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    Saturday, June 19, 2010

    The new computer world

    Transistor counts for integrated circuits plot...Image via Wikipedia

    Moore's law is still going to HOLD.
    Moore himself didn't think it would
    continue past the next doubling.

    Synthetic Bacterial Genome Takes Over Cell -

    Bio-Computer Created Inside Living Cell

    Scientists create organic 'molecular computer'


     Question: When does a cellular bio computer

    become salient? Can we measure it?

    Military will love it, life times worth of

    RAM in a wrist watch, virtually unlimited

    storage, solar powered, like plants.

    Super computer on your wrist.

    Bio. cell phone/PC/wrist watch,

    hooked up to the WWW 24/7,

    multiple parallel processing, 

    RAM zettabyte, 70 inch virtual

    screen in I-glasses.

    We are going to need alot more

    cable capacity and hot spots.

    Doin a dance.




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