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    Tuesday, June 22, 2010

    Genius General in trouble

    Major General Stanley A. McChrystal listens to...Image via Wikipedia
    McChrystal in trouble for unguarded comments.

    There are Great American Generals who have also
    gotten into trouble with the press.
    General Patton was a major element in shorting
    WWII, and had numerous problems.
    Not everyone in uniform is easily replaceable.
    And the pressure cooker of Battle Field Command
    takes a toll on civility and Combat commanders understand
    blowing off steam,  doing so in a unguarded situation
    with trusted friends can be dangerous, even if
    it is just a method to release pressure, with nothing
    intended beyond mental stress release, a release valve.

    In combat it often happens a subordinate will confront a superior
    officer and blow off some steam, it helps keep heads on straight
    where errors could lead to deaths. Orders are still followed,
    respect maintained , and missions completed in an enviroment
    of unbelievable stress and pressure and death.

    Officers understand the phenom and use it as one
    of their leadership skills.

    Civilians often miss the pressure cooker of life
    and death decisions , and may attribute to much
    importance to something that is just a pressure release situation.
    Some times a joke is just a private joke, among suspected
    friends, we have all joked in private, said something
    we didn't necessarily mean but just because it was funny
    and had a small grain of truth.

    Should you sack your star player for blowing off
    steam over some small jokes among suspected friends
    over a extended period of time?

    McChrystal should be more careful in the future.
    But US needs him.

    Internet Anthropologist

    WOW, just WOW
    The person that knows the Afghan
    stratagem  the best was just fired.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: McChrystal fired, mystery continues.
    Oby has a secret weapon, he has too.

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