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    Saturday, December 12, 2009

    Christmas Memories

    Christmas Memories

    Lots of warm Christmas memories house full of
    people, 15 to 20, huge feasts, midnight Mass.

    One year I got a 22 riffle. but no ammo.
    I had to play poker with dad to win ammo.
    That took a couple of months before I could
    do any target practice.

    Dad always had a lot of confidence in me.
    I got a kit to turn lead into molten metal and
    poured into molds to make toy soldiers, I was 8.
    Yes I got a few blisters but learned fast.

    Another year I went camping with Boy Scouts
    in 3 foot of snow for a week, it was actually alot
    of fun.

    And I got an erector set with a motor.
    It was a set of hundreds of steel girders
    6" to 12" long and thousands of little bolts
    and nuts. I spent hours building these huge
    mechanical monstrosities.

    And one year it was a chemistry set with 48
    jars of chemicals.
    I had one accident/explosion from the chems,
    and had to get 7 stitches in my thumb.
    Dad just wanted to know if I knew what went wrong.
    I did, and he was ok with it.
    It was the time of the atom.
    There was a little tube with magnifying lens in it,
    and if you held it up to your eye in the dark
    you could see a little spark???

    Getting my eye nuked at 10 yrs old maybe?

    Dad was a great outdoorsman, for a while he
    even ran a trapping line, and would run it at 4am
    before he had to go to work, and he took me with
    him for the first time on Christmas eve.
    We would skin the animials and streach the skin on
    looped stretchers to dry them.
    That eve he put war paint on my cheeks from the
    blood of the raccoon, he was so cool.

    It was a wondrous time of amazing gifts and memories.

    Little boy again.
    Merry Christmas



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    Terrrorist caught; Youtube vids recruiting

    YouTube aiding Terrorists.
    5 HOME GROWN jahiddies
    recruited on YouTube.
    Smoking Gun, proof of concept.

    Americans held.

    These five foreigners were held by the Police on December 9, 2009. They were all college students. They had deep interest in the religion and they were of the opinion that a Jihad must be waged against the infidels for the atrocities committed by them against Muslims around the world. Among them Ahmed Abdullah Minni used to regularly visit the internet page of YouTube. He used to the praise the videos which showed attacks on the US Army and Installations. This became a regular feature and Minni, a registered user of YouTube, regularly praised such attacks. Soon after, Minni was contacted by a person named “Saifullah”. The two pictures below show the YouTube website.

    Minni was initially contacted on his YouTube user account; however, later on they used another way of communicating which could not be intercepted by the secret agencies. They used to write an email and then save it in the drafts section of the email. The other person used to log on to the same account and leave another message on the draft. This mode of communication enabled them to pass on messages without fear of interception by the FBI.

    Terrrorist using Youtube Vids to recruit wana be Jahiddies.

    YOUTUBE must clean up its site.
    Clear out the jahiddist material.
    The terrorist are using it to
    recruit jahiddies and bombers.

    The civilians have been trying point out
    the material but are sometimes ignored.



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    Friday, December 11, 2009

    Banks never KISS ME.

    US House passes financial reform bill.

    Sham, joke Banks still control congress. The Republicans seem to be owned by the Banking lobbyists. Gerald
    ...In the final vote, 27 Democrats – and every Republican present – opposed the bill,..
    ( Just like the Health bills, Republicans didn't even vote on their own Bill. G )
    President Barack Obama applauded the passage and said: “The crisis from which we are still recovering was born not only of failure on Wall Street, but also in Washington. We have a responsibility to learn from it, and to put in place reforms that will promote sound investment, encourage real competition and innovation, and prevent such a crisis from ever happening again.”

    ( They don't seem to have learned, Where is the NEW Glass Segal act, separating banks from
    Investment banks the base cause of the Sub-Prime swindle that has brought the world to the
    edge of a Financial meltdown. NOTHING has been done to prevent a replay of similar conditions. G )

    In one victory for the banks( earnings), an amendment that would have allowed a bankruptcy judge more power to reduce mortgages of financially struggling borrowers was defeated.( The SOB's, we
    gave them $700 Billion, and
    Feds gave them Trillions, the Republicans all voted the Banks way. G )

    David Hirschmann, a director of the US Chamber of Commerce, said: “While there is a laundry list of bad choices that were made by the House, the creation of the CFPA tops the list.”
    However, he said he was encouraged by the “growing group of moderate Democrats” who helped amend the bill to prevent states from setting tougher consumer protection standards. ( The Dems have sold out, they seem to think 30% Credit card rates and 402% pay day loans are not criminal. NowNot even States can pass laws against LOAN SHARKING, legal at federal and State level BY DEFAULT. 
    Paradigm Intel:
    thats not REFORM.
    G )

    Another provision that has been resisted by banks allows regulators to impose a loss on creditors of failing financial institutions that need to be seized by the government.( WTF, if a failing bank is seized the Tax payer foots the bill not the Creditors, this is just horse shit. G )
    Nothing to be proud of here, just the banks buying congressmen and screwing the taxpayer, keep moving, you should be used to it by now.
    I just don't like it,
    the Bankers never KISS ME.
    I liked to be kissed when I'm being screwed. G

    Series 7 & 13
    American Congress makes the Afghan Government
    look like boyscouts, when it comes to corruption.
    100 lobbyists & their Republicans Must view Video..
    The damage the Banks have done to the GWOT exceeds that caused by the Taliban.

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    Intelligence View inside Afghan

    Intelligence View from inside Afghan

    The Chief of Intelligence for ISAF answers questions about the current nature of the insurgency in Afghanistan, handling threats along the border with Pakistan and the challenges and benefits of having multiple countries contributing to the combined operation. Dec. 10 Part 1 of 2. ISAF HQ Public Affairs




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    Anthro Observation, civil rights: Afpak

    Pakistan and the American Civil Rights Movement.
    By Gerald, Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

    The KKK and the Taliban.

    Both use terrorism against parts of
    the civilian populations.

    I used to admire the style of the old mens
    straw hats known as skimmers.

    Untill I saw a photo of "negro being
    lynched". Every one was wearing skimmers.

    That changed my thoughts about people who
    wear skimmers.

    "Negro Lynchings" seemed to be accepted,
    and the effected populations seemed powerless
    to stop them or get the perps convicted.

    The perps were caught read handed and
    stood trial just to be released by a sympathetic

    The KKK were not only against blacks
    but also Catholics. When my Grandfather
    a Catholic was dating my Grandmother,
    her brother answered the the door
    in his full KKK regalia,his hooded
    white sheet uniform, just to let
    my Grandfather a Catholic know where
    he stood, and to be very careful dating
    the woman who would turn out to be
    my Grandmother. The Culture changed.

    While Lincoln freed the slaves in the 1800's
    the civil rights movement for equal right didn't
    move into full swing till Martin Luther King.

    And the leader ship of the KKK, the directors
    of the violence were brought down by the FBI.

    But simply taking out the KKK leadership didn't
    mean success for the Civil Rights movement.

    They had to organize and work to advance their
    own cause, and the struggle continues today.

    My point is it wasn't the Feds that gained Civil
    Rights for those people, they did it them selves.

    The FBI simply made the playing field more level.
    Even while taking out the KKK, the FBI was harassing

    In Pakistan and in Afghan the US can help level the
    playing field but the Indigenous themselves must
    change their own culture to deny the Taliban power.

    Ultimately its the Afpak peoples fight, only they
    can win the fight against the Terrorist and change
    their culture, but the USA can only help level the
    playing field, they can't win the battle.

    The Pashtoons , and the other Muslims must
    act and organize against the Terrorist and reject them.

    Both movements are responsible for the outcomes,
    and changing the cultures.

    When will the Afpaki's join and move against the terrorists?
    USA is providing cover, giving them a chance to change
    to make a better life, but it is ultimately their decision.
    USA can only provide the opportunity.
    Will Afghan and Pakistan take advantage of
    the opportunity given them?

    Will the Pakis childrens, childrens, childs continue to be
    killed by the Taiban for the Great Game?

    Turn in Omar and Binny.



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    'Not a Single Ray of Hope' in Arab World

    'Not a Single Ray of Hope' in Arab World

    Al-Rai, Syrian liberal Zein Al-Shami lamented the state of the Arab world, saying that instead of taking care of its acute problems, it is preoccupied with petty and oppressive practices that only confirm stereotyped opinions about it.

    We "Wish In Our Hearts That We Were Not Arab Citizens"

    "As we follow the latest reports from the Arab world... and compare them to reports from other countries and societies, we feel so much frustration and shame that all of us wish in our hearts that we were not Arab citizens. This sad [fact] reflects the general deterioration that prevails in our countries.

    "In Lebanon, we spent months waiting for the birth of the national unity government. With all that is said about its civilized people and rich culture, and with all the Arab, regional and international 'interest' [that has been focused] on it, we wonder how Lebanon managed to function so [long] without a government."

    Lebanon's Citizen Sees "Syria, Iran, France, America and Saudi Arabia as... Hold[ing the Key to] His Present and Future"

    "It is very disappointing that the formation of a government is sabotaged by arguments about who will be appointed to which ministerial position and which party or stream will get which [ministerial] portfolio. A Lebanese [citizen] feels great pain that the political future [of his country] depends on agreements between foreign [elements] and on the influential countries in the region. And it is very sad that the Lebanese [citizen] sees Syria, Iran, France, America and Saudi Arabia as sources of advice and authority and as the ones who dictate the distribution of portfolios [in his government], and [believes] that they hold [the key to] his present and future, more than his fellow Lebanese [citizen] who lives in his neighborhood or in a nearby village."

    "The World is... Preoccupied with the Trial of Journalist Lubna Al-Hussein" in Sudan

    "Let's drop the issue of Lebanon, since [attempting] to follow its internal politics would cause even a scientist of Einstein's [caliber] to have a stroke...

    "Turning to Sudan, for example, we discover amazing things. Despite the disturbing problems [afflicting] this large country – from Darfur and [the troubles in] the south to the drought that periodically strikes it – the world is unfortunately preoccupied with the trial of journalist Lubna Al-Hussein.[2] Her trial has blotted out [all of Sudan's problems] and has caused [the world] to focus on the trousers she wore...

    "We must say that in this trial, which occupied world public opinion for a short while, the Sudanese court won a resounding victory by confirming all the stereotypes about the Arabs and Muslims, for example that they oppress women and think that their honor resides in the woman's body and [depends on] the extent, type and shape of the garments she wears. This [situation] is indeed shameful considering the considerable progress made by women in other parts of the world, in the fields of science, politics, and art. Many other countries and peoples laugh when they hear... how the Arabs forget all their political and economic problems, their poverty and their backwardness, in order to focus on a woman's clothing and its impact on their honor."

    Somali Extremists "Forgot All of Somalia's Problems..." – And Flogged a Woman for Wearing a Bra

    "Not far from Sudan, in Somalia, there recently emerged a movement called Shabab Al-Somal [i.e., Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen], which controls large parts in the center and south [of the country], and in them enforces strict laws banning movies, plays, dancing, soccer games, and all types of music, including mobile phone ringtones. And that's not all. Recently, these extremists did a peculiar thing: they caught a Somali woman and flogged her in public for wearing a bra. They announced loud and clear that wearing a bra contravenes [the precepts of] the religion because it constitutes deception and fraud.

    "Once again, they unfortunately forgot all of Somalia's problems – the division, the drought, and the internal wars. They forgot all of Islam's noteworthy achievements and focused on women, on the weakest sector in a backward society, so as to prove once again just how far the Arabs are from what is happening in the [rest of] the world."

    Hamas "Is Preoccupied With Forcing Women to Wear the Hijab" in Gaza

    "[The same thing] is happening in Hamastan [i.e. Hamas-controlled Gaza], where the [Hamas] movement is forcing all the Gaza residents to [live by] its laws and opinions – [as though] it has already achieved its great national goal of reconciliation with its rival, Fatah, and as though it has already liberated all the Palestinian lands from the Israeli occupation, and solved the problems of unemployment, poverty and hunger that are crushing the Gazan population.

    "It is strange that a political movement – whose political goals and plans are presumably aimed at liberating the Palestinians and their land – is preoccupied with forcing women to wear the hijab in school, in court and on the beach. In fact, Hamas is lately issuing laws pertaining to women that are not much different from those of Shabab Al-Somal, including a law that forbids a girl or a woman to sit on a motorcycle behind a man, even if he is her brother, father or husband – because, according to Hamas, this contravenes [Muslim] tradition."

    In Kuwait, "Voices Call On Women MPs to Wear the Veil"

    "Turning to Kuwait, we occasionally hear voices calling on women MPs to wear the veil. It is encouraging to find that in Kuwait there is opposition to calls of this sort, as part of political and social activism under the banner of the struggle between the past and future, or between tradition and modernism."

    In "Secular" Syria, First Graders Learn Islam – "When They Do Not [Yet] Know the Difference Between a Muslim, a Christian, a Shi'ite, and a Druze"

    "Even in Syria, a secular state, the authorities have recently introduced a [Muslim] textbook on religion into the first-grade curriculum, even though the classrooms are shared by pupils from different faiths, sects and religious streams. [The pupils are exposed to this textbook] at an age when they do not know the difference between a Muslim, a Christian, a Shi'ite and a Druze. Instead of preparing a unified religious curriculum appropriate to [all] religious cultures, the [Syrian] Culture Ministry is fostering the children's awareness of discriminatory sectarianism – something that was foreign to the previous generations."

    "There is Not a Single Ray of Hope [in the Arab World]"

    "In Iraq, Libya, Egypt and other Arab states, the situation is [even] worse.

    "There is not a single ray of hope [in the Arab world]."



    'Not a Single Ray of Hope' in Arab World


    And Ibn Abi ad-Dunya reported that Allah revealed to Yusha’ bin Nun (Joshua): “I will destroy 40,000 of the best of your people and 60,000 of their worst.” He asked: “My Lord, I can understand the worst of them being destroyed. Why destroy the best of them (ours )?” He Said: “They didn’t become angry for My Anger, and they would give the worst ones food and drink.”


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    Wednesday, December 09, 2009

    Genius readers 12.09.09

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Ops and Intel update 12.09.09

    Iranian PT boats, provided for US Navy target practice.

    Ops and Intel update 12.09.09

    RAM scrapers that grab data during the few seconds it’s unencrypted.

    while companies have been expanding their use of encryption to protect bank card data in transit and in storage, hackers have begun to use RAM scrapers to grab data during the few seconds it’s unencrypted and transactions are being authorized.

    The supplement provides case studies, involving anonymous Verizon clients, that detail some of the tools and methods hackers used to compromise the more than 285 million sensitive records that were breached in 90 forensic cases Verizon handled last year.



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    Tuesday, December 08, 2009

    New economic Paradigm: Twitter.

    New economic Paradigm: Twitter.

    There is a new economic paradigm functioning Live
    on the net.
    NO business plan and $100 million in funding.
    The burn ratio is totally supported by the investors.

    One would have to have a hell of a lot of confidence
    to fund a "NO BUSINESS PLAN" company.

    Twitter has NO business plan.

    They are pulling 50 million hits a month.

    They just got $100 million in funding from T. Rowe Price.

    And one of the founders says its more important to get
    to 100 million hits a month than it is to create a business plan.

    And he has a point if you got 100 million hits a month or even
    just 50 million you know the money is there.

    The context guarantees the income.

    You don't need a business plan, just the hits,
    and they will fund you.

    Get the hits and "They" will come.

    Twitter just escapes me.
    I use it and try and make it work.
    I'm even sending my blog posts out
    to different groups on twitter,
    I have a button on my blog, top right.

    And people follow me,
    but am I supposed to follow them?
    If I do won't I end up with a twitter
    log ? full of stuff other than terrorist

    A twitter thingy full of junk?

    But I like the NO business plan concept.

    Context can provide funding.
    Funding for production.
    Twitters context was hits,
    Twitter got funding.
    Twitter proved it.

    Now whats my context,
    and whats it worth,
    and who will fund it?

    Jeeze my head hurts, gota quit thinking
    for a while, comb the kinks out of my thoughts.

    Internet Anthropologist



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    Ghost Rider WARNING

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, December 07, 2009

    Admission Iran will use the nuke.

    Admission Iran will use the nuke.
    By Gerald, Internet Anthropologist

    Ahmadinejad reportedly claims he has documented evidence that the U.S. is blocking the return of Mahdi, the Imam believed by Muslims to be the savior.
    "They have devised all these plans to prevent the coming of the Hidden Imam because they know that the Iranian nation is the one that will prepare the grounds for his coming and will be the supporters of his rule," Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying.
    The US actions he refers to are the attempts to stop Iran regime
    from getting a NUKE.
    The 13th Imam click believe using a nuke in a "RELIGIOUS" strike could bring the
    return of the 13th Imam.




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Exclusive UBL location

    Exclusive UBL location:

    BSU's ,Bot Surveillance Units have picked up indicators
    Osamma location on the AfPak border.( Working on confirmation )

    Plus lots of noise and chatter.

    Triangulation on going.
    Getting very close.
    An entire company on maneuvers and several special ops squads.
    Intel continues to be passed up the Chain.
    Mullah Omar very active.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst



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    Winning the GWOT, our view

    Winning the GWOT
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    What would that look like?

    In WWII US knew who the enemy was.
    They wore uniforms, and US knew where
    they lived.

    The front lines were easily identified.
    And the was a signed unconditional
    surrender and somebody got a sword

    With the GWOT the enemy is sometimes
    unknown, no uniforms, and civilians can BE
    the front line at any time.

    Both in WWII and the GWOT there were
    suicide bombers.
    In WWII they had planes loaded with
    explosives, now they wear a little suicide

    USA learned how to deal with the WWII
    suicide bombers and today aren't having
    much problem with them either.

    But other countries are having a devil of
    a time learning to deal with Satan's
    suicide bombers.

    Our vision of victory:

    #1) A victory in the GWOT would involve
    all the major players in al Qaeda dead
    or arrested.

    #2) Taliban hard core leaders dead or
    arrested because of their support of
    al Qaeda.

    #3) A Military in Afghan and in Paki
    capable of keeping any remnants
    of al Qaeda and the Taliban under
    minimal control.

    #4) Strong US ties and trade with
    Afghan and Pakistan. Working
    Democracys building their respective
    economies.Recruiting the Gap to the core.

    #5) Strong Global Intelligence network
    working to ferret out roving and home grown
    terrorist on a Global scale.

    #6) Islam working a Global reeducation program
    for crack pot violent fundamentalist.

    #7) Islam taking some responsibility for
    weeding out the violent fundamentalist.
    And re training them in the Quaran.

    #8) Bombing Iran's Nuclear development
    sites. Taking out AbberJonny.
    The Iranian people electing a new regime.

    #9) The death or arrest of Kim Jung ILL. (sic)

    Those conditions would allow USA to bring
    home 80% of US troops, as 911 will have
    then been avenged.




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    Sunday, December 06, 2009

    Investigation into NCIS

    Charges: click to enlarge.

    Call for Investigation into NCIS
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) showed a distinctive lack
    of command discretion.
    NCIS is wasting key and critical resources during a time of war.
    I'm hoping this is just a case of over eager political correctness
    in a zealot. But it smells like a vendetta.

    The Officer in the Seals and SOCCENT that proceeded forward
    on this complaint of a 'bloody lip' or 'gut punch' have taken
    4 Navy Seals out of action, key and critical assets in the GWOT.
    Unfortunately the NAMES of these Officer Bumpkins taking the
    Terrorist complaint of a bloody lip forward and charging the SEALS
    have been redacted from the Charge sheets.

    I have OSINT teams and BSU's working on the names.
    For proper presentation of the "HEADS UP YOUR ASS"

    I trust the chain of command will look into this
    and issue a summary judgment dismissing the entire
    Cluster F***.

    Its hard enough to get troops to reenlist, let alone
    abusing SEALS with spurious charges the Terrorist
    are trained in to play the JAG system.

    These charges show Command is oblivious to standard
    terrorist psyops operations, poor judgment and
    and play into the courts of global opinion
    in a negative and spirous manner, in support of
    the terrorists.

    De minimis non curat lex! G


    Bartender Squad, OSINT

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