Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Republican party on suicide missions?

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    Thursday, July 01, 2010

    Republican party on suicide missions?

    Republicans ??? on suicide missions.

    Pro Bank, anti -Banking regulation.
    Nuke vs ant

    Anti- unemployment benefits.
     Sharron Engle another Palin.

    Pro-British Pet.
    $20 billion extortion fund?
    Apology to BP, then retracted sorta.

    Anti medical care for poor.
    Anti Social Security.

    The say NO party.
    The do Nothing party GOP

    Sorry GOBP.

    Who ordered the destruction of the
    Republican party?




    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Being against socialized medicine and in favor of the positions of Palin hardly represents the destruction of the GOP, but, rather, signs of life within its admittedly arthritic political frame. The American political ethic -- at its core -- is not socialist. Recommend: You stick to warintel, and leave the domestic US political commentary to those who get it.

    2:39 PM  

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