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    Friday, December 04, 2009

    Expecting coup in Guinea.

    Expecting coup in Guinea.

    President Moussa "Dadis" Camara was flown to
    Morocco for medical treatment,
    with a bullet wound to his head.

    "Morocco's official news agency reported Friday afternoon that Camara had arrived in Rabat to seek medical treatment. A statement from the Foreign Ministry said he was being allowed in for "strictly humanitarian considerations."

    Guinea's government had said earlier that Camara was shot Thursday by Abubakar "Toumba" Diakite, who commands the presidential guard. A rift had opened between the two following a September massacre during which human rights groups say presidential guard members killed at least 157 unarmed civilians at a pro-democracy rally."

    The 45-year-old Camara was shot while at a military camp housing hundreds of men under Toumba's control, Cherif said. Camara had driven to Camp Koundara to confront Toumba after Toumba went to a downtown police station and released officers that were loyal to him but whom Camara had ordered arrested, said Cherif.

    Cherif declined to say how many people had been arrested in the ongoing investigation. He confirmed that Toumba was still at large along with a contingent of his men. Members of the junta, including Toumba, are believed to lead private armies that are faithful only to them.

    Thursday's attack underscored the deep divide inside the military clique that grabbed control of Guinea last December following the death of the country's longtime dictator, Lansana Conte. Camara had initially promised to quickly organize elections, but then reversed course and began hinting that he planned to run for office, prompting a massive protest Sept. 28.

    Toumba is accused of having led the presidential guard that opened fire on the peaceful demonstrators, who had gathered inside the capital's national stadium. Human rights groups say at least 157 people were killed and dozens of women were raped by the red beret-wearing presidential guard who also assaulted them with bayonets, rifle butts and with pieces of wood. The government put the death toll at 57.

    At least 20 women were kidnapped and driven away in military trucks to private villas where they were drugged and videotaped while they were being gang-raped over several days, according to three survivors as well as several human rights groups. The government has denied all wrongdoing and blamed opposition leaders for going ahead with a banned protest.

    The massacre led the European Union and the African Union to impose sanctions on Guinea,including on top members of the junta, who are now the subject of a travel ban. Sources inside the military say that it deeply aggravated divisions that were already present and has led to the clique fracturing further.






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    Bin Laden "seen" Jan 09

    If its true the Miranshah - Bannu -Peshawar area's troubles make sense.

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