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    Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    Bin Laden's tape to America

    Bin Laden's tape to America is very interesting.

    It is two days late, his traditional 911 tapes are usually on time.
    Its to America but no English subtitles.
    And its the shortest of his 911 tapes so far.

    This maybe indicating much heavier and tighter security
    than ever before.

    Extra time to get the audio tape out ( more dead drops )
    and very modest post production capabilities.

    Binny is scared, and deathly afraid of spies,
    Afpak is full of them.

    Paradigm Intel says he is taking extraordinary
    security precautions.

    I am in agreement with Binny about the power
    of lobbyists over our congress.

    He speaks of the Jewish lobby and
    I've spoken of the Banking lobby.

    Binny's biggest failure is in acting
    with an attack, 911, he should have
    hired the Banking lobbyists.

    Al Qaeda just got their butt
    whipped in Palestine, but
    this seems to be the only theater
    he thinks he can gain some support in.

    And Binny is confused about the
    current economic situation.
    Somebody needs to explain the
    American Big Banks toxic paper

    There is no connection between
    the GWOT and the current
    economic conditions in USA.

    It seems the heavier Binny's
    security gets, the further
    removed he is from the real World.





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