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    Monday, July 05, 2010

    4th of July, Nukes in Space

    The worlds biggest fireworks,
    history of EMP,
    the Ultimate Iran regime killer: EMP.
    52 min vid, I found it very scary
    and beautiful.

                                 - Nukes In Space The Rainbow Bomb Video

    Interesting historical note England had 3,000 V2
    missiles fired at it from Germany during WWII.
    And al Qaeda and the Taliban whine over a
    few hundred hell fire shots.

    After the errors over Iraq's WMD
    the US has significantly changed
    the Intel paradigm for Iran's WMD
    WIRED broke opsec on US programs
    to cripple Iran's nuke program,
    so we are commenting on same.

    So far Iran's nuke program has
    been an Epic Fail, they were blind
    sided and stopped dead.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Iran Epic nuke fail?

    That has not stopped them from re-starting
    from scratch.Our paradigm Intel indicates
    Iran's com structure has been penetrated
    to the highest levels, And backed by spies
    and deep cover agents. Every time Abberjonny
    even whispers something the US knows who
    he was talking to.

    The hour Iran decides to test a Nuke
    the West will know and the US and
    Israel are prepared to stop the test.

    The recent Russian spy network
    the FBI had been watching for 10
    years points to the importance of
    having sleepers at every level,
    and the efficiency of their
    anti-terrorism efforts.

    And the importance of sleepers
    in the Info war, and the value of
    humint as a weapon.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: New cyber weapon.

    For those that grew up facing the Red
    nuclear threat..and exploration of space
    I salute you with this music you will remember.

    Happy 4th

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