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    Wednesday, December 02, 2009

    Padadigm grinding in Iran

    Padadigm grinding in Iran

    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    WOW eye opener:

    The eye orbit view from the other, Iranians.

    By Yasaman Baji in Tehran (MR No. 14, 26-Oct-09)

    Despite public’s relatively positive outlook towards America...conversation from taxis to family or intellectual gatherings: what is the American position regarding the protest movement? Does the US support the protest movement or does it not care? How will it deal with a government that speaks loudly against the US and yet seems very eager to strike a deal?

    Pretty much everyone cares about relations with America and this sensitivity has heightened in the past few months even if opinions vary. Some think the US has the power to decide the survival or continuation of the regime...

    For some of those who are unhappy with the current government, the talks evoke memories of the 1953 CIA-led coup which brought back to power an undemocratic government and then helped that government consolidate power for the next 25 years.

    “America is following her own interests and for her it doesn’t make any difference who is in power. The current government [in Iran] that appears anti-American is willing to do any deal to save itself from its current difficulties and this is not to Iran’s benefit.

    “We expected the United States government and particularly [President Barack] Obama, who claims to support democracy and human rights, to appreciate Iran’s democratic protest movement and not to recognise a government that has run roughshod over the rules by engaging in dialogue.”

    “With this action America has proved that there is no difference between the Bush and Obama administrations and all the claims of democracy and human rights are empty, merely slogans.”

    “The reality is that the United States has a problem in Afghanistan and one of the ways to solve the Afghan crisis is to talk to Iran. Iran has also been showing interest in talks for while, almost since the early days of the Islamic Republic.”

    “This is not a suitable time for talks. Serious protests against the government have begun in society and people say that the United States was looking for a weak government like the current one to talk to since it can exact more concessions from it.

    People look around at Iran’s position today and conclude that they want a resolution of its 30-year America problem. They just don’t want the talks to be conducted by someone they do not consider to represent their views.

    Yasaman Baji is the pseudonym of a journalist in Tehran.

    No mention of attack on Iran's nuke materials?
    And I think they are right, USA would sell the protesters down
    the river if they thought it would get rid of Iran's Nukes.

    Some interesting points mentioned.
    Things the 'other' sees never even showed up in OSINT
    even as a consideration.

    The "All options on the Table" never got through to the
    civilians, SCARY.

    Some polls on these concepts would help adjust the
    current paradigm.

    Iran doesn't think they will be attacked if his reporting
    IS representative.

    I don't see the percentage if he is an Iranian regime shill...

    "Transmitted text not received" ?
    Paradigm grinding...


    Follow UP:

    On a grainy undercover videotape recorded in a hotel room in Tbilisi, Georgia, an Iranian arms merchant chats with two Philadelphia salesmen who have brought samples of their military wares.

    The merchant, Amir Hossein Ardebili, who has flown from Tehran to make a deal, patiently answers the Americans' questions. The radar microchips? Needed for antimissile protection. The sophisticated computers? Essential to "launch the F-4" fighter.

    All of it, he says flatly, is destined for the Iranian military "because they think the war is coming." Against the United States.





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