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    Monday, December 07, 2009

    Winning the GWOT, our view

    Winning the GWOT
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    What would that look like?

    In WWII US knew who the enemy was.
    They wore uniforms, and US knew where
    they lived.

    The front lines were easily identified.
    And the was a signed unconditional
    surrender and somebody got a sword

    With the GWOT the enemy is sometimes
    unknown, no uniforms, and civilians can BE
    the front line at any time.

    Both in WWII and the GWOT there were
    suicide bombers.
    In WWII they had planes loaded with
    explosives, now they wear a little suicide

    USA learned how to deal with the WWII
    suicide bombers and today aren't having
    much problem with them either.

    But other countries are having a devil of
    a time learning to deal with Satan's
    suicide bombers.

    Our vision of victory:

    #1) A victory in the GWOT would involve
    all the major players in al Qaeda dead
    or arrested.

    #2) Taliban hard core leaders dead or
    arrested because of their support of
    al Qaeda.

    #3) A Military in Afghan and in Paki
    capable of keeping any remnants
    of al Qaeda and the Taliban under
    minimal control.

    #4) Strong US ties and trade with
    Afghan and Pakistan. Working
    Democracys building their respective
    economies.Recruiting the Gap to the core.

    #5) Strong Global Intelligence network
    working to ferret out roving and home grown
    terrorist on a Global scale.

    #6) Islam working a Global reeducation program
    for crack pot violent fundamentalist.

    #7) Islam taking some responsibility for
    weeding out the violent fundamentalist.
    And re training them in the Quaran.

    #8) Bombing Iran's Nuclear development
    sites. Taking out AbberJonny.
    The Iranian people electing a new regime.

    #9) The death or arrest of Kim Jung ILL. (sic)

    Those conditions would allow USA to bring
    home 80% of US troops, as 911 will have
    then been avenged.





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