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    Saturday, May 23, 2009

    Paki Army on the level?

    KUMBAR (Qumbar) Ridge

    Paki Army on the level?

    More than a week ago, the Army claimed that the main town of Mingora was surrounded; subsequent reports indicate, however, that troops are still advancing. Today, the military reported it captured three-fourths of a ridge”(link) outside of Mingora.
    Read more: "Swat offensive stalls as Taliban strike outside the war zone - The Long War Journal" -


    From NEO: says, "IT’S CALLED THE KUMBAR (Qumbar) Ridge.

    It’s a 3km long ridge, and starts at 34°45'50"N, 72°20'40"E


    It dominates the south-west corner of Mingora and forms the Eastern side of the Saidu Sharif valley. "

    And over a week with choppers and jets they haven't been able to take the ridge.

    see photos above.

    "And there has been fighting in the northern end of the Saidu sharif valley around the area of the Continental Hotel."Neo.



    In the town of Kalam in northern Swat, the military is absent while the Taliban are attempting to overrun the region. The tribesmen raised a lashkar, or tribal militia, and asked the Taliban to leave the region to spare it from military attacks. The lashkar then captured eight Taliban fighters (link).
    Read more: "Swat offensive stalls as Taliban strike outside the war zone - The Long War Journal" -


    And the Paki Army has left the lashkar in a lurch.

    Leaving them to the tenderness of the Taliban.

    I've seen the reports of suicide attacks, while I don't

    doubt them, could it be collusion?

    I await further evidence.



    “Except for some parts of the GT (Grand Trunk) road, some mountain tops and the circuit house in Mingora, all of Swat is under the control of the Taliban,” he continued. “If the government really has cleared and taken control of the region, it should bring in the media and let the whole world see it for themselves. I keep moving around, and in several places I have seen army checkpoints with a Taliban checkpoint nearby.”

    Read more: "Swat offensive stalls as Taliban strike outside the war zone - The Long War Journal" -




    From our sources inside the Beltway:

    It is a scam, sort of.  Kiyani, Gilani and Zardari are pros at skinning us for money.  We threatened to cut off funds, gave them the "or else" routine.  They agreed to clear Buner and make some noise in Swat and in the future, Waziristan.

    You know they are not serious when they want no intel from us or drone support.  The pattern repeats, big announcements, "heavy fighting going on", "miscreants captured and killed", the PakMil soap opera.  No reporters allowed in to see the noisy charade.
    Here is the reality, they cut a deal to let Maulana Fazlullah escape to Paktia, Afghanistan.  He is gone with all of his key commanders.  About 1,500 Talibs remain out of 4,000 and are bailing out in small groups to regroup later.  Most went north to Upper Dir or to Afghanistan.  
    Several hundred, remain in MIngora and are dug in ready to fight to the death.  About 15,000 residents remain there.  Lots of Uzbeks and Tajik and Chechen fighters in Mingora, they have been sold out by Fazlalluh as the price for his escape.  He has ordered them to make a useless last stand, that will take weeks, and make the Pakis look good, that they are ridding Swat of "foreign elements".  All while the Pahktun fighters slip away to fight another day. 
    The Paki habit is to bring up a lot of armor and aircraft, bomb a lot of empty hillsides, show off prisoners, do the minimum of fighting, claim huge body counts that no one has seen, set up road blocks all over, garrison all the key bridges and crossroads.  Then after enough pressure, negotiate with the Talibs to let them slip away.  Then the triumphant march through town and claims that the writ of law is re-established.
    We also "laid down the law" that they have to "invade" Waziristan.  Baitullah is still hiding out there but has cut a deal with Maulvi Nazir for safe passage through N Waziristan to Afghanistan also, with most of his fighters.  The Mehsud jirga went to meet with Baitullah yesterday to make preparations for his temporary departure should the Pakis "invade".
    This buys the Pakis about 6 months and we write checks to our "brave partners" fighting AQ.  The Pakis will bail out before winter, leaving behind garrisons and checkpoints and claiming control.  Obama will wake up to the "Great Game", as the Pakis call it, after the hustle plays out and the Talibs come back to Lower Dir.
    The real traction is in Afghanistan where our surge is making a big and encouraging impact in the Taliban drug business.  If we do well there cutting off narco-dollars to the Talibs, Pakistan will largely take care of itself.  We confiscated 80,000 pounds of poppy seeds, very good news.  That is nearly their entire seed supply for Helmand Province.




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    Coffee a conspiracy against Islam

    Coffee & Counter-Insurgency: Analyzing the anti-Starbucks Jihad:

    Great article on counter terrorism Blog. Link 

    This is a fine example of hysterical Islamists, propaganda.

    This attempt is aimed at uneducated Muslims, in an attempt
    to to gain support for terrorists activities.

    Starbucks response to these crazy allegations will determine whether the boycott is successful.

    Starbucks needs to protect its corporate reputation.
    A corporation should consider a world wide body guard for its reputation.
    Any thing posted often enough, over a long enough period of time andon enough sites; becomes the truth by default.
    If this propaganda effort starts to get traction, it requires a response.Every where it is posted.
    And if it starts to build, than a truth campaign maybe in order.
    We have see and been involved in counter competitive intelligence operationsagainst old line corps where they played ostrich.We were hired to trace the source of the lies and unfounded rumors.Our advice was to counter post the truth every where the lie appeared.They tried just to ignore the slander, and the propaganda over came scientificproof the product was safe and it cost them millions in profits. As the productwas eventually banned in many countrys.
    Your corporate reputation is one of your most valuable assets.On the Internet they may need a body guard to track and protectone's reputation.
    Track and document who is behind the attack on ones reputation,trace the suspects, and counter the lies with counter posting."
      There is a universal psychology operating on the Internet that tends to believe anything posted often and broadly enough is believed as the “TRUTH” ie if it isn’t the truth it would be confronted. Kind of like if it is in the Newspaper it must be true or they would be sued.

      I have seen this in operation on the internet related to a product where there was certain scientific proof the product was safe but was ruled against by the USA government based on the false info posted all over the internet, the false info was perceived as the truth without confirmation, over scientific proofs in their own studies.

      This psychology is being used to great effect by the Islamo fascists on the Internet. Lies posted over a wide range of sites often enough, un-confronted are perceived as the truth by the public, Moslem and American."

      Current State and Future of Cyber Warfare:

    Competitive Intelliegence services:



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    Friday, May 22, 2009

    Cyber Over Watch Troops

    Cyber Overwatch Troops
    By Gerald: Internt Anthropologist Think Tank

    Cyber Troops need protection.
    Cyber Heavy Weapons Squad.

    This is a view into the Over watch functions,
    for a cyber units supporting ground troops.

    Much like an Air Force over watch during an operation.

    Cyber over watch look over the cyber troops ( CT ) and 
    Ground troops ( GT ) Or the Cyber Company on patrol.

    The cyber over watch team may be a small squad or
    as large as a company size element.

    Their function is to sense the pulse of all troops
    and associated electronics.

    The basic pulse function is an encrypted  bios inquiry.
    Is everyones pc or chip set responding, very similar to
    responders in air craft.

    Any one off line? Any system off line? any response
    slow or lagging? Measuring the level of Bandwidth

    A large drop in band withs speed may be the first indicator
    of a cyber attack, dos attack etc.

    The primary function of the Cyber over watch is cyber medical.
    All the pulse monitoring is done in the background,
    CT and GT unaware of the checks.

    Overwatch is looking for signs of any attack.
    and moves to place over watch offensive teams
    in attack positions against any threat.

    The offensive teams have a myriad of cyber Weapons at their disposal.

    Their primary offensive capability is the ability to take 
    the threat off line. 

    From an individual PC to network, or a WWW hub if necessary.

    While the over watch command doesn't have the capability 
    to take down a bot net, they are in direct contact
    with those that can take out an entire bot net with one stroke,
    be it 10 pcs or 100 million pc starting a DOS attack against 
    all 13 web n nodes.

    The method is one of the Governments highest secrets,
    and they dread the use of the cyber weapon as its use
    will disclose its existence and possibly counters if deployed.

    For taking out a PC or Network they have a multitude of choices.

    Exquisite scanners looking for even obtuse exploits to penetrate
    systems. Where once again they have a huge choice of types of damages
    and depth of destruction.

    They are even able to finesse the situation, maybe just using a pop up
    on the PC that says, " You are attacking a US Military PC you have
    30 seconds to turn your PC off before the US Military destroys your
    PC", and then it starts a flashing 30 second count down.

    At the end of 30 seconds they have a choice of options.
    From just turning the PC off, to erasing the attacking software,
    to formating his FAT, or actually crashing the head into the platter,
    there by destroying the hard drive.

    They have the capability of copying the hard drive for later
    Intel assessment to stealing email pass words, for Recon squads.

    In cases where they are unable to exploit the PC right away they
    point a heavy dos attack against that IP, or ISP if need be.
    To block the aggressors access to the Internet.

    Thru the use of force multiplier programs even a small contingent
    can appear the be a huge bot attack and have the force of a bot net
    millions of times its actual size.

    Over Watch takes DOWN any threats or forces attacking the CT or the GT.

    Over Watch is mainly a protective cover, not part of the operations.

    My sources tell me this over watch team would be plugged into the 

    Tactical InternetSystems analyst


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    Gov 100's data bases

    The Obama administration launched its web site today where federal agencies will publish raw data. The data is being made available to programmers to allow them to develop applications to make the data more accessible to the public.

    The site’s catalog currently contains fewer than 100 datasets, but will grow as agencies translate more data into raw digital formats. The data is available in XML, Text/CSV, Keyhole Markup Language and Compressed Keyhole Markup Language, Feeds, XLS, or ESRI Shapefile formats. The site also provides links to widgets and data mining and extraction tools to help cull through data from specific agencies.

    To encourage the development of applications for the data, the Sunlight Foundation, in conjunction with others, has launched a competition, Apps for America 2: the Challenge.

    The winner of the best application will receive $10,000. The runner-up and third place winners will receive $5,000 and $2,500 respectively. All three will receive a trip to Washington, D.C. to the awards ceremony in September. A special $2,500 prize will go to the person who creates the best visualization of data. Deadline for submissions is August 7.



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    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    Loosing info war, terrorist Ideology

    Saudi Reformist Author in 'Al-Sharq Al-Awsat': 'Terrorism: A Cultural Phenomenon'

    ( Right ON, G )


    "The Security Success in the Fight Against Terrorism... Has Not Been Accompanied by Successes in the Fight Against the Ideology Behind [It]"

    "The third and most important conclusion is that the persistence of Al-Qaeda is a result of the persistence of the circumstances against which Al-Qaeda is working; this provides the organization with a suitable environment for existence and vitality. The spread of an epidemic is not due to the strength of the virus itself, but due to the existence of an environment that provides the virus with the opportunity to grow and develop. The fight against the epidemic is therefore the fight against the virus itself, and so unless the virus itself is combated the epidemic will continue. The same can be said about Al-Qaeda.

    "In Saudi Arabia, for example, the security agencies performed their full role with regards to the detection, investigation and arrest [of terrorists], but this is not everything. Weeds return once they have been plucked out so long as their roots remain intact. The roots in this case, and in any real society, are the places of socialization, from homes to the mosque, from social clubs to the media and others. These help to shape an individual's personality from childhood, and help them move in one direction or another or at the least give the individual the potential of moving in one direction or the other. These institutions sow the first seeds that give rise to the core of thought and behavior; this supports the popular [Arab] proverb, 'One goes back to their roots.'

    "The security success in the fight against terrorism and the forces of destruction has not been accompanied by successes in the fight against the ideology behind this destructive behavior. What other explanation is there for the hundreds of Al-Qaeda recruits, a figure which represents only the tip of the iceberg, not to mention the silent followers and sympathizers. There is a defect - there can be no doubt about that - and this is in the damage that has been caused by the educational institutes [in Saudi Arabia] since we diverted from the correct path, socially and culturally, and we took up the labyrinthine ideology of the Sahwa [Islamic re-awakening] in the late 1970s [following the Mecca siege]. Educational institutes, without exception, began to reflect this ideology."

    "Schools and Educational Curriculums Continue to Disseminate Extremist Ideology - Despite Efforts to Reduce Its Impact"

    "This is an ideology that is in essence a culture of blood and death that calls for the elimination of the unbelievers - i.e. anyone who does not fully agree with this ideology - both within Saudi Arabia and abroad. All educational institutions then formed along this basis, in the light of the ideological struggle against the Iranian revolution that was attempting to export a different concept of Islam, as well as the political struggle against a superpower that was attempting to occupy Afghanistan in order to access the waters of the Gulf. These factors resulted in the state turning a blind eye to what was going on inside these educational institutes, and even in some cases encouraging what was going on there for political purposes, and so today we are reaping what we sowed.

    "Perhaps circumstance rules supreme, and the game of politics has its own rules, and some things are necessary. There is no shame in making a mistake - life in essence is trial and error - but it is shameful to deny making the mistake [in the first place] and to continue to make the same mistake over and over again. As for nations, it is wrong to continue implementing a policy that may have been effective once, but is a disaster once circumstances have changed. In the end, the wise man is one that not only listens to others, but who also listens to his own experience and history. Only the obstinate will deny that there have been efforts to release these educational institutes from their [ideological] captivity, but these efforts have only dealt with the visible tip of the iceberg.

    "This is where the problem lies: Schools and educational curriculums continue to disseminate extremist ideology, despite the efforts to reduce its impact, and [this] has resulted in the elimination of the effective education of any cadres by involving Islam in the fields of chemistry and medicine, resulting in the classification of humanity [into believer and unbeliever] and the promotion of hatred and a culture of death. Some mosques continue to give sermons calling for death, destruction and killing, but now we are in need of new sermons that call for tolerance and inter-faith dialogue, because we are all the children of Adam. We are in need of sermons that address the glories of life and humanity. At this point someone will ask: Are we supposed to leave behind our culture and religion?"

    "We Are Muslims... But We Are Not By Necessity Islamists - And There Is a Difference Between Islam and Islamism"

    "Of course not, for those that are in control of the world today have not forgotten their culture and religion; indeed they are well aware of their own religion, and of how the world works. We are Muslims, there is no doubt about that, but we are not by necessity Islamists, and there is a difference between Islam and Islamism. Before the Sahwa we were a society of Muslims, giving God his right, and not forgetting our lot in the world. But after the Sahwa and the kidnapping of our educational institutes, we became a society of Islamists forgetting our lot in the world. There is no getting out of this situation except by going back to the world that we neglected and returning to our Islam and our humanity. Without uprooting the intellectual and cultural roots behind extremism and violence, we will continue to be plagued by these [ideological] weeds, pulling them out but leaving the roots to remain and sprout once more.

    "Until the situation changes, Al-Qaeda and its supporters will continue to exist and appear in this same way."





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    Ops and Intel update.05.21.09


    Hizballah is training Drug cartels in Mexico.
    Training the cartel members in bomb-making 
     Hizballah sells them heroin and trains them for cash.
    The opium base or heroin is commonly trafficked by Tajik drug runners from Afghanistan, across N Iran to Syria to Hizballah where it is further refined, shipped from Syria to Mexico
    Source, confidential., WORKING SECOND SOURCE


    al Qaeda:

    AQ is recruiting from the dating websites.
    More developing...WORKING SECOND SOURCE


    Inquiry: Intel says, Seven highly trained Iraqi Al-Qaeda masterminds have entered Pakistan?

    The ops in Swat are yielding a real intel bonanza, dozens of foreign fighters are being interrogated from all over.  Look for lots of arrests in Karachi, Peshawar, etc. 
     Intel overload right now Saudi, Libyan, Afghani, Syrian, Uzbek, Tajik and Chechen AQ mostly coming in from Iraq..  Calling them "masterminds" is a stretch, they are trained mainly in IED's and explosives. 
    The Paki's are not sharing them with us, for now..
    From Inside Beltway...WORKING SECOND SOURCE


    Paki Swat is drawing al Qaeda troops from all over M.E.
    This would seem to verify Paki KIA reports.
    And verify Paki has gotten serious about bringing
    the Taliban to heel.


    I was standing in front of my trench, when I was shot…’ 

    RAWALPINDI: ‘They used to attack early in the morning or after dark. They would always go for an ambush,’ said Lieutenant Zaigham, wounded in battle with the Taliban and lying in a hospital.

    Zaigham – who did not give his full name – sustained shrapnel wounds from fierce street fighting in the Swat valley and is a patient at the Combined Military Hospital in Rawalpindi, away from the combat in the northwest.

    Lying in bed with bandaged wounds, he and fellow soldiers spoke of intense battles against heavily-armed insurgents, who put up stiff resistance and are often able to outflank Pakistan’s well-equipped and motivated soldiers.

    Pakistan has declared the combat area a closed military zone, sealed off to journalists and aid workers. It is impossible to corroborate information coming from behind the frontlines from either soldiers or trapped civilians.

    From May 4 to May 17, when Zaigham was wounded, his unit advanced slowly from Khwazakhela in northern Swat to the nearby town of Matta, which has long been under Taliban control.

    ‘There were strong resistance during the entire journey but we managed to clear the area. They buried mines and planted IEDs (improvised explosive devices) every 50 metres,’ he said.

    ‘There were checkpoints, bases and training centres in the mountains. We were clearing and destroying all this.’

    ‘They positioned snipers in holes made out of the walls of houses. They used civilians as human shields. They used to attack from houses and roofs.’

    ‘They are well equipped, they have mortars. They have rockets, sniper rifles and every type of sophisticated weapons,’ said Zaigham.

    ‘I am certain that foreign elements are behind these militants. Can I ask something very simple – who are their sponsors? What their sources of funding? Who runs their logistics?’ he said.

    Residents trapped by the fighting in Swat have also said the Taliban dug trenches and were well armed. US-based Human Rights Watch has accused the Taliban of using ‘human shields’ by preventing civilians from leaving.

    Zaigham was wounded when a rocket shell exploded in Matta and shards of shrapnel sliced into his shoulder and leg. He needs constant care.

    ‘Some of my colleagues embraced shahadat (martyrdom) in this fight and some were wounded, but we forced the militants to retreat,’ he said.

    Pakistan says more than 1,050 militants and 58 soldiers have been killed, but Taliban spokesmen speaking to local media heavily contradict those claims.

    Neither have authorities released any word on civilian casualties.

    Wounded soldiers who spoke to AFP said they were willing to lay down their lives for what commanders have declared a fight to ‘eliminate’ militants.

    Soldier Haseeb Ahsan, 26, was among those flown into Peochar, in northern Swat last week in a bid to open a new front and wrest back control of a Taliban bastion and alleged stronghold of Swat Taliban commander Maulana Fazlullah.

    The airborne troops admitted they came under heavy fire.

    ‘We landed in the jungle. Militants ambushed our group. I received two bullets in my right thigh, but I kept on firing’ he said.

    ‘My wish was to die in the way of Allah and for my country. I will definitely go back and hit them hard,’ he said.

    One of the younger soldiers, Mohammad Asif, 18, was he was wounded last week in Swat’s main town of Mingora, where the Taliban are still in full control.

    ‘It was midnight. I was standing in front of my trench, when I was shot. They always attack secretly. I wanted to tell them ‘don’t attack like jackals, attack like men’,’ he said.

    ‘When I was hit, I returned fire and they ran away. I want to go back, I wish I could become a martyr for my country’ he said.



    Islamabad, Thursday, May 21, 10.01GMTT

    Support for Pakistan's war seems be to holding. Nightly, the county's media shows salute its soldiers.

    One newspaper headline is particularly striking: "The nation speaks with one voice: Crush 'em!"

    In the markets and coffee shops people seem to want the crisis over, but welcome the fact that the army is tackling the Taliban.

    "The thing is, Pakistanis have realised that the Taliban have gone back on their promises, have shown themselves incapable of sticking to peace deals so Pakistanis have become fed up," Khadim Hussien, a university professor and analyst, told Al Jazeera.

    "The Taliban are offering nothing - no new ideas, no way out."

    It's an interesting thing to witness, this broad public and political support for the war.



    Fortress Islamabad.

    Huge concrete walls have gone up around some buildings. In other parts, black and yellow concrete safety barriers have turned open roads into go-kart courses.

    The Marriott Hotel, subject to a massive bomb blast in September last year, is cocooned in a massive shell made out of blast walls and sandbags.

    Armed guards, pump action shotguns draped casually over their shoulders, stand on every street.

    Driving past the Parliament requires you to navigate several checkpoints and the route from one end of Islamabad to the other, which used to take 20 minutes, can now take an hour.

    Fashion shows still happen here, there is a thriving arts scene, the markets are packed with every kind of Pakistani buying every kind of cloth and the cafes are still doing a brisk trade.

    But it's not the carefree atmosphere of my youth. People tend not to hang around as much as they used to, most entertaining now happens at home and Islamabad's vast array of restaurants, though packed by day, remain emptier than ever at night.

    Islamabad - they call it the beautiful city here. Carved out of the hills it's definitely that, but it's also nervy and tense. 



    A shout of  "hurrahhurrah", for the Pakis and Islamabad..G

      “There is no God but Allah; Mohamed is the Messenger of Allah” In the name of God, praise be to God, and praise and blessings be upon the Messenger of God, his family, his Companions, and all those who follow him.
      Those who believe, fight in the Cause of Allâh, and those who disbelieve, fight in the cause of the (false moujadeem), Tâghût (Satan). So fight you against thefriends of Shaitân (Satan). Ever feeble indeed is theplot of Shaitân (Satan the false Moujahedeen ). ] al-Nissa:76.


    Internet Anthropologist