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    Tuesday, December 08, 2009

    New economic Paradigm: Twitter.

    New economic Paradigm: Twitter.

    There is a new economic paradigm functioning Live
    on the net.
    NO business plan and $100 million in funding.
    The burn ratio is totally supported by the investors.

    One would have to have a hell of a lot of confidence
    to fund a "NO BUSINESS PLAN" company.

    Twitter has NO business plan.

    They are pulling 50 million hits a month.

    They just got $100 million in funding from T. Rowe Price.

    And one of the founders says its more important to get
    to 100 million hits a month than it is to create a business plan.

    And he has a point if you got 100 million hits a month or even
    just 50 million you know the money is there.

    The context guarantees the income.

    You don't need a business plan, just the hits,
    and they will fund you.

    Get the hits and "They" will come.

    Twitter just escapes me.
    I use it and try and make it work.
    I'm even sending my blog posts out
    to different groups on twitter,
    I have a button on my blog, top right.

    And people follow me,
    but am I supposed to follow them?
    If I do won't I end up with a twitter
    log ? full of stuff other than terrorist

    A twitter thingy full of junk?

    But I like the NO business plan concept.

    Context can provide funding.
    Funding for production.
    Twitters context was hits,
    Twitter got funding.
    Twitter proved it.

    Now whats my context,
    and whats it worth,
    and who will fund it?

    Jeeze my head hurts, gota quit thinking
    for a while, comb the kinks out of my thoughts.

    Internet Anthropologist




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