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    Tuesday, September 15, 2009

    Huge Systemic risk threat.

    Huge Systemic risk threat.

    The Banking Lobby represents a Huge Systemic risk.

    They got Glass Segal repealed, and are blocking efforts
    to bring these huge banks under regulation.

    The average retail investor is at a disadvantage.

    The SEC investigated Bernie 6 times and
    didn't see a $50 billion Ponzi scam.

    402% loan sharking,

    The banking lobby has been able to
    roll back regulation, and oversight.

    The power of these banking lobbys
    maybe such as to defeat policing
    efforts against the criminal banks.

    The ones that brought the world
    the current economic crisis,
    and made criminal baning
    activities legal by buying
    These banks are using the bail
    out money to buy congressmen.

    The power of lobbyists over
    congress represents a
    Huge Systemic risk threat
    to the worlds economies.

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