How long was US surveillance on the
    house? Long enough to see the son escape
    arter the raid?

    Did ISI scoop him up?
    Did he have a local support network
    that helped him get out of town?
    How he got away will go far towards
    explaining how OBL hid in plain site,
    in front of ISI,

    He has been called the Prince of terror.
    He potentially is a big future problem
    for our Grand Children.

    Any one got a blue print map of
    3rd floor?


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Blue print Bin Ladens house:confirmed authentic

    Blue print Bin Ladens house:
    Paki source from the original contractor, confirmed authentic. G

    Click to enlarge:

    Related story
    What was OBL doing for 40 min.
    Hiding his son?

    Who built the 3rd story?
    What got hid up there, where OBL was killed?

    Who might have been hiding:


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    US paradigm in Afpak, no end game.

    Paradigm errors:

    US listed 2011 as the start of something.
    But it has not materialized, there still is
    NO program, objective identified end state
    and how to get there. 10 yrs in, and still no

    Pakistan sees this and is keeping all options
    open, including paling up with insurgents.
    And the West often doesn't realize, while
    Pakistan, the ISI can turn on the Taliban,
    they don't really have an off switch.

    Inside the Pakistan Paradigm:

    Why Pakistan will not go after the terrorist sanctuaries
    in Paki.

    This trying to walk the middle of the road,
    put ISI in its current predicament Vis-à-vis OBL kill.
    Forcing them into a position of incompetence or collusion.
    And the Paki Gov has been in a fit of pique since.
    Choice of loosing face or integrity.

    Current paradigm forecasts the mess will be
    dumped on to the CIA, and a covert ops war,
    with huge drone program.
    Drone offensive much more successful than US knew - Internet ...

    However the law of untended consequences,
    provides some saving grace.
    The build up of Afghan Mil, Police and
    Frontier corps. is arming and training around
    200,000 Afghans.
    Which is not sustainable with any given future
    expected budget.
    And some of the Afghan people have shown
    remarkable resistance to the Taliban with small
    local militias.
    Our trust and belief in the Afghan peoples themselves
    exceeds that of trust in the Gov.
    And with this training they maybe able to defend themselves
    and their towns.
    Bringing the Taliban into Afghan Gov. is a huge
    mistake, they will be the party intimidating other
    into voting their way, by assassinations, and private
    killer armys.

    The Afghani people may get the training to defeat
    the Taliban sent by Pakistan ISI.

    2014 is the date for scheduled start of the pull out,
    but there is no workable solution to the insurgent
    problem on the books, and Pakistan is counting on that.

    PART II:
    The silence of al qaeda and the Taliban regarding
    OBL death is deafening.
    We think they have gone to ground afraid of
    attacks on the rest of the leadership.

    If these attacks are not forth coming we expect
    an attack on CONUS.

    Obamas recent TV conference about the Immigration
    problems left some to be desired.

    US as many other countries through history always
    prepare for the last war.
    And US is prepared for another commercial jet liner
    attack. But it make no sense to have my shoes inspected
    at the airports while thousands cross at the Mexican border.
    With out any inspection.
    My fear is not of the Mexicans, but of terrorist.
    Some where in the world Mexican drug lords are
    meeting with men in turbans, buying drugs, making deals.

    The Mexican border is an open back door to America.
    Paying the Drug lords for terrorist passage into America is just
    the next step up from dealing in heroin.

    With OBL dead expect smaller attacks.
    Similar to Mumbai.
    US should expect some of this.

    And it is the American Drug war which is funding
    the Terrorist.

    They buy a Kilo of heroin in Afghanistan for $350
    and sell it on NYC streets for $80,000.
    The increase in price is due solely to the American
    war on drugs, which has been a failure.
    And is funding the insurgents.

    The American border needs to be as secure
    as the American Airports.

    US still has no end game for Afpak.

    War Anthropologst

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Omar knew about 911
    Kill him Too.