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    Friday, September 18, 2009

    Al Qaeda Secret revealed:

    Al Qaeda Secret revealed:
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Top Secret al Qaeda comm intercept.

    We have intercepted an encrypted al Qaeda
    communication sent to Bin Laden.

    al Qaeda is making a real power move,
    This maybe the most dangerous weapon
    they have ever hoped to use.

    This is more dangerous than a nuke.
    Even General David Petraeus has no
    defense against this.

    They have hired a Lobbyist....

    And their first secret attack is
    to stop the movement for all Americans
    to get Medical coverage.

    Its a bold move as America is the
    only industrial nation that doesn't
    have medical services for all the

    Their goal is to some how make
    Medical coverage for all Americans
    a BAD thing.

    The Lobbyist have assured them
    its do-able, as the Lobbyists say they own
    most of the Congress.

    They told al Qaeda its just a matter
    of money.

    The Lobbyist pointed to their
    success with the criminal banking
    mafia, and how they foisted Trillions
    and Trillions of toxic paper on the worlds
    economic system, and have fixed loan
    sharking and allow 402 % interest rates.
    The Banks are the cause of the worlds
    economic problems and were not even
    punished, in fact they were rewarded
    with $2.7 trillion dollars from the Federal

    And for the Criminal banks NOTHING
    has changed, no new regulation, no
    additional over sight, and the SEC even
    was willing to settle for a $33 million dollar
    fine for paying $5.7 billion dollars in bonuses
    when in the last quarter the Banks lost $15 billion

    The Lobbyist even told how their fees were not
    even being paid by the banks, but from
    the $2.7 billion hand out from the Feds.

    al Qaeda wasn't completely convinced.
    So the Lobbyist played their ACE.

    The lobbyist pointed out the Banks are
    allowed to carry two sets of books,
    One where the banks carry the toxic paper
    at 100% value and the banks are not required
    to carry the sub-prime toxic paper at its real
    value about 38% on their balance sheets.

    And the Banking stocks continue to trade
    on the stock exchanges even though every
    one knows the Banking books are cooked.

    And NO criminal charges have been brought
    against any bank CEO. Glass Segal has not
    even been re-instated, the grip of the lobbyist
    is so firm on congress.

    The Lobbyist offered to make the Republican
    party self destruct, in acts of political sucide.
    The Lobbyist said they were doing that just for
    fun and to Impress Binny.

    The last convinced Bin Laden and he has
    hired the Lobbyist to kill the American health
    coverage movement for all Americans and
    destroy the Republican party.

    Bin Laden replied he is sorry for 911 and the
    past 8 years of fighting, if only he had know
    about the Lobbyists, he could have defeated
    America years ago.

    Binny was awestruck by their power.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Series 7 & 13

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    Success in GWOT

    Success in GWOT
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Give the Generals what they request.

    The press over play problems with the GWOT.

    These successes are from Sept. 2009 only.
    All the parts for a successful paradigm are
    present for victory on the GWOT.

    The US military has the experience and
    the worlds best counter insurgency force
    in the world today.

    Iraq and Pakistan point the way.
    Afghan is subject to the same methods
    used in other theaters in the GWOT.

    USA has the keys.

    The Taliban and al Qaeda will fall,
    Epic fail, USA is closer to victory
    today than ever before.

    LET them do their job.

    Southeast Asia’s most wanted terrorist killed in Java raid
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    Two al Qaeda leaders reported killed in North Waziristan strike
    Read more:

    Pakistani Army captures wanted Swat Taliban military commander
    Read more:

    Senior al Qaeda leader killed in Somalia

    Eight killed in North Waziristan airstrike

    Pakistan arrests top Swat Taliban spokesman, a military commander, and shura members
    Read more:

    Haqqani Network commander killed in Sept. 8 strike
    Read more:

    12 killed in second US strike in North Waziristan
    Read more:


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    SEX in the matrix

    The Internet twists my mind Again.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist

    According to, there is a virtual
    sex site, selling virtual sex aids for use
    on their virtual sex site.

    Ok so none of this really exists,
    its virtual.

    The virtual sex site is being sued
    by a real sex toy/aid company for selling
    a virtual vibrator and sex coffin.

    Which don't actually exist, but do cost

    The sex toy/aid company is loosing out
    out on profits from virtual sex toys, which
    don't actually exist.

    Shades of The Matrix.
    I've got to stop thinking about
    this it hurts my head.

    The judge should find for the
    virtual site and order the Real
    sex toy/aid company to pay
    fees for the advertizing that
    till now was FREE.



    Bythe way Wired has banned me from
    posting on their site.



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    Are you a Sucker?

    Are you a Sucker?
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Just like Conficker, the Koobface botnet is no stranger to the scareware business modeland the potential for monetization of the hundreds of thousands of infected hosts.

    However, changes made in the campaign structure of the Koobface botnet during the last couple of days, indicate that the Koobface gang has embedded a pop-up at each and every host that's automatically rotation different scareware brands.
    They're now officially monetizing the botnet using a scareware business model.

    dangerWindAdr = popup.php loads on each and every Facebook spoof page part of the botnet and is then redirecting the most popular scareware template, the My computer Online Scan.


    If you get a warning that you have malware.

    Ok your disconnected and safe, they can't get
    anything off your machine if you disconnect it.

    Gather your thoughts, and start by checking
    out where the warning came from.

    The bad guys are inventing new fake security
    sites every day, can't keep track of all the
    bad security sites, but we can keep track
    of the good safe security sites.

    Ok after the panic settles, and you see the warning didn't come from your security
    software, and you have run a scn with your own safe security program,
    plug back into the net

    Go here:

    To check if its an approved site.

    If you can determine the warning came from
    a site not on this list, ignore the fake warning.

    You have run your own scan from your approved security

    And can check to see the warning is not from a approved
    security site, don't buy the program.

    If no one buys the fake security programs,
    they FAIL. DON'T BE A SUCKER...




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    Thursday, September 17, 2009

    Ignore Iran's Nuke.....

    Ignore Iran's Nuke.....
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Andrew Sullivan ASKS a key Question:
    And what's so awful about a nuclear stand-off between Iran and Israel in the Middle East? It is not necessarily a stable situation in a region when one country - and one country alone - has nuclear weapons in a region like the Middle East. In fact, it might encourage that country to act militarily with impunity, to over-reach and generate excessive hostility. Nuclear deterrence worked very well for much of the world for a long time in preventing conflict rather than exacerbating it. It may be the one thing preventing an India-Pakistan war. Why is it unthinkable in the Middle East?


    EXCERPTS FROM Thomas P.M. Barnett:
    We have been down this path several times with countries like Iran, and know how to balance the containment and rollback and efforts at detente designed for the soft-kill. There is no solid logic for going all wobbly on Iran's nukes. We simply know how to manage that package.

    Eventually, Israel has to adjust itself to the reality of a nuclear stand-off. It cannot hold a monopoly forever. It is that simple.

    Clinton said it correctly during the campaign (we will nuke Iran if it uses) and has offered the logical extension of our nuclear umbrella to Israel and the region. But pre-emptive war at this time is a fool's errand (Iran will simply redouble its efforts), dangerous to our Iraq and Af-Pak efforts (where previous and ongoing sacrifice must be respected) and a dangerous leap into a post-American world (it will cost us plenty vis-a-vis the New Core powers).


    Assuming that MAD, mutually assured destruction will work with
    Iran like it did with Russia maybe naive.

    The question of the 13th Imam isn't to be ignored.
    Its a belief that that you've got to have Armageddon to bring
    on the 13th Imam and the conversion of the world to Islam.

    Ahmadinejad is a Twelver, and has called for Israel's destruction.

    with the putsch by Ahmadinejad's Revolutionary Guard ..... bringing's international pull..( the regime
    maybe at risk, in time, stoping the nuke now may cause them
    to redouble their efforts and buy time for the over throw of the twelvers.
    Making way for a more reasonable regime of non-twelvers. G )

    "We have been down this path several times with countries like Iran, and know how to balance the containment and rollback and efforts at detente designed for the soft-kill. There is no solid logic for going all wobbly on Iran's nukes. We simply know how to manage that package."

    Does USA know how to deal with an potentially suicidal state?
    The Green movement nor the Mullahs are the ones with the finger
    on the Button...The Twelvers are.

    What happens if Israel does a air strike on Iran's nukes,
    and USA sanctions Israel?

    Let Israel do some heavy lifting.

    If Iran does smuggle a nuke into the border areas,
    and sets off a cloud of radio activity over Israel,
    I'm sure they will take great comfort in knowing
    MAD worked all the time before Iran got a nuke.

    Asymmetrical warfare with Nukes is a area
    not well explored, and Iran is thinking about it.





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    Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    Bin Laden's tape to America

    Bin Laden's tape to America is very interesting.

    It is two days late, his traditional 911 tapes are usually on time.
    Its to America but no English subtitles.
    And its the shortest of his 911 tapes so far.

    This maybe indicating much heavier and tighter security
    than ever before.

    Extra time to get the audio tape out ( more dead drops )
    and very modest post production capabilities.

    Binny is scared, and deathly afraid of spies,
    Afpak is full of them.

    Paradigm Intel says he is taking extraordinary
    security precautions.

    I am in agreement with Binny about the power
    of lobbyists over our congress.

    He speaks of the Jewish lobby and
    I've spoken of the Banking lobby.

    Binny's biggest failure is in acting
    with an attack, 911, he should have
    hired the Banking lobbyists.

    Al Qaeda just got their butt
    whipped in Palestine, but
    this seems to be the only theater
    he thinks he can gain some support in.

    And Binny is confused about the
    current economic situation.
    Somebody needs to explain the
    American Big Banks toxic paper

    There is no connection between
    the GWOT and the current
    economic conditions in USA.

    It seems the heavier Binny's
    security gets, the further
    removed he is from the real World.




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    Public Champion against the Banking Mafia,

    Public Champion against the Banking Mafia,

    I've awarded the "HOT" Trophy to the first judge
    to stand against the Big Banking Mafia.

    NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Judge Jed Rakoff seems to have become the arbiter of common sense in the Merrill Lynch bonus scandal, filling a regulatory void and helping to mollify shareholder rage.

    Judge Rakoff also represents a thorn in the side ofBank of America (BAC Quote) and its regulators.

    At issue are $5.8 billion in bonuses that Merrill distributed at year-end ahead of the merger. Merrill's financial condition was deteriorating, eventually resulting in a $15 billion fourth-quarter loss and requiring BofA to take on another $20 billion loan from the government.

    BofA management and an assortment of regulators -- including former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulsonand Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke -- apparently knew about the rewards and the losses, or at least were able to learn of them since they had access to relevant documents.

    Shareholders did not.

    Typically, a company would not have to report information on such a minute level, especially regarding actions taken before a merger was sealed. However,companies must disclose any information that is "material" -- anything shareholders would need to know in deciding whether to approve the merger. One could argue that the bonuses -- and the losses - were that important, considering that once shareholders knew more about the Merrill deal, they stripped BofA CEO Ken Lewis of his chairmanship.

    The SEC, in an attempt to restore its own credibility, slapped Bank of America with a $33 million settlement for the way the disclosures were handled. No one has admitted to doing anything wrong.



    The SEC fines BOA $33 million for paying $5,8 Billion in bonuses to

    BOA with a $15 billion fourth-quarter loss and requiring BofA to take on another $20 billion loan from the government.

    Fine $33 million, bonuses, $5.8 billion.

    Who could have saw this coming? ( 10.10.08 G )

    "The CEO's gave up Golden Parachutes in exchange for performance bonuses, after lining up $700 billion bailout, let the bonuses FLOW, they performed they got $700 billion." IN BAIL OUT FUNDS.


    So who controls the SEC?

    BOA had a sweetheart deal with the SEC.

    Who controls Congress?

    The criminal banking mafia lobby.

    They will be going after Judge Rakoff, now.