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    Saturday, January 02, 2010

    Hot paradigm Intel: the next bomber.

    Hot paradigm Intel: the next bomber.

    The next International suicide bomber will be on a plane.
    And the Paradigm Intel says US Intel misses him.

    Today the suicide bomber trainers are looking for an obese
    person they can convert to a suicide bomber in four months.

    They have lists of potential dupes.
    And all classified by key elements likely to pass
    a background inspection. Wealth, appearance,
    connections and family.

    Because of the tradition of bacha bazi
    most of the suicide bombers are boys
    and young men. Whom are forgiven
    any thing they do when they become
    a martyr for al qaeda, Satan.

    The suicide trainers use the boys for
    their own perverted pleasures.

    I'll bet money they don't have any obese
    member on their list, so this requirement
    may take a while.

    The new “whole-body imagers” are the latest answer.
    And its just what al Qaeda is counting on.

    “You’ve got to find some way of detecting things in parts of the body that aren’t easy to get at,” former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff told The Washington Post. “It’s either pat-downs or imaging.” (wrong, G )

    And those beliefs will cause the next bombing.

    An Obese person could secret the PETN plastic explosive with
    in their fleshy folds. And the “whole-body imagers” will miss
    the bomb. won't see it under the skin.

    The Saudi Prince just escaped a suicide bomber that had
    the explosive up his ass. The Terrorist knew they would pat
    him down and not use an x-ray machine on him.

    The butt bomb has wires, and show up on a x-ray mach,
    or with a wand. But “whole-body imagers” would miss the
    butt explosive. And a dog might miss it also. And the Saudi
    Security pat down missed the butt bomb.

    The plastic explosive has no wires, and doesn't show up
    on an x-ray.

    Right now the bomb trainers are looking for a terrorist friendly
    country with a “whole-body imagers” to test the obese methods
    of hiding bombs.

    Yemen caught a plastic bomber and let him go. Might
    have been for a test somewhere.

    Dogs, “whole-body imagers”, and pat downs can
    miss a butt bomb.

    “whole-body imagers”, a pat down and x-ray can
    miss the PETN plastic.

    So you must have the right combination of security
    to catch both kinds of explosives, and NOT rely on
    just any one scan, this will lead to a bombing.

    So the terrorist will be matching the type of explosive
    to the boarding technology at the local airport.

    If the local air port had “whole-body imagers” and
    dogs and pat downs and wands then they send in an obese
    suicide bomber with plastic explosives hidden under the
    folds of flesh. He can pass thru that security ok.

    If the local air port had just “whole-body imagers”, pat downs
    dogs no wands they could send a butt bomber. Who could
    get by that security line up.

    So the terrorist are doing recons on hub air ports
    all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
    Looking for a possible "good" combination of
    security and matching the right explosive to get past
    the security.

    They have two methods;
     one with wires inside the body
    and one without wires or metal
    out side the body.

    And some combinations of security
    will miss one or the other.


    One last piece of Paradigm Intel,
    The last 60 min of the flight the
    passangers must remain seated
    means the bomb will
    be set off  61 min before landing.

    And no blankets for the last 60 min
    means customers will arrive cold thats
    all, its not a security precaution, its a
    "we gota do something" even if it doesn't
    make sense.

    If  'he' gets on a plane its going up
    this time.

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