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    Wednesday, July 07, 2010

    Ops and Intel up date: 07.07.10

    Microsoft Reports Over 10,000 Zero-Day Attacks

    US sending delegation to Pak to mount pressure for action against Al-Qaeda, affiliates 

    Pakistani troops ignore al Qaeda in South Waziristan

    CIA and Pakistan locked in aggressive spy battles

    Prince: the internet's completely over
    Internet: Prince is completely over. 

    Top five companies using debt arrest warrants

      Feds to file suit against AZ today. Want to stand with us? Donate to the defense fund.

      Insurgency Now In US: Mexican Mafia Orders Hit On Top Arizona Sheriff - With Video

      Pinal County Sheriff declines security detail - KOLD News 13: via @addthis | When they kill him its Punitive Exped time

    'US launching cyberwar against Iran'InfoSec News: 'US launching cyberwar against Iran':
    Press TV 04 July 2010
    A top Iranian official says the United States has devised a model of war against Iran based on information technology.

    TCPSniffer 0.2 released
    TCPSniffer is a simple and straightforward raw Winsocket based sniffer implementation. It reads all incoming and outgoing TCP packets and searches the payload after predefined patterns as account i...




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