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    Wednesday, April 01, 2009

    EXCLUSIVE: Pakistan's Shadow Army

    EXCLUSIVE: Pakistan's Shadow Army, THE TALIBAN.
    By Gerald: Internet Anthroppologist Think Tank

    Quotes from Tufail Ahmad

    The Taliban operate out of the Pashtoon area.
    Which has a border running thru the middle of
    the area. Afghan on one side and Pakistan on the other.

    The border, the Durand line is a fiction.
    The Taliban cross it like it was a bridge.
    Attacks on the Afghan side and retreat
    to the Paki side where the Paki Military
    ACT powerless against them.

    Paradigm Intel suggests the Paki
    Army could crush the Taliban if
    they wanted to do so.

    The Paki army has numerical superiority
    10 to 1 or better, trained forces well equipted
    and backed by America's $10 billion USD.

    The Paki Government has signed 7 peace
    treaty's with the Taliban ceding most of Pakistan
    to the Taliban.

    The nuclear State Pakistan is turning the country
    over to the Taliban while accepting $10 billion
    from the Taliban enemys America.

    "The apparent capitulation of the Pakistani authorities to the demands of the Taliban is actually a part of a long-standing alliance between them. The Pakistani military – which actually formed the Taliban in the 1990s – has long been using this movement to control Afghanistan and as a tool in its confrontation with the West. The Taliban, for its part, uses the support and protection of Pakistan to consolidate its strength and gain control over increasingly large areas in Pakistan and Afghanistan."

    The USA isn't fighting the Taliban they are fighting the Taliban with the Paki Army supporting the Taliban.
    While they have not admitted this, their actions prove the point.

    "Moreover, the cooperation of the Pakistani military is not only with the Pakistani Taliban, but with the Taliban as a whole, i.e., also with the Taliban in Afghanistan. This is evident from the recent interactions between the Taliban in Pakistan and Mullah Omar, leader of the Taliban in Afghanistan. In the beginning of 2009, three Taliban groups in Pakistan's Waziristan district formed a joint organization called Shura Ittihad Al-Mujahideen, under the command of  three key figures in Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, namely Baitullah Mehsud, Maulvi Nazir and Maulvi Hafiz Gul Bahadur (the latter two are considered "pro-government").(23) The significant point is that, upon its establishment, the group pledged its allegiance to Mullah Omar, stating: "We regard Mullah Omar as our Amir-ul-Mumineen [i.e., Leader of the Faithful]."(24) This refutes the opinion, often expressed by political analysis, that Mullah Omar does not represent the Taliban in Pakistan. Moreover, in a recent letter to the leaders of the Taliban in Waziristan, Mullah Omar ordered them not to attack the Pakistani security forces, because fighting Muslims could not be considered jihad. He added that the attacks on the Pakistani military were harming the Taliban movement, and that, if the Taliban fighters wanted to wage jihad, they should come to Afghanistan.(25) As a matter of fact, the Afghan reports that the Taliban and its "supporters" – meaning the Pakistani authorities – have reorganized their forces and are intensifying their attacks in Afghanistan. (26) 
    The interaction between Mullah Omar and the Taliban in Pakistan belies the distinction sometimes made between Taliban-Pakistan and Taliban-Afghanistan. It implies that they constitute a single movement led by Mullah Omar – a movement which is currently inclined to cooperate with the Pakistani authorities. "

    This explains the Taliban and Paki Government PLEAS to stop the drones.

    [According to Gen. Pervez Musharraf, Washington threatened war against Pakistan after 9/11 if it did not fully cooperate in the US invasion of Afghanistan.  Pakistan’s bases and ports were and remain essential forthe US occupation  of Afghanistan.
    Pakistan was forced at gunpoint to accept US demands  though most of its people supported Taliban as nationalist, anti-Communist freedom fighters and opposedthe US invasion.  Taliban, mostly composed of Pashtun tribesmen, had been nurtured and armed by Pakistan].  ( SOURCE: more. )

    While the Paki Army could not take on the American Army, they can Moreover pretend to cooperate. 
    The Paki Army and Government feign cooperation in the GWOT while supporting the Taliban.

    The "Great Game"

    Its time the USA tested the Paki attitude towards the Taliban and its commitment.

    The Taliban could not exist without the support of the Paki Government.

    Internet Anthropologist

    Packistan has not ended their war/influence in Afghan,
    are they using a Proxy army, the Taliban?
    Your views?

    Paranoid view:
    Paki government is paying the Taliban
    for distruptive services in Afghan
    with part of $10 billion USD,
    paid by the P. Army to Omar in Afghan.
    Paid to keep USA busy, worried and far
    enough away to Give Paki $ 10 billion.
    Omar is ordering the stop of attacks
    on Paki forces, because they are our
    Paki Gov. and the Army don't fear
    the Taliban, because at 10 to 1
    troop force and equiptment
    The Paki Army can take out
    the Taliban at any time.
    500,000 to 50,000.

    And the Paki Army and Taliban cry for
    The drone attacks to stop.

    And under the guise of a terrorist
    attack the Paki Army was able to reach
    out and touch India very hard.

    The Paki army ( Gov ) have Afghan
    in a mess with the Taliban.
    They have USA occupied, and
    paying big money.
    They do not fear the Taliban,
    let them take over half the country.
    They are on Paki's payroll and
    the Paki Army can take them out
    on demand.
    Taliban are not a threat to Paki.
    Only bait for Americans and the
    Taliban are a cash crop for ISI.
    As they sell them out.
    The Paki's are able to sign peace
    treatys with their own illegal secret
    army, and thus protect them, the Taliban.
    From the Americans, except for the Drones.
    The Paki's have a secret guerilla force
    that can strike into Afghan and India
    and run back to Paki for protection,
    And Paki collects $10 billion USD.

    Of course thats just my paranoia.

    Internet Anthropologist




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