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    Monday, February 11, 2008

    Off subject, Internet Insanity.

    Internet Insanity:

    We have all seen it, I've done it, and some of you have experienced it also, maybe even guilty also.

    I think its cause is "huge rolling successes".

    And its from not checking details thru a third uninvolved party.

    The first time I saw it was in my first computer. This was before hard drives, floppys only.
    And we thought that was genius.

    Do you remember your first computer?
    To turn the computer off, you click the "start button".

    Know I know the engineering logic that resulted in that "insanity".
    "They" were a huge rolling sucess, they got a computer to work !!!!
    And they wrote up the program thinking forward, and they started with a "start" button.

    And at the end "they" needed an "off " button so they just went back and put the "off" button near the start button, but in the lines of code stop comes after start, so thats why we have to click start, to get to the control to turn the computer off.

    I've seen lots of this type of sanity over the years, and to be "computer literate" isn't to be logical. Logic says you don't click "start" to turn the PC off.
    But If you stand on your head and look backward thru a mirro it make sense, kind of.

    Computer literacy comes from experiencing enough of this "insanity" to figure out how "it"
    works, and that isn't based on logic. You look at the "PC" problem, or what ever computer related item is stoping you, and kind of close one eye half way, and look at the problem from the corner of the open eye and you can figure out how to make it work, thats computer literacy.

    Now some stuff you just have to work around, you don't have time to fix it or even understand it,
    you just need to a work around.
    I had a 1962 Jaguar, 3 SU carbs, convertable, Jag brown. Flew over the road.
    But I had a work around for it.
    Sometimes it wouldn't start unless I stepped on the high beam switch 3 times.

    And that worked for a week before I could get it to the Garage.
    Turns out there was a short under the carpet near the high beam switch.

    And a "work around" is what i use for the Google "Insanity"

    Some times you don't understand why, just how, and will figure out the why later.
    And the "HOW" is much more important than the "why". How is a green light, "why" is reading.

    And this bring me to my latest piece of Internet Insanity.
    The Google search engine, it used to blow my mind when it found 20 million pages, in 0.017 seconds. Why doesn't MY computer run that fast? Its a trick, thats how Google does it.

    But back to the insanity, I do a finely detailed search on Google and get 80 hits.
    And I carefully read them all just to get to the last one and read;
    "repeat the search with the omitted results included."

    Yes PLEASE I'd like to reread the 80 I just read thru to find the ones you didn't give me in the first place.


    I'M AN IDIOT AND I'd like to "repeat the search with the omitted results included."

    Poke me in the eye again please...

    That drives me just nutz up the wall.

    Now I know what happened, the programer found a way to exclude the "near" repeats. And then thought, well maybe they will just want to see everything, I'll just add a link at the END of the search letting them do so.

    Ask me BEFORE I read the results, before I read 60% of the hits.
    ASK ME " do you want to see all the results, or the 60% best fits?
    BEFORE I START READING NOT AFTER "repeat the search with the omitted results included."

    Do you see my point, I have to waste the time I spent reading the first 60%.
    By having to REREAD the 60% again to find the missing 40%.

    Now try 50 or 100 searches a day.

    Stop the insanity, Beta test for "sense" as well as "bugs".
    Does this make sense? How it works?
    There has always been a tendency on the web/pc to settle for "it WORKS".

    And my mantra of surprise on this Internet/ PC ride has been WOW "it works".

    I've always had an awe of the pc/Internet, a sense of magic.
    I had a computer before there was the Internet, in the OLDe days it was just
    bulletin boards and phone lines.

    My first modem was 300 baud, as a broker I sent a text message across the country and in just a couple of hours, it was awesome.

    Now if my pages don't load in seconds I get impatient.

    I guess the "Insanity" is ok after all, look what it brought with it.

    I've had a rather unique view of the process, it starts with the first binary calculator I built as a child, stack of 100, 3 X 5 cards, with punch holes at the top.
    Punch a hole is = 0
    Punch a slot, not a hole = 1
    and punch all the cards in the same places, and use a pencil to sort in the holes.
    I did 100 cards, 1 to 100.
    0, a hole stays on the pencil, while a slot, a 1, pulls off the pencil.
    And I could do math.
    I was using PC before there were browsers.
    And now a PC and the Internet, "participant observer" on the PC/Internet.
    Watching the context and process, My first web page was 1997.
    And the introduction to "banners".
    Waves of paradigms, rising and crashing.

    The Internet talks to me, its not alive, yet. But it does have a rudimentary logic.
    It signals what it is going to do next, and in turn or from that, what I need to do.
    It tells me when the light receptors of your eyes (reading) have viewed my thoughts (web page).
    Not "who" you are but "whom" you all are.
    What country your from, what you were looking for, how long you looked at it.
    What kind of stuff you like to read, from my logs. And even what your thinking, from comments.

    And the world wide connection, if your reading this that means there was at some point a physical connection between YOU and ME. Wires and optic cable but there was a physical connection. My key board to your mind.

    In many ways its the ultimate form of communication, you can read me, view videos, photos, graphs charts, etc. If we were just talking at the local bar, I couldn't communicate all that.

    The context continues to grow, the processes continue to multiply.

    My confusion and joy is what do I want to build with all this?

    This blog functions as a Social Change Engine.

    But there is INSANITY and insanity.

    Al Qaeda and the Insurgent groups have in excess of 4000 web sites,
    Forums, groups etc.
    They have convinced their key demographic that continual losses is a good thing, Martyrs.
    They are waging a virtual information war.
    Their are two basic views, the "Western News" and " terrorists".
    Their brand has placed them on a level with News.
    And it is a world wide brand, the 'recognition value' any CEO would be happy to have.
    I'm not afraid of what the terrorists say, I can't stop or control that on the Internet. I am afraid of not answering their lies.
    A lie posted often enough
    in enough places
    and over a long enough period of time

    Our experience posting on blogs where Insurgents are, is they have a different knowledge, some of it is even false.
    One of the big differences between an Westerner and some from the M.E. is their "world history" view.
    They know and learn a different history than the West does.

    The number of Islamofacsists posting on the net far out number the Wests postings in regard to the conflict, USA should be targeting the same demographic as the terrorist do, countering the lies.

    This is a battle for the hearts and minds and in many cases the USA is MIA, not even posting in the indigenous languages, the terrorist are. Google is working on a Turkish translation, the newest hackers are coming from Turkey.

    Its hard to win a hearts and minds when USA isn't even posting in their language.

    The Internet is the future battle ground for the hearts and minds, and the balance beam that will determine if our Grandchildren are still fighting the same war.

    Currently there is a forest fire of lies going on and very little water in sight.

    Our answer to the INSANITY.

    As an anthropologist I wanted to do something in the GWOT,
    I re-oriented an old blog "Internet Anthropologist" , Platform #1
    and an Operative joined a Forum, Infovlad: where the terrorist videos are exchanged, Platform #2

    A standby web site for when we need volunteers. Click to join AIcyber-Corps, fight internet terrorism.
    A second recruiting social web site. Built, and loaded. on Standby.

    And started applying my training. Applied anthropology, Social Change Engines ( SCE ), Gurellia Anthropology ( GA ) and our Paradigm Intel Engine,
    PIE ( Data from closed cell and used info for troop family support ).
    Context is the force and the Internet is the medium. Participant Observation.

    Some of my research:
    My "Terrorism Toolbar" ( 108 links, for OSINT and OPs ) and "CI Toolbar"; over 200,000 downloads.( its been checked by NSA )
    My data bases, ( over 3,000 terrorist web sites, Public info ) Data from News, blogs and the web.
    Intel Wiki ( 500 pages+ Confidential Intel, evidence ).
    "Order of the Squid" Secure, encrypted web page for 'Troops', command and control.
    1590 posts in Infovlad
    and 1,093 Posts to the Blog, about 10% over lap with Infovad.

    The effort is labor intensive, and requires equal amounts of action, reading and thinking TIME.

    So far al Qaeda's use of the Internet has been reactionary.
    USA cuts them off, Phones, so they switch to what ever else is
    available. So in a sense their next move the Internet should not have been a surprise.

    USA's use of the Internet is defensive, it is a paradigm they and we are still working out.

    We put our own concept of the Internet paradigm, the "cyber warrior"
    into cyber space. "Info War", version.

    as I understand it, it requires an order/ok from Bush to take down a server, and that kind of offensive is forming, ON THEIR SIDE, I could be wrong, and hope I am.

    There doesn't seem to be any rules for engagement for Gov, MIL, NAV, etc.?

    The civilian sector lacks organization, direction and instruction..
    AND FUNDING, This effort currently runs us about $12,000 out of pocket, all work is pro-bono.

    While it is not my intention to tell anybody how to do this, we wanted to show what the civilians have done and are doing.

    A Russian hacking team just announced placing keyloggers on some terrorist PC's. And exposed the Porno visits of the Jaddiees.

    Civilians provide deniability but run the risk of prosecution without a letter of Marq, all our limits are governed by, directed by CI paradigm, nothing illegal, of course we have the potential of developing those capabilities, but the risk of prosecution constrains us.

    If al Qaeda can manage perception, I think USA is also capable of same.
    They have managed to convince the Ummah that all the insurgent DEAD, is GOOD....Martyrs. Dying = winning. ???
    The value of OSINT may not be fully appreciated.

    Our OSINT picked up the "Arabic Hacker" Trainer.
    Some civilian sectors are well versed in OSINT, Competitive Intelligence rely on it.
    Off the top of my head, some of the fundamental methods we use, in general.

    Basic: Up todate bio info , facts, etc, culled from OSINT and filed.

    Analyzing if Target is in deception mode.
    These usually will become apparent as a linear, in depth paradigm is developed, and as the incident/action/writing deviates from the paradigm. Lies will appear as a spike on the paradigm model, the question becomes 'is it a paradigm shift' or 'deception'. the test is the future, the News/blogs/forums.Did it happen like the target says or not, paradigm shift indicator if it checks out, or possible deception if its false. The value is you know something different is going on, and can analyze it.
    Of course we deal with public reports related to the target.

    One can track 'talk' vs 'actions', And develop a pattern. Major changes in the pattern can point to paradigm shifts which can be useful in forecasting.

    One can track what they say they are going to do vs what happens ( check the news a month later see if it happened; or the appropriate time frame ). Looking for patterns which can reveal deception, or if 'it ' continues a shift indicator.

    Collecting Geographic Intel ( everything about a Geographic area/state/town ) also can reveal links/connections.

    Eventually you have a Paradigm for the target, a history, understanding, knowledge of target and idiosyncrasies.
    With our paradigm we start to measure action, statements, reports against the paradigm.

    We call this Paradigm Intelligence. A long form of inductive reasoning, confirmed by repetition.
    Then we we check items against the Paradigm mostly deductive reasoning/logic.

    Ontological problem with ' Paradigm Intel ' is its seminal fault "Just because you can forecast actions doesn't mean you understand whats going on." ( Example: Ptolemy and his theory of the planets, Earth-centered Ptolemaic system, LOOPING Planets. He could forecast position of the planets, but his understanding of the system was very wrong.)

    While you forecast with Paradigm Intel, one can have multiple hypothesis of the cause of the "action at a distance",

    Utilizing this method it is possible to get a look inside a closed cell.( This link will give you some background and context, On that page click on the "Internet Anthropologist Link, we were able to peak into the USA and Taliban closed cells/Paradigm, both attempting to deceive the other ).

    Paradigm Intel is good a developing alternate hypothesis, and testing them.
    A useful tool in the arena of forecasting asymmetrical threats in war.

    CONTEXT and Cultural familiarity: Can be definitive also.
    Patki news services tend to down play number of Taliban or al Qaeda killed and over state the number of Patki troops dead. Often they will state total number deaths, with no break down between insurgent and government troops. And the tend to use the word "dead " rather than "killed". As one denotes facts, dead, while the other denotes actions, killed.Patki news semantics are very exacting and aim for neutrality as they consider all killed on both sides as Pakistanis first and government or insurgents second.
    There is a taste of killing your enemy without offending their/our culture.
    If the KIA are related to as "Killed" This can be a message the ummah hear that others may miss.
    The use of the term "Killed" instead of "dead" is meant to be offensive to the ones killled in this instance.
    Coupling OSINT with sub-rosa investigations and social engineering also give an options for checking details.

    We set up a baby feed for the "cyber troops", everything they need, and fully customizable, by user on anything. The feeds are supplied by 1,000 spider bots per Trooper, using as many or few as they need, that search the Internet 24/7 and feed it to the troop, so they have a real time ( Internet ) knowledge ( News, blogs,forums,groups,docs,excel, all translated ) of their arena.

    Knowledge in depth, historical and current.

    And sets up a frame work for a 'social change engine' and propaganda ops.

    A Question we had to address was how to run propaganda with out interfering with any 'OFFICIAL' Ops.
    We found a solution on a Pakti forum:
    Our efforts have been guided by Pakti Intelligence manual .
    "Psychological warfare is an art adopted to defeat the enemy's will to fight. It predominantly aims to win the battle before it starts. It is aimed at convincing the enemy that:-
    ( Our operations have been designed around these three concepts )
    a. Your equipment and war assets are obsolete. ck5 shoulder fired rocket, martyr maker
    b. You are being commanded by inefficient commanders. new leader of al Qaeda.
    c. Your basic human rights are being suppressed." suicide bombers dance, for al Qaeda

    One person on a forum can affect morale of the Jahiddi community. We have. They deleted it.

    This is "our" version of a "Info War" cyber Troop,
    And we have been running this for around a Year,

    Our concept includes other "cyber troops" that are not 'Info war' oriented but performing other duties.

    Its one concept of a Cyber Warrior..

    How effective is it?

    We tracked Mullah Omar's website and the webmasters to their PC's IP in Quetta, Pakistan.
    lhr63¸pie¸net¸pk (202¸125¸143¸xxx.xxxxx)
    We dropped the dime on them to the FEDS on 4-Jul-07, arrested Sunday, 8 July. 07
    It took the Feds 4 days, to check, verify, contact Paki Intel, and plan op and arrest them, good enough for Government work.
    "two men responsible for Mullah Omar's letters and communications.
    They have been named as Mullah Jahangir and Mullah Mohid."

    This is only one instance of pursuit.

    We think its working, demographics says our targeting is right and the Social Change is remarkable.

    Exclusive: Bin Landen on O2


    Taking down al Jinan . com

    "CYBER ALERT" Islamofascist head hacker burned

    Baitullah Mehsud, artist drawing

    CYBERWARS's Pearl Harbour

    The Internet Anthropologist Team


    Oh Googles fast search trick, they only "do" the first 1,000 and then look at the total number, they DON'T look up the 20 million.

    And the "work around " for the Google, "repeat the search with the omitted results included.".... is to go to the end of the search and click let me see them all.
    Before you read anything, and of course google doesn't give you a "last" page function so you have to scroll to the end...

    What do you want to know?


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