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    Friday, September 18, 2009

    SEX in the matrix

    The Internet twists my mind Again.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist

    According to, there is a virtual
    sex site, selling virtual sex aids for use
    on their virtual sex site.

    Ok so none of this really exists,
    its virtual.

    The virtual sex site is being sued
    by a real sex toy/aid company for selling
    a virtual vibrator and sex coffin.

    Which don't actually exist, but do cost

    The sex toy/aid company is loosing out
    out on profits from virtual sex toys, which
    don't actually exist.

    Shades of The Matrix.
    I've got to stop thinking about
    this it hurts my head.

    The judge should find for the
    virtual site and order the Real
    sex toy/aid company to pay
    fees for the advertizing that
    till now was FREE.



    Bythe way Wired has banned me from
    posting on their site.




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