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    Friday, December 11, 2009

    Anthro Observation, civil rights: Afpak

    Pakistan and the American Civil Rights Movement.
    By Gerald, Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

    The KKK and the Taliban.

    Both use terrorism against parts of
    the civilian populations.

    I used to admire the style of the old mens
    straw hats known as skimmers.

    Untill I saw a photo of "negro being
    lynched". Every one was wearing skimmers.

    That changed my thoughts about people who
    wear skimmers.

    "Negro Lynchings" seemed to be accepted,
    and the effected populations seemed powerless
    to stop them or get the perps convicted.

    The perps were caught read handed and
    stood trial just to be released by a sympathetic

    The KKK were not only against blacks
    but also Catholics. When my Grandfather
    a Catholic was dating my Grandmother,
    her brother answered the the door
    in his full KKK regalia,his hooded
    white sheet uniform, just to let
    my Grandfather a Catholic know where
    he stood, and to be very careful dating
    the woman who would turn out to be
    my Grandmother. The Culture changed.

    While Lincoln freed the slaves in the 1800's
    the civil rights movement for equal right didn't
    move into full swing till Martin Luther King.

    And the leader ship of the KKK, the directors
    of the violence were brought down by the FBI.

    But simply taking out the KKK leadership didn't
    mean success for the Civil Rights movement.

    They had to organize and work to advance their
    own cause, and the struggle continues today.

    My point is it wasn't the Feds that gained Civil
    Rights for those people, they did it them selves.

    The FBI simply made the playing field more level.
    Even while taking out the KKK, the FBI was harassing

    In Pakistan and in Afghan the US can help level the
    playing field but the Indigenous themselves must
    change their own culture to deny the Taliban power.

    Ultimately its the Afpak peoples fight, only they
    can win the fight against the Terrorist and change
    their culture, but the USA can only help level the
    playing field, they can't win the battle.

    The Pashtoons , and the other Muslims must
    act and organize against the Terrorist and reject them.

    Both movements are responsible for the outcomes,
    and changing the cultures.

    When will the Afpaki's join and move against the terrorists?
    USA is providing cover, giving them a chance to change
    to make a better life, but it is ultimately their decision.
    USA can only provide the opportunity.
    Will Afghan and Pakistan take advantage of
    the opportunity given them?

    Will the Pakis childrens, childrens, childs continue to be
    killed by the Taiban for the Great Game?

    Turn in Omar and Binny.



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