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    Friday, June 25, 2010

    Paradigm Intel, indications of interest

    I'm thinking about putting together a seminar.
    Paradigm Intel, OSINT and Bot surveillance units.

    How to run a one man Intel agency and cover the globe.

    Paradigm Intel a look into closed cells.

    Fitting paradigms to the facts.
    Bones don't fit.

    Sourcing Paradigms.

    When you have run out of leads,
    there is the Dead End engine, searching
    for missed paradigms.

    Filtering out the smoke and mirrors from OSINT.

    Targeting bot surveillance units.

    Search Engine failure; switching from
    vertical searching to horizontal searching.

    Top security methods:

    War driving, rented PC and CD.

    Other Intelligence agencys on your PC.
    Feed them.

    OCR to protect core data files.

    If they talk/text to you, there is Intel
    there.  Easily milked.

    How to check your paradigms for accuracy.

    Just some ideas off the cuff,
    looking to find any indications of



    From a Government Contractor:

    Your site is known for reliable and timely intel.  All the

    other bloggers, including xxxxxxxx are just cutting and

    pasting open source info.  Yours offers original source

    info you can't( get ) anywhere else.

    One of my best contacts is XXXXXXXXX program, they have

    asked about your intel a couple of times last year, so I

    know they are watching every day along with several direct

    contacts up range at XXXXX.  No one else is doing what you






    How we do it. 

    How paradigm Intel works

    Other Kudos 

    Drop me an email if you might be
    interested in a seminar.
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