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    Monday, November 13, 2006

    Current State and Future of Cyber Warfare:

    Current State and Future of Cyber Warfare:

    Al-Qaeda has established the first effective cyber warfare division. Their influence on the American elections and the Moslem ummah cannot be denied.

    Their cyber division includes Command and Control, training, recruitment and a media psyops division second to none.

    Their media arm is able to maintain moral in public view of heavy losses.

    They have identified their demographic and pander to it very effectively.

    They have mobile web sites on maybe 20 servers, use public servers to distribute their elaborate weekly terrorist magazines ( est. 12 ) and videos ( 12 ).

    They have several fake news sites to distribute their propaganda.
    And an all volunteer distribution network.

    They have the ability to comment on real time events with in an hours time.

    Their distribution network is public and its publications are in several languages.

    The distribution network is hardened by redundancy, some files may be loaded to 40 or 50 public sites and files. The location and urls of these files are then distributed. The files are in multiple formats also.

    Their hacking abilities are limited to a few sites with software downloadable for DOS attacks.

    While N. Korea and China have dedicated hacking forces functioning full time.

    One of the counter tactics for their media operations would be saturation, flooding the ‘market’ with competing media targeted to the same demographic.

    Since the Islamo fascist’s cyber warfare tactics are intuitive they are predictable.

    The USA Army’s efforts have been limited to a few successful psyops programs and mostly academic analysis. And the Air force have some future plans based primarily in the future and security based.

    Israeli efforts have been more extensive private initiatives based on OSINT distribution, analysis and some web defacement.

    Our own efforts have been limited by funds and primarily BETA model operations. While our operations have been successful and had significant impact they have been low volume.

    The strongest weapon in the cyber army arsenal seems to be the
    TRUTH, and huge distribution. These tools seem to have the most impact on public opinion.

    The Israeli Lebanon war is a good example. While Lebanon suffered 3,500,000,000 USD in damages and Israel suffered $10,000 worth of pot holes to fill in, and Lebanon suffered 4,500 deaths and Israeli suffered around 400 deaths, Lebanon was viewed as the winner in the war from media efforts from the Islamo fascist’s media arm.

    In the future I envision the USA will have several battalions of cyber troops, each trooper with their own computer. Just posting to forums, news groups and news media sites presenting the truth and monitoring the internet for breaking news, spin and OSINT, WORLD WIDE and responding to same in real time. Posting in eight hour shifts around the clock on current events and most languages countering the Islamo fascist’s lies, spin and propaganda. And a psycops core producing analysis, video, magazines and text for the posters.

    Another division of hackers tracking their media computers and leaders, disrupting their command and control and influencing moral through PC crippling viruses.

    There is a universal psychology operating on the Internet that tends to believe anything posted often and broadly enough is believed as the “TRUTH” ie if it isn’t the truth it would be confronted. Kind of like if it is in the Newspaper it must be true or they would be sued.

    I have seen this in operation on the internet related to a product where there was certain scientific proof the product was safe but was ruled against by the USA government based on the false info posted all over the internet, the false info was perceived as the truth without confirmation, over scientific proofs in their own studies.

    This psychology is being used to great effect by the Islamo fascists on the Internet. Lies posted over a wide range of sites often enough, un-confronted are perceived as the truth by the public, Moslem and American.

    And selective edited videos can be spun as the whole truth even though they are propaganda. As evidenced by the TV company that ran the story of the insurgent sniper videos as NEWS rather than as propaganda.

    After all seeing, is believing. Even if the video is one sided and selectively edited to present a slanted view or just the partial story favorable to the insurgents. And this can and does influence the American public and our elections and the Moslem ummah.

    Cyber warfare in the future will center on media wars and demographic battles. Which we are not even fighting now, we are loosing by default.
    Both the Moslem ummah and the USA public are loosing and being influenced by un-confronted lies and propaganda on the Internet. Much of the public believe the terrorists speak for Islam, which will eventually have deafening and devastating blow back for the ummah.

    While we could win the war and all the battles in reality, we could loose in the arena of public opinion and not be viewed as the victors encouraging future wars and insurgencies and a take over of Islam, and unfairly influencing American elections through successful propaganda all by default. The USA government and the ummah have a responsibility to answer these lies and propaganda to insure their own respective survivals.



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