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    Saturday, June 19, 2010

    Wikileaks Espionage

    Wikileaks Espionage ?

    Wikileaks received a detailed Army chronology of events in the Iraq war and a database of 260,000 classified U.S. diplomatic cables.

    Setting aside the release of the Video wikileaks received on the Iraq attack,
    and Wikileaks false spin on the video, which Manning said he released in
    a crisis of conscience, there can be no justification for the wholesale release
    of 260,000 classified diplomatic cables en-mass.

    These cables if wikileaks has them make them a target for every intelligence
    agency of interest.
    And as such makes wikileaks a National Security risk.

    The allegations on Cryptome about the Wilileaks leader embezzling funds,
    or at the very least no audited trail or verification of the use of donations
    makes Assange's use of $200,000 of donations for personal use into question.

    Working with an anonymous group can be dangerous. You have very little
    info on what they are actually doing, or spending money on.
    We here at IATT have run security for "Anonymous" during the Iranian
    Green uprising, and weeding out infiltrators. But our assistance was limited
    to certain conditions and areas. (all files related have been deleted to NSA standards. G )

    The hypothesis behind Wikileaks has some merit but the leaders actions
    bring all their work into question.


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