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    Thursday, December 17, 2009

    al Qaeda desperate

    al Qaeda desperate:

    Big Z has his wife lying out of both sides
    of her mouth.

    The wife of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the second-in-command 
    of al-Qaeda network, urged Muslim women to join the 
    "holy war" in a message published on Islamist websites 
    on Thursday.

    She says ""The most important task for a Muslim woman 
    is to take care of children of the mujahideen,"

    Then she says, "Women can suppot al Qaeda
    by a martyrdom operation.


    I'm not sure does she want the women to take care
    of children or commit suicide?

    al Qaeda big drive in Paki against the Gov.
    Mil operations has drawn down Satans
    suicide bombers numbers.

    al Qaeda is way behind on payments to
    the Taliban and others, many are going to
    go without payment.

    Can al Qaeda go chapter 11?
    Ask the Taliban.

    But they could afford a nose job for 
    Adam Ghadam the American Jew.

    Big Z's boy toy.

    Go figure.





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