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    Friday, July 09, 2010

    Ops and Intel update 06.09.10

    26-172. Emergency mobilization; requests by municipalities for aid of national guard; mobilization into United States service
    A. When the governor proclaims an emergency, or deems it necessary to protect lives or property, the governor may mobilize all or any part of the national guard or the unorganized militia into service of the state.

    US throws three billion dollars at Afghan bombs

    'US launching cyberwar against Iran'



    INFORMATION WARFARE: Hating America Is Good Business



    Image Gallery: June's cyber threat landscape

    Any one have contact info for RAW India Intelligence service? Please forward.Gerald



    Amtrak offers additional military discounts

    Picking up some noise and chatter about secret messages to insurgents from White House, looking for confirmation. G

    Taliban in Turmoil


    Pakistan's active terror inside Afghanistan to stem Indian influence

    A 200 per cent chance the Taliban won't return?

    UAE: Strike Iran before they get nukes





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