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    Tuesday, November 25, 2008

    Paulsons stutterings

    Paulsons stutterings
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Nov 25,2008
    I watched Fed Reserve's Paulson on cable this AM.
    and was not reassured.
    His stturrerings were those of someone not sure of what he was doing.
    Of someone making excuses.

    The Feds are finally getting around to buying up some of the Toxic paper,
    after throwing Trillions of Dollars at those that have caused the problem, BanksĀ 
    bailing out the perps..

    He admits failure as AAA paper can't find a market.
    And makes excuses about the credit markets still being froozen.

    And responds to a question about thier failure to un freeze credit markets with,
    "yes ( failure ) if you expected one piece of legistation to fix the problem."

    One piece of legistation with 7 Trilluion dollars, I think we could expect improvement
    with the spending of 7 Trillion dollars.

    The underlying problem STILL IS the toxic paper,

    After bailing out the perps of criminal enterprise that caused this ( Banking Corps )
    they are finally gettong around to buying up the root cause of the problem, the Toxic
    sub-prime paper.

    Paulson seems to think that if the Government guarntees a quarter is worth a dollar that
    should fix the market, but the banks aren't buying it, a quarter is only worth a quarter no
    matter who guarntees it. and his approach of Government guarntees just doesn't
    provide confidence to the market and banks are not un-freezing the credit markets.

    A "guarantee" will not provide confidence, buying the toxic paper and Marking all toxic paper
    to the market will provide confidence, then the investors are dealing with real values.

    The credit markets will not unfreeze untill all paper has been marked to the market,
    when investors are dealing with real prices, money will flow.

    Paulson still has not fixed the log jam, and seems is not the River Driver needed to
    do the hard work of accurately valuing assets.

    The system has been bouyed with 7 Trillion dollars and should be able to with stand the
    shock of actual values ( marked to the market ).

    Time is running out support levels for the Dow are almost non-existant.

    This is going to be a hard difficult and deep depression, the sooner it starts
    the sooner it will be over.

    Mark money markets and sub-prime paper to the market and the money will flow.
    Its time to stop hiding the wounds and extent of the disease.

    Credit will open with real values.

    Series 7 and 13

    Google formating screwing up in google browser.



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