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    Thursday, December 31, 2009

    Taliban expresses death wish.

    Taliban expresses death wish.

    Taliban just screwed up big time.
    They claim credit for suicide bomber
    killing 7 CIA agents.

    Geeze, every Taliban up the chain of
    command from the Suicide bomber
    up, just signed their death warrant.

    Messing with the WRONG guys.

    I expect the CIA will declare open
    season on all Taliban.

    Another "Heads up your Ass" award
    to the Taliban C2.
    Not only did they produce the WORST
    ever recruiting video, they just pissed
    of guys that were just doing their job,
    now the Taliban will be targeted

    The operation resulted in minimal results
    and maximum consequences.

    The Taliban's stupidity always amazes me.
    Just when I think they CAN'T get any more
    stupid, they F**k up an Anvil.

    They are really pissing of the American public.


    Paradigm Intel update:
    Dec 27, 09
    3 DEA agents killed in Afghan helicopter.
    Possible leak in OPSEC?
    DEA now CIA.

    Hit them back here.

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