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    Tuesday, December 01, 2009

    Shutting Down Cyber Jihad

    Shutting Down Cyber Jihad:

    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Middle East Media Research Institute
    asks an important question.

    "Is Shutting Down Cyber Jihad Possible?"

    Memri poses the question in terms of shutting down Jihad websites.And lists key sites.

    At one time we had a list of over 1,000 terrorist web sites,
    covering over 10 million web pages., by Googles count indexing web pages.

    They are gone.

    But to what effect?

    this from Cannoneer no. 4:"Self-radicalization without Jihadi videos is like self-gratification without porn. Pictures get you their quicker."

    ( youtube is a major contributor to jahidie recruiting. )

    The Jihad web sites are incubators for recruiting, training, and bastardization of Islam.

    Youtube stores the videos and provides bandwidth for the terrorist to broadcast their

    propaganda lies on Jahidie web sites.

    ( I know I make a lot of spelling errors, "Jahide" isn't a spelling error.

    Jihad is a legitimate Islamic quest, so I differentiate between legit Jihad and the

    terrorist form of bastardization of the Jihad , with different spellings, I bastardize

    the spelling of Jihad to Jahid just as the terrorist bastardize the function of Jihad

    for the promotion of Bin Laden's Psychotic personality cult. G )

    Taking out all the public terrorist web sites is desirable.

    It drives them underground, away from public eyes,

    cuts down on public recruiting and the propaganda


    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Bin Laden the LIAR

    And its not hard to trace and track the secret underground terrorist sites.

    Some of you might remember the "Infovlad forum"

    and the Terrorist Cyber dos attack planned for November

    of last year against the USA, we continually burned them on Infovlad

    posting the websites URl and they went underground ,

    with our moles, and 3 days before

    the cyber attack we posted their website's URL and took them out.

    Forcing the sites to go underground provides a kind of vetting,

    mostly only serious jahidders get in. And it provides a nice list

    for arrests and Intel collection.

    And taking out the Jadie sites helps in the SysAdmin programs,

    as it would cut out alot of the propaganda lies.

    Taking out Jahiddie and terrorist sites is a big

    move towards preventing the bastardization of Islam

    for the Terrorist twisted cult of al Qaeda.


    Internet Anthropologist




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