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    Thursday, November 27, 2008

    Mumbai Lessons

    Mumbai Lessons, Paradigm Intel:
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Nov.27 2008

    Is USA prepared?
    This opens a new page in terrorist attacks, a new paradigm.
    Who would respond to an attack by a highly trained Military infantry unit from Pakistan, against unprotected, unarmed civilian targets?
    This attack took weeks of recon, surveillance and planing.
    This is new threat : Its like sending a US Marine Company in to attack
    civilian hotels in a major US city. Unexpected, over whelming sneak attack
    and beheading the counter terrorism forces.

    The terrorist were wearing uniforms, and equipped almost as a heavy weapons squad.
    With Machine guns and grenades, and explosives devices.
    They decapitated the head of the anti terrorism unit for India.
    As it turns out they were a soft target.

    The Indian military have seized the ship they came from.

    There maybe more surprises in store yet, hostages, and sleeper units?

    Is a Swat team equipped to take on a Infantry heavy weapons squad?
    I don't think so.

    What US military units are equipped to take on such a team?
    Where are they located, National guard units?
    How long would it take to activate and deploy them?
    Is New York's Hercules teams, even have the fire power
    and numbers to handle this type of multiple attack?
    10 or more targets. Several Hotels,
    railway Station, the Caf├ęs and more locations. , a hospital and a highway leading to the airport and Assembly Hall. The terrorists fired indiscriminately against civilians, security elements, lobbed grenades.

    The primary targets were American and British.

    Paradigm Intel points to the sucess of the predator program
    and as a result this counter strike.

    This is a survival move for the al Qaeda/Taliban combine.
    A counter strike for the devastating predator drone attacks.

    We have warned in previous posts about desperate counter strikes
    as the terrorist combine strikes back in an last ditch attempt for survival.

    USA now has their blue print, is USA prepared?
    Does USA have trained Infantry in place, on call
    for street to street fighting in USA?
    Just like in Iraq?

    Internet Anthropologist

    Paki Mumbai Internet Chase.

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