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    Monday, September 14, 2009

    Fox news using fake links, for ads

    Just how sleazy can Fox news get?
    Note the links in the post below are FAKE.
    SITE Intelligence link below doesn't link to
    SITE, but an advertizment for, "Cognos Performance Manager
    Online Demo" I don't know who they are but must be sleazy
    to use fake links.

    About what one would expect, they carry " Bill O'rilie" sic.

    CAIRO — A U.S.-based group monitoring militant Web sites said Friday that jihadist forums have been experiencing technical problems on the eve of Sept. 11, finally going offline a day before the 8th anniversary of the Al Qaeda attack on the U.S.

    The SITE Intelligence Group said the same thing happened last year, promoting consternation in militant circles.

    "As happened last year ... top jihadist forums affiliated with Al Qaeda began experiencing technical problems, culminating in their ultimate closure on September 10, 2009," the group said in a statement.

    This is proof Fox is unprofessional, and SLEAZY.



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