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    Saturday, July 10, 2010

    Map: al Quada wana bees

    al Qaeda cult wana bees..

    How effective is  the terrorist recruiting?
    This is the second operation we have run
    to measure  how deep the terrorist paradigm
    runs in Islam.
    The first operation is outlined here.

    Our second operation uses a different vector.
    And come to the same conclusion.
    Muslims are not interested in becoming terrorist .

    Our most recent operation employed 10,000 BSU's.
    ( Bot Surveillance Units )
    This is a map of people in the world interested
    in becoming alQaeda cult members for 10.06.10,
    Today as of 15:00 EST.

    Our metrics indicate 99.082 % of Muslims have no interest in terrorism or violence.
     Admittedly our studies are limited to only those who have access to the WWW.
    A success or failure?
    1,200,000,000 Muslims in the world. 1.2 Billion.
    While not interested in joining al Qaeda few 
    will report others involved in terrorism either.

    Seems al Qaeda cult has been sucessful
    in instilling fear in the general Muslim

    Leaving the terrorist web sites up
    increases the potential for recruiting
    from this tiny demographic.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: To Take down or suffer

    Internet Anthropologist
    Request a Seminar


    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: al Qaeda cult is HARAM, Fatwas

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Afghanistan's Secret Mujaheddin,

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Islam's Sloth


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    Iran, The Caliphate

    ...the United Arab Emirates' ambassador to the US offered some surprisingly candid remarks about the military option on Iran's nuclear infrastructure. Goldberg asked: "Do you want the U.S. to stop the Iranian nuclear program by force?" Here is how Ambassador Yousef al-Otaiba responded:
    Absolutely, absolutely. I think we are at risk of an Iranian nuclear program far more than you are at risk. At 7,000 miles away, and with two oceans bordering you, an Iranian nuclear threat does not threaten the continental United States. It may threaten your assets in the region, it will threaten the peace process, it will threaten balance of power, it will threaten everything else, but it will not threaten you... I am suggesting that I think out of every country in the region, the U.A.E. is most vulnerable to Iran. Our military, who has existed for the past 40 years, wake up, dream, breathe, eat, sleep the Iranian threat. It's the only conventional military threat our military plans for, trains for, equips for, that's it, there's no other threat, there's no country in the region that is a threat to the U.A.E., it's only Iran. So yes, it's very much in our interest that Iran does not gain nuclear technology.
    Later in the interview, al-Otaiba stated:
    Countries in the region view the Iran threat very differently, I can only speak for the U.A.E., but talk of containment and deterrence really concerns me and makes me very nervous. Why should I be led to believe that deterrence or containment will work? Iran doesn't have a nuclear power now, but we're unable to contain them and their behavior in the region. What makes me think that once they have a nuclear program, we're going to be able to be more successful in containing them?

    In fact, what we are witnessing right now in Iran is a hard-fought battle between the liberal and fundamentalist readings of Islam. Just over a century ago, the Iranian Constitutional Revolution, the first of its kind outside the West, collapsed when it came face to face with the fundamentalist reading of Islam. What followed was a compromise between the two aforementioned readings, which resulted in the formation of a secular state with a nod to the rulings of a sharia-compliant constitution. The self-contradictory nature of this constitution would later give birth to the Islamic Revolution of 1979.
    Since its inception, the Islamic Revolution has sought to suppress civil society by replacing civil law with sharia law as the legal basis of the Iranian society. But the long-lasting conflict between liberal-minded clergymen and their fundamentalist colleagues has only surfaced recently as Ayatollah Khomeini’s successor, Ayatollah Khamenei, has taken drastic measures to turn the ‘Islamic Republic’ into the ‘Islamic Caliphate’.

    There are now two distinct camps in Iran. The first faction is composed of Shi’a fundamentalists who support Ayatollah Khamenei. Khamenei’s views have three major influences: First, the ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood, who are generally seen as the founding fathers of Islamic fundamentalism in modern times. Before the 1979 Revolution, Khamenei personally translated into Persian from the original Arabic the important works of the leading intellectual of the Brotherhood, Sayyed Qutb. Qutb’s views, especially his profound hatred of the West, are easily discernable among Iran’s ruling clergy today.
    The second group that has influenced Khamenei is known as Fadā’iyān-e Islam (devotees of Islam), the first followers of the Muslim Brotherhood in Iran led by Mujtaba Navab-Safavi, who carried out some of the earliest acts of religious terrorism in modern Iran. Khamenei has repeatedly referred to Navab-Safavi as his role model in politics. That he has named his eldest son Mujtaba might be an indication of Khamenei’s admiration for this man.
    The third sphere of influence is a group known as Hujjatiyeh Society, which sees as its mission to pave the way for the reappearance of the Mahdi, the 12th Shi’a Imam, who is believed to have gone into a millennium-old occultation and whose ultimate return in the End Times is expected to bring peace and justice to the world. Recently it has been revealed that each Wednesday, Khamenei visits Jamkaran, a well in the city of Qum that is regarded by many Shi’as as the hiding place of Mahdi. Eyewitnesses have reported that Khamenei has been seen in a state of deep prayer, allegedly communicating with the Hidden Imam.
    The members of the second camp see themselves totally at odds with the other faction whose views and actions they regard as nothing short of catastrophic for Iran’s future. The vast majority of the country’s intellectuals, the middle class, the youth and a significant portion of those who work in “the system”, belong to this second camp, and are collectively referred to as the Green Movement. From the perspective of the Shi’a fundamentalists, the members of this movement are no better than infidels. As such, they can be imprisoned, tortured, raped etc.
    The outcome of the ongoing power struggle between these two opposing factions carries great significance not just for Iran but for the international community. A victory by the Iranian “Taliban” will take Iran on a downward spiral and would place the country’s wealth and geopolitical powers entirely at the disposal of those who believe Islam’s global hegemony is possible through violent jihad, which is why they wish to secure nuclear capabilities.



    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Iran; Good news; Bad news


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    Friday, July 09, 2010

    Ops and Intel update 06.09.10

    26-172. Emergency mobilization; requests by municipalities for aid of national guard; mobilization into United States service
    A. When the governor proclaims an emergency, or deems it necessary to protect lives or property, the governor may mobilize all or any part of the national guard or the unorganized militia into service of the state.

    US throws three billion dollars at Afghan bombs

    'US launching cyberwar against Iran'



    INFORMATION WARFARE: Hating America Is Good Business



    Image Gallery: June's cyber threat landscape

    Any one have contact info for RAW India Intelligence service? Please forward.Gerald



    Amtrak offers additional military discounts

    Picking up some noise and chatter about secret messages to insurgents from White House, looking for confirmation. G

    Taliban in Turmoil


    Pakistan's active terror inside Afghanistan to stem Indian influence

    A 200 per cent chance the Taliban won't return?

    UAE: Strike Iran before they get nukes




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Thursday, July 08, 2010

    Cyber Command Sissys?

    How To Stop Cyber attacks: Diplomacy. Well, Maybe.

    ( NOPE, G )

    If you attended today’s still-unfolding big cybersecurity confab in Washington, sponsored by the Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association, you heard a parade of military officers and Obama administration officials say — well, not a whole lot.
    It’s hard to defend against a cyberattack… Everyone — civilian and military, public and private sector — needs to work together and pool resources and information… Incentivize cooperation… The supply chain is vulnerable… U.S. Cyber Command is developing integrated planning and operational frameworks…
    And then there was Bruce Held.
    Held is the Department of Energy’s intelligence chief and he said he spoke from the perspective of a longtime intel hand. His answer to the cybersecurity problem: diplomacy.
    “A static cyber defense can never win against an agile cyber offense,” he told a panel...
    Unleash the diplomats and prepare the economic sanctions packages, in other words, if you want to prevent your servers from getting fried. ( Yea thats working real well with Iran and its nuke program, G )
    Brigadier General John Davis, the director of current operations for Cyber Command, said forthrightly during the same panel discussion that his “number-one challenge” was developing “situational awareness” of the cyberthreats that the U.S. faces.

    USCYBERCOM plans, coordinates, integrates, synchronizes, and conducts activities to: direct the operations and defense of specified Department of Defense information networks and; prepare to, and when directed, conduct full-spectrum military cyberspace operations in order to enable actions in all domains, ensure freedom of action in cyberspace for the U.S. and its allies, and deny the same to adversaries.

    The problems are not that difficult.
    First you need rules of engagement.
    If attacked you attack back, take the threat off line.
    The technology exists to take bot farms off line
    en mass.
    The current politically correct  Paradigm
    excuses those with infected computers, zombie
    PC's , if they attack. That some how it is ok
    for their PC to do an attack if its infected
    with a Bot, they are not at fault as someone
    else has taken over their PC with a Bot.
    An some how that makes them innocent
    and immune from consequences  if
    their PC attacks some one?

    They are responsible for the security
    of their PC, if it attacks then:
    under the principle of self defense
    we can return the attack, Take them
    off line for an hour, produce a pop up
    on their system that says this PC atacked
    and has been taken off line for an hour, and
    bot and root kit cleaners can be down loaded
    at XYZ  web site.

    Taking out a bot farm may take down
    100,000 American PC's.Temporally.
    But the owners would also clean
    them up also. Taking out most
    of that bot farm.

    We have a legal right to self defense.
    It would be legal to take them off line.

    Micro Softs paradigm is cockeyed too.
    They block security updates if the
    OS isn't legit.

    That becomes problematic when that
    policy turns the illegal unpatched
    OS into weapons for bots.

    That policy makes the internet
    unsafe for the rest of us.

    Getting all those systems patched
    and bots and rootkits removed,
    cleaned up will cut way down
    on the number of bots wild on the

    And it means if a bot farm
    attacks  they will loose their

    We have seen a couple indications of the system
    to take down bot farms has been  deployed.

    Second is real time penetration during the attack.
    Google has demonstrated this concept during its hack.
    They didn't take it far enough, it includes penetrating
    the proxys during the attack to get originating  IP of the attack.
    Bots are different just take them off line.
    Proof of concept.

    Interview with Cyber Warrior

    They have COWs ( Cyber Over Watch ) in place, and are adding more,
    a early warning system for cyber attacks.
    US Government to deploy COWS.

    The US Government can't harden civilian net works, but
    they can monitor attack activity on a huge spectrum,
    and engage their cyber forces to take the treat off line.
    Even swap IP's to put armed cyber forces between the
    attackers and the targets.

    But there are no rules of engagement so far.
    It takes an OK from Obama to take a server
    off line now.

    Cyber Wars and attacks happen in seconds
    if you are handicapped by having to make
    phone calls to get permission you will loose.

    The technology is there to KICK ASS,
    and USCYBERCOM has it, and the brains
    to win, give them the power to use it,
    and take the threats off line, Cyber Command
    just need rules of engagement and the will
    to police the bad guys.
    Their capabilities are awesome.
    There are NO Cyber Command Sissys.
    They are one of the most powerful
    forces in the WORLD.
    Turn them loose.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    US Government to deploy COWS.

    US Government to deploy COWS.

    National Security Agency to deploy COW concept we developed, expect it to
    eventually cover most of WWW.

     Perfect Citizen program. NSA operation.
    Contrary to the story it is not a Cyber Shield, just an alarm

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst



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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Wednesday, July 07, 2010

    WANTED Interpol Infra-Red

    Infra-Red is seeking the public’s support in locating the following international fugitives.
    If you have any information about any of these people, please send an email to our Fugitive Unit.

    Fugitive Name  Nationality Country believed to be in
    Abdul ABDUL MAZED Bangladeshi Pakistan or India
    Marcin BALCEWICZ Polish United Kingdom, Sweden or Canada
    James Joseph BULGER United States and Irish Europe or the United Kingdom
    David MacDonald CARROL Canadian Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, United States, South America
    Ioan CLAMPARU Romanian Europe
    Kenneth Andrew CRAIG United States South America
    Christopher Ward DEININGER United States  Italy or France
    Daren Michael ELARMO English Spain or Russia
    Ayoub EL YAAKOUBI Moroccan France, Finland, Spain or Morocco
    Tibor Theodore FOCO Austrian Unknown
    Catherine Elizabeth GREIG United States Europe or the United Kingdom
    John GRIFFIN Irish United Kingdom, Germany, Spain or Netherlands
    John Edward HAMILTON United States  Europe
    Jason HOLLAND British, South African Australia, United Kingdom or Netherlands
    Frank Cornelis LEFRANDT Jr. United States Netherlands
    Mark Anthony McGOVERN British Europe
    Pasi Heikki MIETTINEN Swedish Pataya, Thailand, Estonia, Finland
    Christopher Guest MORE British Unknown
    Lasse Einari OKSANEN Finnish Finland, Spain or Thailand
    Bogdan POPOVIC Montenegrin South Africa
    Frantisek PROCHAZKA Czech Republic Mexico, United States, Canada or Europe
    Meelis RIHE Estonian Europe or United States
    Donald ROSKIC Swedish The Netherlands or Spain
    Celso SCHMITT Brazilian Bolivia or South America
    Sumir SONI British Europe
    Ephraim Christiaan SIJAHAILATUA Netherlands Unknown
    Janos Zsolt SZPEVAK Hungarian United Kingdom or Belgium
    Michael TERRY British Unknown
    Mvuleni John TSHOBA South African South or Eastern Africa
    Romas ZAMOLSKIS Lithuanian Europe

    See other wanted persons ( photos included, g )


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Ops and Intel up date: 07.07.10

    Microsoft Reports Over 10,000 Zero-Day Attacks

    US sending delegation to Pak to mount pressure for action against Al-Qaeda, affiliates 

    Pakistani troops ignore al Qaeda in South Waziristan

    CIA and Pakistan locked in aggressive spy battles

    Prince: the internet's completely over
    Internet: Prince is completely over. 

    Top five companies using debt arrest warrants

      Feds to file suit against AZ today. Want to stand with us? Donate to the defense fund.

      Insurgency Now In US: Mexican Mafia Orders Hit On Top Arizona Sheriff - With Video

      Pinal County Sheriff declines security detail - KOLD News 13: via @addthis | When they kill him its Punitive Exped time

    'US launching cyberwar against Iran'InfoSec News: 'US launching cyberwar against Iran':
    Press TV 04 July 2010
    A top Iranian official says the United States has devised a model of war against Iran based on information technology.

    TCPSniffer 0.2 released
    TCPSniffer is a simple and straightforward raw Winsocket based sniffer implementation. It reads all incoming and outgoing TCP packets and searches the payload after predefined patterns as account i...



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, July 05, 2010

    Genius readers 07.05.10

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    4th of July, Nukes in Space

    The worlds biggest fireworks,
    history of EMP,
    the Ultimate Iran regime killer: EMP.
    52 min vid, I found it very scary
    and beautiful.

                                 - Nukes In Space The Rainbow Bomb Video

    Interesting historical note England had 3,000 V2
    missiles fired at it from Germany during WWII.
    And al Qaeda and the Taliban whine over a
    few hundred hell fire shots.

    After the errors over Iraq's WMD
    the US has significantly changed
    the Intel paradigm for Iran's WMD
    WIRED broke opsec on US programs
    to cripple Iran's nuke program,
    so we are commenting on same.

    So far Iran's nuke program has
    been an Epic Fail, they were blind
    sided and stopped dead.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Iran Epic nuke fail?

    That has not stopped them from re-starting
    from scratch.Our paradigm Intel indicates
    Iran's com structure has been penetrated
    to the highest levels, And backed by spies
    and deep cover agents. Every time Abberjonny
    even whispers something the US knows who
    he was talking to.

    The hour Iran decides to test a Nuke
    the West will know and the US and
    Israel are prepared to stop the test.

    The recent Russian spy network
    the FBI had been watching for 10
    years points to the importance of
    having sleepers at every level,
    and the efficiency of their
    anti-terrorism efforts.

    And the importance of sleepers
    in the Info war, and the value of
    humint as a weapon.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: New cyber weapon.

    For those that grew up facing the Red
    nuclear threat..and exploration of space
    I salute you with this music you will remember.

    Happy 4th

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Sunday, July 04, 2010

    Criminal Wall St Banks Paradigm.

    Seal of the United States Office of the Comptr...Image via Wikipedia
    Wall St Banks robber Barrons?

    Inside view of the Criminal Wall St Banks Paradigm.

    They can't out right steal, it has to be done behind
    some curtain of "Legal".

    And if they do it all at once it would call
    attention to their criminal activities.

    They are doing it in sections.

    In one arm of their criminal combine
    it has come full circle.

    They started with setting up corps
    in States without any consumer rights
    agencys, and they federalized it.

    Loan Sharking, to be profitable
    there has to be a way of making
    the mark/sucker collectible and then
    forcing him to pay.

    The mafia would only lend to those
    with assets, like a business, break
    his hands and arms if he didn't pay
    and then steal his business.

    Banks found a different way.

    They started charging usury
    interest rates on Credit Cards
    in states without consumer protection.
    Delaware is one of those states that
    allow screwing its citizens with an absence
    of any real consumer protection.
    Then the Banks got Federal protection
    for their loan shark rates from the Comptroller
    of the Currency, allowing loan sharking in all
    50 states under a Federal protection mandate.

    In the second to last round of "Banking Regulation"
    ( from this date.G) Congress passed a LAW,
    forbidding states from passing laws against the
    banks loan sharking interest rates.
    And Congress had the BALLS to call it
    regulation, Bastards.

    But how can the Banks collect from the poor.

    They give Credit cards to people they know
    can't pay back.  OR CAN THEY?

    These poor do have a life time stream of
    income, they work, and they will also get
    Social Security.

    But many when trapped by the Banks
    in legal loan shark contracts would just
    file bankruptcy, leaving the banks empty
    handed, they couldn't collect their Vig
    if it was discharged in bankruptcy.

    So the Banks got the bankruptcy laws
    changed,now they can chase their
    loan shark victims to the Grave even.
    They have a much harder time discharging
    CC loans now and can garnishee income
    for life even attach their Social Security or
    sue the estate after the victim dies.

    But they don't want to wait.
    Good thing USA doesn't have debtors
    prison any more, a thing from old English law.

    Well surprise thats the current target.
    And the Banks ARE getting people
    jailed for not paying the criminal
    loan sharking vig to the  banks.

    "But people are routinely being thrown in jail for failing to pay debts. In Minnesota, which has some of the most creditor-friendly laws in the country, the use of arrest warrants against debtors has jumped 60 percent over the past four years, with 845 cases in 2009, a Star Tribune analysis of state court data has found.
    Not every warrant results in an arrest, but in Minnesota many debtors spend up to 48 hours in cells with criminals. Consumer attorneys say such arrests are increasing in many states, including Arkansas, Arizona and Washington, driven by a bad economy, high consumer debt and a growing industry that buys bad debts and employs every means available to collect."
    "In Illinois and southwest Indiana, some judges jail debtors for missing court-ordered debt payments. In extreme cases, people stay in jail until they raise a minimum payment. In January, a judge sentenced a Kenney, Ill., man "to indefinite incarceration" until he came up with $300 toward a lumber yard debt."
    "the use of arrest warrants against debtors has jumped 60 percent over the past four years, with 845 cases in 2009,"

    Who are these Judges, Names?, they need to be exposed.

    While the banks don't do the actual collection,
    they do need a method to make these loan shark
    CC contracts collectible,there maybe 50 to 200
    collection agencys going after these victims
    until they collect their vig or the victim dies.
    And then they go after any estate they leave behind..

    And I remind you this is only one branch of
    the banks criminal activities.
    They will get a piece out of YOU..
    Again and again, again.

    CC loan sharking, Stock Market privileged 
    trading,  bailouts,  how much did you lose 
    in the Market crash from  the sub-prime
    paper debacle or maybe you lost your 
    job or home, in the credit crunch
    from the toxic paper the banks sold.
    This depression triggered by the Wall
    St Banks fraud  in sub-prime paper.
    Congress has legalized every crime 
    the Wall St Banks wanted to commit.

    Series 3 &7

    The federal government does not keep figures on these kinds of arrests, and the industry would prefer to keep it that way, says Robert Hobbs, deputy director of the National Consumer Law Center in Boston. “My suspicion is the debt collection industry does not want the world to know these arrests are happening, because the practice would be widely condemned,” Hobbs told the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune.
    -Noel Brinkerhoff
    In Jail for Being in Debt (by Chris Serres and Glenn Howatt, Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)


    Companies that buy bad debts frequently seek warrants to arrest Minnesota debtors. More than 1,600 other creditors also used the process, in most cases just once.*
    Warrant cases
    Firm Location Type of firm 2005-2009
    Abuse of process.
    Unifund CCR Partners Cincinnati Debt buyer 247
    Portfolio Recovery Assoc. Norfolk, Va. Debt buyer 130
    Debt Equities LLC Golden Valley Debt buyer 92
    Capital One Bank McLean, Va. Credit card issuer 53
    Lakes Gas Co. Forest Lake Propane supplier 41

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