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    Saturday, April 23, 2011

    NATO HELO downed Speculation.

    NATO copter crashes: A helicopter from the NATO-led coalition crashed Saturday in a mountainous area of eastern Afghanistan where fighting has intensified, killing one foreign service member, NATO said. A Taliban spokesman told the Associated Press that insurgents shot down the helicopter with a rocket, but NATO did not confirm the helicopter was shot down.

    A rocket, Libya Mil has rockets.
    Al Qaeda got Libyan weapons:
    Algerian paper L'Expression said on Saturday referring to a source from the Algerian security forces.

    "the president of Chad Idriss Deby Itno told the African weekly ‘Jeune Afrique’ that AL-QAEDA’S offshoot in North Africa has snatched surface-to-air missiles from an arsenal in Libya during the civil strife there."

    Could have got to Afghan by sea or air.
    If it was a rocket, they have more,
    but it could have been a RPG net.

    There have many intercepts of illegal weapons shipping
    by Iran.

    If it was a Libyan rocket then the Iran regime needs to be bitch
    slapped hard.

    Hat tip:


    UPDATE: 04.25.11 01:36 EST AM

    The Return of Qumu
    U.S. intelligence sources tell NPR they have been tracking a former Libyan detainee named Abu Sufian Qumu.
    He was picked up in Pakistan and arrived in Guantanamo in early 2002. The Libyan government asked for him back in 2007. Guantanamo officials who investigated Qumu at that time thought he posed a future risk to the U.S. and its allies. But four years ago, the U.S. released him to the Libyan government anyway.
    U.S. intelligence officials now believe Qumu is helping train anti-government forces in Benghazi, Libya. It is unclear whether he is a leader of the rebels or simply joining in the anti-Gadhafi movement. What is certain, is that his secret Guantanamo file shows an association with al-Qaida that stretches back decades.
    It says he trained at two al-Qaida camps, joined Taliban forces to fight both the Soviets and the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, and moved to Sudan with other al-Qaida members where he drove trucks for one of Osama bin Laden's companies. The documents say he was forced to leave Sudan sometime in 1997. From there he went directly to the tribal regions of Pakistan where he allegedly received additional training with al-Qaida.
    U.S. intelligence reports in the file say his name appeared on a hard drive that listed al-Qaida employees and their monthly wages. That's significant because most al-Qaida's ranks tend to be volunteers - people on the payroll are considered more than just lowly foot soldiers.
    Now that Qumu has turned up in Libya, U.S. intelligence is trying to figure out if he still has those al-Qaida connections.
    Members of Congress are wondering the same thing. During Congressional hearings earlier this month Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.), asked Admiral James Stavridis about the presence of al-Qaida among the rebel forces.
    "The intelligence that I'm receiving at this point makes me feel that the leadership that I'm seeing are responsible men and women who are struggling against Col. Gaddafi," the admiral said, adding. "We have seen flickers in the intelligence of potential al-Qaida, Hezbollah. We've seen different things. But at this point, I don't have detail sufficient to say that there's a significant al-Qaida presence or any other terrorist presence in and among these folks."
    Intelligence officials tell NPR they don't doubt that the rebel forces are focused on defeating Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi. What worries them is what might come next. Will the rebels push for shariah law in Libya or allow al-Qaida to train there? Or would Qumu, if he becomes a leader among the anti-Gadhafi forces, be part of a contingent that permits terrorists to hide out amid the chaos of Libya's civil war?
    With such close links to al-Qaida, there is some question as to how Qumu managed to get out of Guantanamo. Those familiar with the detainee release process said that by the end of 2003, diplomacy and politics began to play a larger role in transfer decisions.
    In Qumu's case, U.S. officials tell NPR that Gadhafi had asked for Qumu's release almost four years ago. Gadhafi, and in particular his son Seif al-Islam, were trying to convince Islamists in Libya that the government intended to reconcile with them in good faith. Qumu was part of that effort. He transferred to Libya in October 2007 and he was released last summer.
    The Taliban claim that their militants have shot down several aircraft and NATO choppers in different parts of Afghanistan over the past few months.


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    #Iraq slaughters anti-Iran #ASHRAF

    Iraqi massacre in camp ashraf april 8 2011

    Iraq sock puppets for Iran?

    Brave Iraqi Military forces attacked unarmed civilians
    at camp Ashraf, killing women and children.

    The people at camp Asharf are anti-Iran regime.
    And this is the latest of a series of brutal attacks
    on civilians at this camp.

    The attacks by Iraqi military are funded and directed
    by Iran's IRCG, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

    Ashraf needs UN protection, each attack kills more
    Iranian dissidents. Unprovoked attacks on civilians
    must stop.

    Clubbing them to death, running civilians over
    with humvees, killing unarmed at point blank ranges.
    Burning their homes.

    Note it seems to be 4 or 5 doing all the killing.
    Iranian MOS agents in the Iraqi Military.
    Murders, killers.
    If you know their identity's email me.
    Click to enlarge or watch video,
    Link at bottom, view full screen.

    Anyone with knowledge of the killers names
    please contact me with names.
    We welcome Secret sources:Secure,encrypted,
    cloaked comunications channel will be set up for you 

    Video: MUST SEE

    All American troops will be out of  at the 
    end of the year says @ 
    What will Iraq do to residents of Camp Ashraf THEN?

    War Anthropologist

    Injured residents of Camp Ashraf

    1 IBRAHIMI Abdul Karim M 1968 small finger injured by bullet
    2 ABOLFATHY Ali M 1964 thigh and shank injured by bullet
    3 FOROUZANDEH Behjat F 1980 arm injured by bullet
    4 ASADOLAHY Rahman M 1958 left knee injured by bullet
    5 ESKANDRE Hade M 1963 Left knee injured by bullet
    6 ESLAMI Maryam F 1980 shank injured by bullet
    7 ASLANY Ali M 1963 thigh injured by bullet
    8 ETMINAN Shahab M 1965 thigh injured by bullet
    9 AKBARZADEH Esa M 1978 left thigh injured by bullet
    10 AKBARI MONFARED SEDIGHE F 1966 shank injured by bullet
    11 ALLAHVERDI Naghi M 1960 right leg and right ankle injured by bullet
    12 ILKHANI Mitra F 1964 leg injured by bullet causing multiple bone fractures
    13 ABKHEZER Mohammad Taghi M 1972 abdomen injured by bullet
    14 ALBOUGHOBESH Rostam M 1968 knee and thigh injured by bullet
    15 BABAEE Jafar M 1965 abdomen injured by bullet
    16 BALAEI Qumars M 1962 left hip injured by bullet
    17 BORNAFAR Mahmoud M 1963 left sole injured and broken by bullet
    18 SAMIMI-FARD Marvan M 1963 both sides of the hip injured by bullet
    19 BAZAZIAN Mehrdad M 1966 right leg injured by bullet
    20 BESHARATPOUR Susan F 1959 right ankle and foot injured by bullet
    21 BIDI Ehsan M 1977 Left thigh injured by bullet-bullet is inside his thigh
    22 PAKI Jafar M 1966 Left foot injured by bullet and by being hit by HUMVEE
    23 POORGHOLAMI Arash M 1976 Right thigh injured by bullet
    24 POOLADRAG Bijan M 1975 right shank injured by bullet
    25 PISHBIN Hadi M 1971 Right shoulder injured by bullet
    250 more here:

    Ask UN for protection for these civilians:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    US had observers at attack, 

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    #Pakistan vs Taliban ? of Guts

    Can the Taliban kill their way into Blackmailing Pakistan?

    The drone attacks against the Taliban have been successful
    beyond all expiations, they are having fits of paranoia over
    them, they are also killing Taliban morale, and most mid-level
    cadre, killing recruitment, and KILLING THE TALIBAN.

    The Taliban have made stopping the drone attacks its
    number one priority. And are willing to take on the
    Paki Military on and kill off Government Representatives
    if they can't stop the drone attacks.
    Even killing top ISI people.

    Just how serious is the Taliban about
    stopping this scourge of the Taliban?

    An interior ministry report states that a secret meeting of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Masjlis e Shura, recently held in South Waziristan was attended by the leaders of the Haqqani group, the Al Haq Brigade, the Fidayi Force, the Allah Dad group, the Lashkar-e-Islam, the Jaish-e-Islam, and the Mujahid Khalid group. The militant leaders had gathered to decide how to respond in the event of a Pakistan Army attack on North Waziristan.

    The meeting was more akin to the board of directors meeting of a large corporation, with a presentation of cash flows, a review of past operations and perceived threats in the coming year as well as a strategic plan for 2011.

    Another interior ministry report revealed that the TTP has created four terrorist groups, collectively known as the Lashkar e Kharaji, under the command of the TTP’s South Waziristan commander, Qari Muhammad Idrees, also known as Ilyas. The groups are likely to target United Nations offices in Islamabad, Saudi diplomats, and vehicles of law enforcement agencies.
    The report adds that Qari Dadullah has been assigned the task of targeting government training institutions in Lahore that are frequented by senior officials.

    Another secret meeting of groups working under the name of the Al Toheed group was reportedly held in Charsaddah, at the house of a local militant, Hafiz Naseerullah Maavia, alias Master Jee. The group decided to conduct suicide bombings against shrines in Multan and Lahore, especially the shrines of Shah Rukn-e-Alam and Bahauddin Zakaria.
    The leaders of the Fidayi (Suicide Bombers) Force of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi met in Nowshera at the house of Ahmedullah, alias Rahman Bhai. They reportedly decided to target police 
    officers’ residences throughout the country. Qari Zafar, alias Bahader Khan, was assigned the
    task of bombing the Iranian Embassy in Islamabad.

    The Paki Army and the ISI are concerned about
    what happens when the US leaves Afghan?
    Will Pakistan be left to fight the Taliban
    all by themselves?

    Its very hard and dangerous to fight the Taliban
    in their mountain sanctuaries in N Waziristan.

    But the Drones attack with impunity and without
    danger. US is giving Pakistan 85 drones to do the job.

    And with ISI intelligence they can target even Taliban
    top leadership, bringing the Taliban under the control
    of Pakistan. End the suicide bombings, and raids into

    Even kill the Taliban coming from Afghan into Paki.
    Shortly the Paki military will have the power to pull the
    plug on the insurgency, kill off the Taliban.


    The Paki Army still fears India, even though they are a nuclear
    power several times over.
    But because of Paki's history they lack the confidence to
    deal with India, and retain the Taliban as weak proxys.
    Paki suffers from an unreasonable fear of India.
    And feels a need to hide behind the Taliban and other terrorist.
    Not unlike a little boy bullied as a child, now
    a grown man afraid to stand up to the old bully.

    Will the Paki Government weed out the Taliban
    supporters like:
    @ Ahmed Quraishi
    Who spread propaganda and hatred.

    Will Pakistan step up to the world stage
    like a world power or continue as a fearful
    second rate player? Supporting terrorism.

    WikiLeaks reveals: ‘US classified ISI as terror 
    affiliate ’ Heard that before? G

    US is giving Pakistan 85 drones, but does
    the Military and ISI have guts to dominate
    the Taliban? Take control for the Government?

    The power and decision is NOW in the hands
    of the Paki Military and ISI, but are they Men,
    or little boys?

    War Anthropologist.

    Pakistan breaking it down.

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    Friday, April 22, 2011

    NEW #InfoWar Operations

    We have been exploring an Infowar paradigm.
    Testing our hypothesis, methods and operating
    Thus far they have exceeded our expectations,
    operations have been exceptional and remarkable.

    Opsec and sitrep prohibits our mentioning them.

    The paradigm is complicated and involved.
    Its based on our Social Change engine SCE.
    Both use the ESORE metric.
    We measure the Environment at both ends to extract
    our metrics.
    Combining the SCE with Infowar has yielded remarkable
    The operations require an intimate knowledge of targets,
    and their enemies and supporters.
    And we have the capability to develop that knowledge.
    Intel Unit of IATT

    What is our mission at IATT?
    They did center around 4 paradigms.
    #1) Info War getting the Truth out.
    #2) Collecting and Reporting actionable Intel
    #3) Policy change.
    #4) Limited defensive cyber warfare.
    We have been changing, re-inventing
    ourselves every couple of years.
    As needed.

    So again we changed our paradigm.
    We wanted to influence policy.
    We saw things we thought could be fixed.
    Better solutions. 
    And at least an obligation to put them
    "out there" for others consideration.

    And we change again, focus on changing the
    enemies mind.

    An extension of these concepts is
    It completes the strategy concept.

    And its more tricky to deploy.
    Both sides operate in a deception
    mode form time to time,
    and we don't want to pick up
    a deception paradigm and push
    that to fruition.

    And we have had some practice and
    experience in pulling intel from
    a closed cell, so we think we can tell
    the difference.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: What is "Paradigm Intel"

    We expect the Infowar weapon to be ready for deployment
    with in two months. We continue testing in a non-GWOT arena.
    And measuring results.

    This is a very new and powerful weapon and will
    be deployed in a careful method and tracked and measured.
    We are still working on the metrics.
    And also the criteria to green light an operation.
    Currently this seems to be the most powerful
    weapon we have at our disposal.
    And will be phased in, in small steps, and tested
    every step of the way.

    War Anthropologist.
    ad magnum

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: What is our mission at IATT?

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: IATT Cyber capabilities

    Hired guns: Cyberwarfare and cyber-mercs. - Internet ...

    Porn as Infowar

    Projection of Terrorism as Infowar.

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Intel Agencies missing intel

    Intel Agencies:
    If you don't read my Tweets
    your only seeing 50% of our intel.

    We are running #infowar operations now.
    Very successful, still analyzing data.!/Geraldanthro


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    Thursday, April 21, 2011

    GOP paranoia

    Jeeze can this be right?


    What do you see? Put these all together.

    GOP trying to KILL #SocSec #Medicare & #Medicaid benefits
    and social safety net programs.

    GOP gives Billionaire Wall St Bankers $700 billion in tax cuts.

    Michigan GOP Governor Snyder declares illegal Martial law,
    US first coup d'etat,of elected Gov by #GOP
    They seize control of a duly elected local government.
    And remove voters choices.

    Michigan Police covertly Search Cell Phones During Traffic Stops, IPhone,Android
    No notice, no due process, no reasonable cause. 
    Michigan State Police are violating Fourth Amendment rights when using high-tech mobile forensic devices to suck out cell phone data in under two minutes.
    Warrant-less search.
    #GOP Governor Snyder rips up Constitution.

    Iphone tracks every where you go. ( And Googles Android )
    iPhone tracks wherever you go and saves it in a secret file

    It feels like a practice run for a POLICE STATE.

    Why is the GOP doing this?
    Are the Republicans up to something?

    "Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power." ~Mussolini

    The Constitution isn't supposed to be OPTIONAL.

    Tell them what you think on twitter: Clickable:

    Tell them what you think on twitter: Clickable:

    @ @ @
    @ @
    @ @@ 
    @ @



    @ President, 
    @ Sect of State, 

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Who ordered the destruction 
    of the 

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank:  fraud and hypocrisy .
     One click tweet tell GOP, Dems what U think.G

    Wall St Banks to write check for $1,700,000,000,000.00 for 
    US debit:  $1.7 trillion dollars, G

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Congress to reinstate 
    Glass-Segal act,   

    @ @ @ @
    @ @ SHUT IT DOWN: 

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Who, NAMES: 
    NOT prosecuting Wall St banks?  WHY. G

    Internet AnthroTT: He has the Evidence, will he prosecute, 
    Wall St Banks? Eric H. Holder,Attorney General... 

    GOP hates orphans, only USED clothing.

    Orphans,Foster children:Michigan:state-funded clothing allowance only in thrift stores  State Senator Bruce Caswell.

     orphans waste of money= 

    Orphans Michigan:  State Sen Bruce Caswell. Work house and Switches,one blanket,gruel, only USED CLOTHING,damn kids