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    Friday, April 22, 2011

    NEW #InfoWar Operations

    We have been exploring an Infowar paradigm.
    Testing our hypothesis, methods and operating
    Thus far they have exceeded our expectations,
    operations have been exceptional and remarkable.

    Opsec and sitrep prohibits our mentioning them.

    The paradigm is complicated and involved.
    Its based on our Social Change engine SCE.
    Both use the ESORE metric.
    We measure the Environment at both ends to extract
    our metrics.
    Combining the SCE with Infowar has yielded remarkable
    The operations require an intimate knowledge of targets,
    and their enemies and supporters.
    And we have the capability to develop that knowledge.
    Intel Unit of IATT

    What is our mission at IATT?
    They did center around 4 paradigms.
    #1) Info War getting the Truth out.
    #2) Collecting and Reporting actionable Intel
    #3) Policy change.
    #4) Limited defensive cyber warfare.
    We have been changing, re-inventing
    ourselves every couple of years.
    As needed.

    So again we changed our paradigm.
    We wanted to influence policy.
    We saw things we thought could be fixed.
    Better solutions. 
    And at least an obligation to put them
    "out there" for others consideration.

    And we change again, focus on changing the
    enemies mind.

    An extension of these concepts is
    It completes the strategy concept.

    And its more tricky to deploy.
    Both sides operate in a deception
    mode form time to time,
    and we don't want to pick up
    a deception paradigm and push
    that to fruition.

    And we have had some practice and
    experience in pulling intel from
    a closed cell, so we think we can tell
    the difference.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: What is "Paradigm Intel"

    We expect the Infowar weapon to be ready for deployment
    with in two months. We continue testing in a non-GWOT arena.
    And measuring results.

    This is a very new and powerful weapon and will
    be deployed in a careful method and tracked and measured.
    We are still working on the metrics.
    And also the criteria to green light an operation.
    Currently this seems to be the most powerful
    weapon we have at our disposal.
    And will be phased in, in small steps, and tested
    every step of the way.

    War Anthropologist.
    ad magnum

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