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    Saturday, January 02, 2010

    BSU's tracking people interested in joining al Qaeda

    BSU's indicate these are the people interested in joining al Qaeda
    on 01.02.10. ( See map above.G )

    Surveillance teams deployed daily, collecting IPs and IDs.

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Hot paradigm Intel: the next bomber.

    Hot paradigm Intel: the next bomber.

    The next International suicide bomber will be on a plane.
    And the Paradigm Intel says US Intel misses him.

    Today the suicide bomber trainers are looking for an obese
    person they can convert to a suicide bomber in four months.

    They have lists of potential dupes.
    And all classified by key elements likely to pass
    a background inspection. Wealth, appearance,
    connections and family.

    Because of the tradition of bacha bazi
    most of the suicide bombers are boys
    and young men. Whom are forgiven
    any thing they do when they become
    a martyr for al qaeda, Satan.

    The suicide trainers use the boys for
    their own perverted pleasures.

    I'll bet money they don't have any obese
    member on their list, so this requirement
    may take a while.

    The new “whole-body imagers” are the latest answer.
    And its just what al Qaeda is counting on.

    “You’ve got to find some way of detecting things in parts of the body that aren’t easy to get at,” former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff told The Washington Post. “It’s either pat-downs or imaging.” (wrong, G )

    And those beliefs will cause the next bombing.

    An Obese person could secret the PETN plastic explosive with
    in their fleshy folds. And the “whole-body imagers” will miss
    the bomb. won't see it under the skin.

    The Saudi Prince just escaped a suicide bomber that had
    the explosive up his ass. The Terrorist knew they would pat
    him down and not use an x-ray machine on him.

    The butt bomb has wires, and show up on a x-ray mach,
    or with a wand. But “whole-body imagers” would miss the
    butt explosive. And a dog might miss it also. And the Saudi
    Security pat down missed the butt bomb.

    The plastic explosive has no wires, and doesn't show up
    on an x-ray.

    Right now the bomb trainers are looking for a terrorist friendly
    country with a “whole-body imagers” to test the obese methods
    of hiding bombs.

    Yemen caught a plastic bomber and let him go. Might
    have been for a test somewhere.

    Dogs, “whole-body imagers”, and pat downs can
    miss a butt bomb.

    “whole-body imagers”, a pat down and x-ray can
    miss the PETN plastic.

    So you must have the right combination of security
    to catch both kinds of explosives, and NOT rely on
    just any one scan, this will lead to a bombing.

    So the terrorist will be matching the type of explosive
    to the boarding technology at the local airport.

    If the local air port had “whole-body imagers” and
    dogs and pat downs and wands then they send in an obese
    suicide bomber with plastic explosives hidden under the
    folds of flesh. He can pass thru that security ok.

    If the local air port had just “whole-body imagers”, pat downs
    dogs no wands they could send a butt bomber. Who could
    get by that security line up.

    So the terrorist are doing recons on hub air ports
    all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
    Looking for a possible "good" combination of
    security and matching the right explosive to get past
    the security.

    They have two methods;
     one with wires inside the body
    and one without wires or metal
    out side the body.

    And some combinations of security
    will miss one or the other.


    One last piece of Paradigm Intel,
    The last 60 min of the flight the
    passangers must remain seated
    means the bomb will
    be set off  61 min before landing.

    And no blankets for the last 60 min
    means customers will arrive cold thats
    all, its not a security precaution, its a
    "we gota do something" even if it doesn't
    make sense.

    If  'he' gets on a plane its going up
    this time.

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Taliban Year in review. Fail.

    US leaflet used in Afghanistan.Image via Wikipedia

    Taliban Year in review. Fail.

    High Value Targets killed
    Since January 2008, the US strikes in Pakistan have killed 13 senior al Qaeda leaders and one senior Taliban leader. Eight were killed in 2008 (Abdullah Azzam al Saudi, Abu Zubair al Masri, Abu Jihad al Masri, Khalid Habib, Abu Haris, Abu Khabab al Masri, Abu Sulayman Jazairi, and Abu Laith al Libi); and six were killed in 2009 (Ilyas Kashmiri, Najmuddin Jalolov, Mustafa al Jaziri, Baitullah Mehsud, Osama al Kini, and Sheikh Ahmed Salim Swedan). In addition, 16 mid-level al Qaeda and Taliban commanders and operatives have been killed since January 2008. [ see list of al Qaeda and Taliban leaders killed since 2004, below ]
    Interestingly enough, just over 27 percent of the HVTs have been killed in strikes in territories controlled by Mullah Nazir. The Pakistani government and the military have held up Nazir as a "pro-government Taliban leader" after he feuded with Uzbek fighters from the Islamic Jihad Union. But Nazir has repeatedly professed his loyalty to Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar. [see chart 7, "Number of HVTs killed in territories of various Taliban factions"]
    The data also presents some interesting results on number of strikes versus number of HVTs killed. Some leaders' territories have only hit only a handful of times, but those select strikes have clearly and effectively targeted HVTs. For example, even though there have only been eight strikes in Abu Kasha al Iraqi's territory (9 percent of all strikes), five HVTs have been killed there (15 percent of total). The same goes for Bajaur's Faqir Mohammad: two HVTs have been killed during the three strikes in his territories.

    Civilian casualties are low
    Despite the sharp increase in both the frequency and total number of casualties resulting from Predator strikes since mid-2008, civilian casualties have remained very low. Naturally, it is difficult to determine the exact number of civilians killed in Predator strikes for many reasons - including intentional exaggeration by Taliban spokesmen, and vague accounts by Pakistani media sources which frequently report that a certain number of "people" were killed in a strike, but rarely offer a follow-up report identifying which victims were civilians and which were militants. However, it is possible to get a rough estimate of civilian casualties by adding up the number of civilians reported killed from the media accounts of each attack. According to this method, a total of 94 civilians were reported killed as a result of all strikes between 2006 and September 29, 2009. [see chart 4, "Casualties from Predator strikes inside Pakistan: Civilian vs. Taliban/Al Qaeda"]


    Pakistan war on Taliban 'has only just begun'

    Pakistan declares open war on Taliban - ABC News

    al Qaeda and Taliban face Insurgency...

    Muslims spy on terrorists.

    Bad year for Terrorists.



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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Ops and Intel update: 01.01.10

    Yemen Cluster F***.



    AN 8 MAN CREW DID 911.

    To Take down SITES or suffer IATT



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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Yemen Cluster F***

    Iran, al Qaeda, working to take Yemen.
    Not to mention the possibility of a bottle neck for oil ships.

    Yemen - New evidence indicates that both Iran and al-Qaeda are exploiting Yemen as a base for increasing terror against the west and Saudi Arabia.
    Yemeni forces embarked this week on a full-scale military campaign to eradicate the al-Qaeda’s network in the conflict-ridden country after reports surfaced that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the suspect in the failed attempt to blow up a passenger airline en route to Detroit from Amsterdam on Dec. 25, received training and explosives for the attack from an al-Qaeda cell in Yemen.[1]

    Another connection to al-Qaeda’s Yemen network surfaced last month when it was discovered that Maj. Nidal Malik Hassan, the Fort Hood shooter that killed 13 on Nov. 5 at the Texas military compound, was in E-mail communication with Anwar Al-Awlaki, a radical Islamic cleric in Yemen with ties to al-Qaeda.[3]

    At least two former terror suspects released from Guantanamo Bay in November 2007 are in Yemen commanding al-Qaeda operations.[4]

    Yemen has evolved as a hub for al-Qaeda activity in the Gulf and is the birthplace of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden’s father.[7] In October 2000, al-Qaeda Islamists in Yemen attacked the U.S. navy ship USS Cole, killing 17 U.S. servicemen.[8]

    Iran, another former al-Qaeda enemy turned ally, is also increasing its activities in Yemen.

    Arab and Egyptian sources reveled that intelligence agencies in the region report a secret meeting in Yemen took place in November between high-level officials from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps, Hezbollah and the Yemen-based Shia al-Houthi militants to plan and coordinate a new strategy for escalating the Saudi-Yemen border conflict.[9]

    Yemen’s National Security Chief Ali Muhammad Al-Anesi confirmed “Iran supports the Houthi rebels in Saada financially, politically and through the media,”[11] in an interview with Al-Hayat at the Manama Dialogue security summit in Bahrain on Dec. 15.

    In November 2008, security officials intercepted a letter written by bin Laden’s son Saad, thanking Iran for "monetary and infrastructure assistance” in carrying out a double car bombing on the American embassy in Yemen that killed 16.[17] Signed by al-Qaeda’s second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, the letter lauds Iran’s Revolutionary Guards for aiding al-Qaeda establish a Yemen network and Tehran’s “vision” for assisting the organization set up new terror bases throughout Yemen after cells in Iraq and Saudi Arabia were forced to disband.[18]

    The Yemeni Navy seized an Iranian ship on Oct. 26 off of Yemen’s northwestern coast in the Red Sea, carrying anti-tank missiles intended for the Houthi militants.[27] Government sources also revealed that the five Iranian crewmen aboard the ship were weapons experts.[28]

    ·  Iranian Fourth Fleet’s presence in the Gulf of Aden facilitates the Islamic Republic to increase its weapon smuggling operations to terrorist groups and Shia Islamists in Yemen and in Somalia, according to experts in an interview with the Egyptian government weekly Akhbar Al-Yaum.[29] Experts also said that Iran was smuggling weapons to Yemen via Eretria.[30]

    Iran’s role is arming the northern Yemenite minority is now threatening neighboring Saudi Arabia, forcing the Kingdom’s involvement in the conflict.[33] Saudi Arabia imposed a naval blockade in the Red Sea on Nov. 10 to prevent Iran from attempting to ship additional weapons to militants in northern Yemen.[34]

    Referencing Saudi Arabia’s involvement, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki warned "Those who pour oil on the fire must know that they will not be spared from the smoke that billows."[35]

    In a March 28 interview with the London daily al-Hayat, Salih said “Lebanese Hezbollah activists are giving wide-scale aid to the Al-Khawthi group in Yemen. They are providing military and logistics training: The Al-Khawthis received training from a number of specialists and entities associated with Hezbollah, in assembling bombs, mines and explosives.”[37]

    On Nov. 16, the Shiite militants in Yemen claimed they launched a Katyusha rocket in their attack at on a Saudi military base.[39]

    The Katyusha rocket is the primary weapon Iran provides to Hezbollah. The Lebanese-based Iran proxy group is in possession of more than 40,000 Katyusha rockets.[40]



    From one of our sources inside the Beltway.

    The Saudis are all puckered up because Yemen is their backyard and there is no border security.  Anyone with a Landrover can drive from Yemen across KSA to Riyadh in one long day and no obstacles.

    Field Marshal Ali Abdullah Saleh (Arabic: علي عبد الله صالح‎), born March 21, 1942, is the current President of Yemen.
    Saleh is very difficult to work with, he is a cross between Saddam and Idi Amin, a dictator, plays both sides of the fence.  No one can trust him, he is very tight with AQAP though a guy named Tariq al Fahdli.  He is an old school AQ Afghan muj, very chummy with UBL and Z and is related by marriage to Saleh.


    It seems the American drone attack on al Qaeda missed the AQ leaders in Yemen.
    Did they have advanced notice?

    Who knew it would turn out like this?


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Thursday, December 31, 2009

    targeting the demographic you want

    ...Genius Surfers:
    targeting the demographic you want...


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    al Qaeda's sex fetish

    The last two suicide bombers had a weird sex twist to them,
    One guy shoved explossives up his ass, and the wana be  plane
    suicide bomber burned his nuts off. Both young BOYS.

    Allah what does that say about the sick Terrorists?
    bacha bazi by explosives. ( Boy sex Play by Explosives.)


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Taliban expresses death wish.

    Taliban expresses death wish.

    Taliban just screwed up big time.
    They claim credit for suicide bomber
    killing 7 CIA agents.

    Geeze, every Taliban up the chain of
    command from the Suicide bomber
    up, just signed their death warrant.

    Messing with the WRONG guys.

    I expect the CIA will declare open
    season on all Taliban.

    Another "Heads up your Ass" award
    to the Taliban C2.
    Not only did they produce the WORST
    ever recruiting video, they just pissed
    of guys that were just doing their job,
    now the Taliban will be targeted

    The operation resulted in minimal results
    and maximum consequences.

    The Taliban's stupidity always amazes me.
    Just when I think they CAN'T get any more
    stupid, they F**k up an Anvil.

    They are really pissing of the American public.


    Paradigm Intel update:
    Dec 27, 09
    3 DEA agents killed in Afghan helicopter.
    Possible leak in OPSEC?
    DEA now CIA.

    Hit them back here.

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:




    Satans graphics?

    If you hotlink to big pics you might use up band width to
    publish photos.
    ( hot linking is to copy photo from their site
    to your site.G )

    Don't post big photos like these:


    Or this one:


    We wouldn't want to see them banned from
    They would have to move all their photos and re-paste them
    on the web site.

    Keep reloading this page till you understand.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    They know about your work.
    Gosh they removed the first two graphics so
    I added some they have up now.
    Guess if they aren't posting the pics
    they get off the hook.
    Some one could rotate thru all their pics,
    would they take down all the terrorist flags
    and al Qaeda pics?
    The pics are blank on all their sites.

    They removed 2 more graphics! G

    Total 250,000 +
    75,000 Jawa
    75,000 IATT
    Balance others


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    BSU's tracking people interested in joining al Qaeda

    BSU's indicate these are the people interested in joining al Qaeda
    on 12.31.09. ( See map above.G )

    Surveillance teams deployed daily, collecting IPs and IDs.




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Some of Our top posts for 2009:

    Some of Our top posts for 2009:

    Binnys bio, updated:

    Banks never Kiss me:

    What a win on the GWOT looks like:

    Afpak paradigm tweaking:

    Federal Reserve is SUSPECT:

    Iran's nuke umbrella problems:

    Top 50 Muslims in world:

    Cyber Data Raid:

    Cell phones to get 70 inch virtual screen:

    Islam to pay price if Iran gets N Bomb:


    Muslims leaving Islam:

    Our Battle order:

    Greenspan father of sub-prime:

    Binnys twisted mind:

    Iran's EPIC nuke FAIL:

    Islam's biggest SIN sloth:

    Decade of Spys, ME biggest spys:

    Can make Iran drink:

    Khamenei the Sha

    Black Bot Surveillance Units.

    Exclusive spotted al Qaeda hunting 341 lbs
    of nuke material.

    More to be listed:

    post your favs in comments. Discuss.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    How; boy suicide Airline bomber

    How did the Terrorist find the boy suicide Airline bomber?
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

    Abdulmutallab has said that he met with al-Awlaki and senior al-Qaida members during an extended trip to Yemen this year, and that the cleric was involved in some elements of planning or preparing the attack and in providing religious justification for it.
     Anwar al-Awlaki,an American-born Islamic cleric who has risen to become a key figure in the Qaida affiliate in Yemen played a role in the attempted Christmas Day airplane bombing over Detroit, intelligence and law enforcement officials said Wednesday, looking for when he was
    recruiting suicide bombers on line?


    By  Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab ( We believe G )
    Posted on: Jan 28 2005, 09:57 PM
    Assalamu Alaykum brothers and sisters,

    I have several
    dilemmas i want to get out of and this has made me lonely. As i intent to write a lot, i suggest for anyone who gets board of my long desperate talk to just read the bit they can and advise me even it is just a sentence. I will find it very beneficail and comforting to get help from muslim brothers and sisters.

    Firstly i will start with a bit of my background and then the dilemmas. I am a boarding student in a school with few muslims. For some years now, i hav been doing some da'wah, mainly enjoining good and forbiding evil, and jihadinnafs, trying to become closer to Allah. But i have been facing several problems.

    First of all, i have
    no friend. Not because i do not socialise, etc but because either people do not want to get too close to me as they go partying and stuff while i dont, or they are bad people who befriend me and influence me to do bad things. Hence i am in a situation where i do not have a friend, i have no one to speak too, no one to consult, no one to support me and i feel depressed and lonely. i do not know what to do.

    And then i think this loneliness leads me to other problems. As i get lonely, the natural sexual drive awakens and i struggle to control it, sometimes leading to minor sinful activities like not lowering the gaze.

    And this problem makes me want to get married to avoid getting aroused. The Prophet (S) advised young men to fast if they cant get married but it has not been helping me much and i seriously dont want to wait for years before i get married. But i am only 18, (just going to university, insha Allah in London or California). i have not started searching for prospective partners because It would be difficult for me to get married due to social norms of getting to the late 20's when one has a degree, a job, a house, etc before getting married, plus parents are relunctunt to give their daughters in marriage to an 18 year old and sisters are also not normally willing to marry an 18 year old. Anyway alhamdulillah my parents i know could help me financially should i get married, even though i think they are also not going to be in favour of early marriage.

    The last thing i want to talk about is
    my dilemma between liberalism and extremism. The Prpphet (S) said religion is easy and anyone who tries to overburden themselves will find it hard and will not be able to continue. So anytime i relax, i deviate sometimes and then when i strive hard, i get tired of what i am doing i.e. memorising the quran, etc. How should one put the balance right?

    Thank you for anyone whoo reaches this stage of reading my problem. May Allah reward you for reading and reward you more for
    helping. Ameen


    al-Awlaki must have danced when he read the above.
    Someone, an easy target, to twist and confuse into his Bastardized Islam.

    It took him about 4 months. He handed Farouk off to a trained handler
    after he preped him. Then we heard about his failure to blow up the 
    plane in Detroit.

    How did they do it? How to protect your kids?
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Boy Scout to Suicide bomber




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Yemen UPDATE 12.30.90

    Yemen UPDATE 12.30.90

    From one of our sources inside
    the beltway.

    Always looking for more sources.



    KSA - Kingdon of Saudi Arabia

    AQAP - Al Qaeda Arabian Peninsula


    Anwar al-Awlaki, the radical cleric from Las Cruces, NM that corresponded with the Ft Hood shooter and supposedly guided Mutallab and is surfing the net looking for AQAP wannabes and organizing/based within Yemen...  He lives and has lived in Riyadh, (capitol of) KSA the whole time. 

    Our "secret war" in Yemen:
    We have finalized an agreement with Saleh for daylight 24/7 air strikes/drones, forward observer teams Yemen.  ...... officially, they partner with us selecting targets and deciding what level of incursions we make.  No offensive troops on the ground for now.  We'll wait .....





    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Wednesday, December 30, 2009

    Google behaving badly?


    Seems is trying to read one of my loggers?
    They have tried 5 different ways? I've santized the requests.

    I've just never read about this in any TOS ...

    Google what you doing? Spying?

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    [NoScript XSS] Sanitized suspicious request. Original URL [] requested from []. Sanitized URL: [].

    Security Error: Content at may not load data from

    Security Error: Content at may not load data from

    Security Error: Content at may not load data from

    Security Error: Content at may not load data from

    Two Paradigms come to mind.
    #1) Google or OTHERS behaving badly? uachuca
    I'd prefer you'd ask me.
    #2) Google is relying on my logs?
    This would indicate their algorithms are
    limited in dimensions that doesn't  make
    immediate sense to me.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst

    Still messing around:
    Security Error: Content at may not load data from

    Post Script:
    Now thats just sleeze, don't think I didn't see it.
    Now I know.G


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    BSU's tracking people interested in joining al Qaeda

    BSU's indicate these are the people interested in joining al Qaeda
    on 12.30.09. ( See map above.G )

    Surveillance teams deployed daily, collecting IPs and IDs.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    ..worst propaganda video ever.

    The worst propaganda video ever.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Wins award: "Heads up your ass" award.
    They have produced the worst propaganda
    recruiting terrorist video of all Time.

    Starts with admonishment of no music.
    then they play music thru out the Video.

    The videos were written by al Qaeda
    in arabic and the Webmaster clan
    rewrote them and added music and
    poor english translations.

    Advanced graphics
    two editors
    Arabic with English sub titles
    Sound bites
    Photos of children the Taliban killed
    And the prisoner guest
    A spokes person with thick dialect.
    Talk of atrocities by the west.
    No mention  of their suicide bombing
    ( on American planes, EPIC FAIL.
    trying to kill women and children.G )
    villages, market places and Mosques,
    beheadings and cutting out tongues. 
    Why they cut my tongue out...
    just some water boarding.
    But then what is one to expect from those
    without honor.
    The Taliban have made 7 peace treatys
    with the Paki Govenment just to violate
    every one of the treatys.
    The al Qaeda show Taliban prisoners in
    American custody hand cuffed and blind
    folded with dark glasses and surgical mask on
    them to stop them form spitting but not one of them
    have been beheaded or had their tongue
    cut out as al Qaeda has done.

    They talk of Muslims must abide by what the Quran says
    and must treat prisoners well, is beheading prisoers
    behaving according to Allah and the Quaran.
    They speak with a black tongue out of both sides of their

    They change spokes persons often offering
    different propaganda points and lies.

    They have videos of explosions with bodies
    flying but the videos are FAKED.
    They first used this video to show US troops
     being blown up, wasn't, now they claim it
    USA blowing up Muslims, CAUGHT YOU.

    And their guest prisoner talking trying
    to preserve his life saying things the
    Taliban have taught him to say over the
    past 5 months to try and save his life.

    And more children wounded and killed by the Taliban
    suicide bombers and now tryng to blam this on USA.

    The Taliban and al Qaeda have killed more Muslims
    than they have killed Americans.

    And show many vids of Taliban headquarters being
    blown to hell.

    Third editor is working on second vid.

    And the Armed Taliban ask a afpak civilian whos
    fault all this is, guess what he says at the end of a
    Taliban gun, just what the Taliban wants him to say.
    But not the truth, about the Taliban killing over 400
    tribal leaders.

    And the poor American prisoner continues to
    speak trying to save his own life with Taliban lies.

    Third video:
    they bring back the speaker from the first video
    with the thick accent.

    And they have the American Private they took prisoner
    with false offer of hospitality speaking again.
    He is speaking about brain washing, of course at gun
    point off camera. He speaks the Taliban propaganda.
    The talks of having time to rethink things, while he was waithing
    for beheading, under armed guard, what could he say
    to save his life, we hear his words.
    The Taliban have no honor.

    And we hear from other Americans who disagree with
    Obama, but in Afpak the Taliban kill people who disagree with them.
    Taliban make a good point. Killed over 400 Tribal leaders in Afpak.

    4th tape:
    The PFC speaks of torture panties on head, nude,
    but no beheadings, or cutting out tongues to of children
    cutting off heads, The Taliban lie and have no honor.

    The PFC is a pow trapped by an offer of hospitality.
    He says he has been treated as a guest, but he is subject
    to beheading or being shot at any time, Is this how
    the Taliban treat a guest?
    Taliban have no honor.

    The Taliban have set up this PFC like a pupet
    trying to save his own life by dancing to the Taliban

    The Taliban want to trade the PFC for Taliban prisoners.

    Also noteworthy is how the jihadis have fumbled the handling of what really ought to be a propaganda victory of major proportions. The Arabic forums are at best only dimly aware of the video's release. Christmas comes one time a year, they have a American POW in their clutches.
    And have posted it to limited forums.Why.

    It is significant that the forum most closely associated with the release of this video was the English-language Ansar al-Mujahideen site, as opposed to any of the Arabic forums.

    It is a recruiting video for the weak minded Muslims in the West.
    It will trap those too weak minded to see thru the propaganda,
    the ones that accept the video on face value, not thinking it through.

    The terrorist motives are so transparent, and the lies so obvious
    it is a failure as a propaganda effort.
    They have produced the worst propaganda
    recruiting terrorist video of all Time.

    And the "HEADS UP YOUR ASS: Award goes to:
    Al-Emara Jihadic Studio
    Commission of Cultural Affairs
    Audio and Video Dept.

    "And a Witness from Her Family Witnessed "
    ( the title is actually a poor English translation of the original Arabic G. )

    High technical production,
    content misses its demographic on
    every mark. Clearly Totally screwed up
    seminal operation/oppurtunity.

    seminal operation/opportunity EPIC, EPIC fail.

    Internet Anthropologist

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, December 29, 2009

    Both Iran and USA win

    If Shah Khamenei and Abber Jonny were killed during
    an attack on Iranian's regime nuclear stock piles the
    Iranian people would have to elect a new leader,
    and president.

    That  would give Obama a new Regime to
    work with.

    And the Khamenei regime would not get a N bomb.
    Geeze that sounds like a win, win.

    Both Iran and USA win in that case.

    And its a clear message to other rogues
    trying to get nukes.



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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, December 28, 2009

    Boy Scout to Suicide bomber

    Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a 23-year-old Nigerian has been
    missing for about two months when his dad started contacting

    At the point he quit communicating with his family he was
    half way through his indoctrination..

    They used  Abdulmutallab as fast as they could.
    Found him, recruited him, converted him and trained
    him in FOUR months.

    They are desperate, and rushed him through their program
    and USED him as soon as possible. They are short "international"
    suicide bombers.

    This failure was a fault of rushed quick programing and training.
    They won't make those mistakes again. They viewed this operation
    as a failure, the bomb didn't go off. They are not sure about releasing his
    martyr video where he explains his holy (sic) decision (ie brainwashing G ).

    Converting him to a Bastardized Islam, against Allah.

    What happened to this Boy Scout, that was the view of his
    friends of him at college. In disagreements he acted as police
    a kind of fixer to avoid disputes his friends said.

    It took an al Qaeda handler 2 months to unscrew this guys
    head and mess his head up, turn him into a suicide bomber.

    It was a quick job, as evidenced by his passivity after the
    failure of the devise to ignite. My take on it was he at that
    time of failure wasn't anger but doubt about trying to kill
    all the women and children. There is a possibility he
    intentionally muffed the job.

    This wouldn't be the first time a suicide bomber
    changed their mind, I remember a case of a 10 yr old
    girl the Taliban sent to a Police check point as a
    suicide bomber, she chose to trigger the bomb where
    only she would die.

    And I suspect he is cooperating fully with the FBI.

    But how did they do it, turn this boy scout into
    a suicide bomber?

    How Islamo fascists recruit the boy scouts demographic.

    They question your faith, your commitment to Allah?

    Do you want to go to heaven?

    Do you believe the Koran?

    Invite you to a small meeting with a few special people.

    The recruitment never involves actually asking you if you want to be a suicide bomber.

    The question comes in the form of a challenge of your commitment to Allah, to Islam.

    If they believe you are easily influenced, and they can intimidate you, then they will start an "education program" of carefully crafted propaganda.

    A special spin on Islam, the Koran and world news from a extremist view.

    You are inducted into "the special group". Where they use peer pressure and slowly get you to cut off all connection to your real family. They slowly set up the special group as your "new family".

    So the new family can influence your thinking. Instead of presenting their political agenda and goals, they form these into the an twisted type of Islamism.

    Their political agenda is presented as Allah's will, his plan.

    Their motivators are 76 virgins, paradise in heaven, fame, and get you to believe you are working for Allah. Not that you are working on building their political and power base.
    The same motivators the boy scouts use, super sized times two.

    Each cell has a dominant key actor to recruit and influence the boys.
    He is well funded, with training manuals easily available on the Internet.
    You are eventually invited to live with this special group as a means of separating you from your real family and creating a new family for you. Living in their environment and the group pressure insures "right thinking" in terms of their propaganda, and twisted belief system.

    They bastardize Islam to their own ends, thru repetition, discussion and modified religious beliefs.

    The individuals are controlled through peer pressure, isolation, prayer, and exercises and physical punishment for rule violations, which can include death if you threaten the security of the group.

    Moderation is strictly outlawed with severe consequences.

    Counter thoughts to their twisted preaching are controlled with threats of damnation of your soul, family, and threats against your life.

    Eventually the recruits believe the propaganda and twisted form of Islam and come to the conclusion they want to be a suicide bomber. You will believe you come to this conclusion on your own but you have been spoon fed information and carefully lead to a position where you will believe this is your own idea, and the entire group will also "discover" it to is their conclusion also, any doubt will be dealt with very strong peer pressure from your "new family". You will not be allowed to visit your own family, either through peer pressure or training regimen.

    Once the group becomes a unified family, only dependent on each other and committed to each other and following orders blindly then will you start training for your political/suicide mission, which your master/controller/leader will not die in.

    The method of combining religion, propaganda and peer pressure will work even on highly educated westernized recruits given enough time and isolation. They twist your commitment to Allah and Islam into some unholy, a jihad against your God, your Islamism in the name of Muslims world wide. A false jihad that will land you in hell.

    They start with propaganda like blaming Black water for the deaths of women
    and children they themselves murdered.

    This form of mind bending is very effective if they can convince the dupe
    it is Allah's will.

    Why do they connect their violent work to Islam?

    Because they are using the religion to recruit children and young men to their power struggle for power.

    They incite others to false jihad, a jihad against Moslems and Islam. "These people (Muslims) are deceived by their religion and the false Mujahideen."

    Muslims must police these hypocrites, they are whorshiping a false Allah. Return to the true, life loving Allah, reclaim your religion, "Love of the world, and hatred for death," Rasulullah (Sallallaahu 'alayhee wa sallam) answered.."
    They are the enemies, so beware of them. May Allaah curse them! How are they denying (or deviating from) the Right Path." (al-Munaafiqoon, verse 4)

    Allah is great,

    '' Honor, power and glory belong to Allah, to his messenger, and to the believers, but the extremist hypocrites know not. '' For, can a wolf ever guard a flock of sheep? Call the people towards Allah. Jihad against the munaafiqeen (hypocrites).

    al Qa'ida and the Mujahideen Shura ARE KILLING THE UMMAH, MUSLIM KILLING MUSLIM

    Asking the Lord to accept. The overall objective of this bulletin : Brothers and sisters urged to publish this article to relatives and friends, and in the mosques, and every person standing on the Internet Through the printing and distribution of the bulletin, and read on boards and also through sent by e-mail and e-mail Different groups, and chat rooms. , and other ideas that have the positive impact.

    Gerald and Bill

    These are two fairly reliable indicators.
    #1) A radicalization of their religious beliefs.
    #2) Sudden abrupt end of communication.
    At the end of the communication with you,
    they will be half way through the full process.
    At the end of communication you will have a minimum

    of about two weeks to intervene and save them.
    Contact authorities if he becomes radicalized 
    and cuts off communication, you have just weeks
    to stop his suicide if they can find him.


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    German hacker says he has broken GSM encryption

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