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    Saturday, April 23, 2011

    #Iraq slaughters anti-Iran #ASHRAF

    Iraqi massacre in camp ashraf april 8 2011

    Iraq sock puppets for Iran?

    Brave Iraqi Military forces attacked unarmed civilians
    at camp Ashraf, killing women and children.

    The people at camp Asharf are anti-Iran regime.
    And this is the latest of a series of brutal attacks
    on civilians at this camp.

    The attacks by Iraqi military are funded and directed
    by Iran's IRCG, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

    Ashraf needs UN protection, each attack kills more
    Iranian dissidents. Unprovoked attacks on civilians
    must stop.

    Clubbing them to death, running civilians over
    with humvees, killing unarmed at point blank ranges.
    Burning their homes.

    Note it seems to be 4 or 5 doing all the killing.
    Iranian MOS agents in the Iraqi Military.
    Murders, killers.
    If you know their identity's email me.
    Click to enlarge or watch video,
    Link at bottom, view full screen.

    Anyone with knowledge of the killers names
    please contact me with names.
    We welcome Secret sources:Secure,encrypted,
    cloaked comunications channel will be set up for you 

    Video: MUST SEE

    All American troops will be out of  at the 
    end of the year says @ 
    What will Iraq do to residents of Camp Ashraf THEN?

    War Anthropologist

    Injured residents of Camp Ashraf

    1 IBRAHIMI Abdul Karim M 1968 small finger injured by bullet
    2 ABOLFATHY Ali M 1964 thigh and shank injured by bullet
    3 FOROUZANDEH Behjat F 1980 arm injured by bullet
    4 ASADOLAHY Rahman M 1958 left knee injured by bullet
    5 ESKANDRE Hade M 1963 Left knee injured by bullet
    6 ESLAMI Maryam F 1980 shank injured by bullet
    7 ASLANY Ali M 1963 thigh injured by bullet
    8 ETMINAN Shahab M 1965 thigh injured by bullet
    9 AKBARZADEH Esa M 1978 left thigh injured by bullet
    10 AKBARI MONFARED SEDIGHE F 1966 shank injured by bullet
    11 ALLAHVERDI Naghi M 1960 right leg and right ankle injured by bullet
    12 ILKHANI Mitra F 1964 leg injured by bullet causing multiple bone fractures
    13 ABKHEZER Mohammad Taghi M 1972 abdomen injured by bullet
    14 ALBOUGHOBESH Rostam M 1968 knee and thigh injured by bullet
    15 BABAEE Jafar M 1965 abdomen injured by bullet
    16 BALAEI Qumars M 1962 left hip injured by bullet
    17 BORNAFAR Mahmoud M 1963 left sole injured and broken by bullet
    18 SAMIMI-FARD Marvan M 1963 both sides of the hip injured by bullet
    19 BAZAZIAN Mehrdad M 1966 right leg injured by bullet
    20 BESHARATPOUR Susan F 1959 right ankle and foot injured by bullet
    21 BIDI Ehsan M 1977 Left thigh injured by bullet-bullet is inside his thigh
    22 PAKI Jafar M 1966 Left foot injured by bullet and by being hit by HUMVEE
    23 POORGHOLAMI Arash M 1976 Right thigh injured by bullet
    24 POOLADRAG Bijan M 1975 right shank injured by bullet
    25 PISHBIN Hadi M 1971 Right shoulder injured by bullet
    250 more here:

    Ask UN for protection for these civilians:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    US had observers at attack, 

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