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    Wednesday, April 01, 2009

    Libya getting into terror game?

    From Terintel squad Recon  Co C.

      Badr Saud Owaid Al-Aufi Al-Harbi, Saudi - Aliases:Badr Saud Owaid Awfi Jihad. Published in Al Qaeda magazine Reported to have surrendered to authorities in Yemen. There are reports that he has been sent back to Saudi Arabia, and speculation he may have been a plant. Others think the tribe he was staying with in Shabwa gave him up. The Yemen Press Release says : "The Spokesman and Commander of the so called “Al-Qaeda Organization in the Arabian Peninsula” Mohammad Al-Awfi (alias: Abu Harith) is now in the custody of Yemeni authorities. His full background is posted at NEFA. His "confession" to authorities has been posted.
      He is reported to claim Iran and Libya are behind al Qaeda & their new tactic is hit and run back to Yemen.



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