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    Sunday, December 06, 2009

    Investigation into NCIS

    Charges: click to enlarge.

    Call for Investigation into NCIS
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) showed a distinctive lack
    of command discretion.
    NCIS is wasting key and critical resources during a time of war.
    I'm hoping this is just a case of over eager political correctness
    in a zealot. But it smells like a vendetta.

    The Officer in the Seals and SOCCENT that proceeded forward
    on this complaint of a 'bloody lip' or 'gut punch' have taken
    4 Navy Seals out of action, key and critical assets in the GWOT.
    Unfortunately the NAMES of these Officer Bumpkins taking the
    Terrorist complaint of a bloody lip forward and charging the SEALS
    have been redacted from the Charge sheets.

    I have OSINT teams and BSU's working on the names.
    For proper presentation of the "HEADS UP YOUR ASS"

    I trust the chain of command will look into this
    and issue a summary judgment dismissing the entire
    Cluster F***.

    Its hard enough to get troops to reenlist, let alone
    abusing SEALS with spurious charges the Terrorist
    are trained in to play the JAG system.

    These charges show Command is oblivious to standard
    terrorist psyops operations, poor judgment and
    and play into the courts of global opinion
    in a negative and spirous manner, in support of
    the terrorists.

    De minimis non curat lex! G


    Bartender Squad, OSINT

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