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    Friday, September 18, 2009

    Al Qaeda Secret revealed:

    Al Qaeda Secret revealed:
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Top Secret al Qaeda comm intercept.

    We have intercepted an encrypted al Qaeda
    communication sent to Bin Laden.

    al Qaeda is making a real power move,
    This maybe the most dangerous weapon
    they have ever hoped to use.

    This is more dangerous than a nuke.
    Even General David Petraeus has no
    defense against this.

    They have hired a Lobbyist....

    And their first secret attack is
    to stop the movement for all Americans
    to get Medical coverage.

    Its a bold move as America is the
    only industrial nation that doesn't
    have medical services for all the

    Their goal is to some how make
    Medical coverage for all Americans
    a BAD thing.

    The Lobbyist have assured them
    its do-able, as the Lobbyists say they own
    most of the Congress.

    They told al Qaeda its just a matter
    of money.

    The Lobbyist pointed to their
    success with the criminal banking
    mafia, and how they foisted Trillions
    and Trillions of toxic paper on the worlds
    economic system, and have fixed loan
    sharking and allow 402 % interest rates.
    The Banks are the cause of the worlds
    economic problems and were not even
    punished, in fact they were rewarded
    with $2.7 trillion dollars from the Federal

    And for the Criminal banks NOTHING
    has changed, no new regulation, no
    additional over sight, and the SEC even
    was willing to settle for a $33 million dollar
    fine for paying $5.7 billion dollars in bonuses
    when in the last quarter the Banks lost $15 billion

    The Lobbyist even told how their fees were not
    even being paid by the banks, but from
    the $2.7 billion hand out from the Feds.

    al Qaeda wasn't completely convinced.
    So the Lobbyist played their ACE.

    The lobbyist pointed out the Banks are
    allowed to carry two sets of books,
    One where the banks carry the toxic paper
    at 100% value and the banks are not required
    to carry the sub-prime toxic paper at its real
    value about 38% on their balance sheets.

    And the Banking stocks continue to trade
    on the stock exchanges even though every
    one knows the Banking books are cooked.

    And NO criminal charges have been brought
    against any bank CEO. Glass Segal has not
    even been re-instated, the grip of the lobbyist
    is so firm on congress.

    The Lobbyist offered to make the Republican
    party self destruct, in acts of political sucide.
    The Lobbyist said they were doing that just for
    fun and to Impress Binny.

    The last convinced Bin Laden and he has
    hired the Lobbyist to kill the American health
    coverage movement for all Americans and
    destroy the Republican party.

    Bin Laden replied he is sorry for 911 and the
    past 8 years of fighting, if only he had know
    about the Lobbyists, he could have defeated
    America years ago.

    Binny was awestruck by their power.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Series 7 & 13

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